my waking life

the one atlantis

i ran through the woods of material learning, taking upon myself all the material data and learning. with no pullbacks or drawbacks, i became able. and learning, i became known. worshipping me, i became noticed, and longing for all, the all came to me.

knowing little at first, i had much room to obtain. so, i grasp at knowledge. with knowledge, one can have much and still bear much room to attain further. i am won. and with that knowledge, a chamber on to obtain that which is sought.

my life has been nothing, and now with no more fear of losing it, i can live. cursed i must be to want for all the same, and to bear witness to one earning it. often being incorrect, i charge the lord zeus to hold accountability for all his crimes. it is likely from him whence cometh the tale of the ends defying the means, for it is ill at best and always being defeated by logic. each action bears witness of its own self, and to the means being justified in the end passage, surely it cannot be so quite, for good does not bring forth evil and nor does evil bring forth good. unless paired with another, 2s only bring forth 2s. or so the logic would state. my research estimates that we must bring forth a logic which is thus defines untrue, and tackle until we reach the core, making note of the rational point. my mind draws a blank, and i return to the painters.

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