[ Third person P.OV. ]

There was a yung boy who was average in height about 56, a black hair boy with red eyes on his right eye and blue in his left and he was only 13, he was an ottako, pretty decent boy who lived a normal life like most people he wasn poor nor rich.

then bad things happened to the worst and secrets were revealed

hes mother and father had allot of dept ( like 100k dollar dept ) and the collector tookor took everything till house to cars everything the boy said out loud ” what are you doing in our house im going to call the police ” as he said that a man said.

” try it kid your mom and dad are dead and they own us allot of monney we are just taking what was ours ” the guy said while laughing the boy was stunned and said.

” what are you talking about th-thats not true ” while having a teary eye and the collector just said.

” humph get out ” and the boys phone started ringing and the police arrived and told him everything ”your mother and father are dead on a plane crash and his only thought was running away and went to the hill where his fammily used to be together every week.

there was an ocean that was breathtaking, from the view he was looking he was crying he did not have friends nor relatives.

he thought ” what do i do now? i don have anyone the collectors took everything ” his sanity was being losing and onlly thought of one thing ” i don have anyone with me i onlly have my mother and father im comming with you mom dad ”

he might be an emo but he still loves hes parents and was going to drown him self as he jumped in the hill with rocks tyde on his legs


hope you like it, its my first time doing this

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