I can believe my eyes,it was like my worse nightmare had caught up with me. I abruptly became frozen on a spot. I couldn think anymore, all my ninth sense went completely blank.

” Jing ! What wrong, you are sweating! ”

I heard Mia worried voice and I instantly woke up from my night mare .

” Huh?! ” Was all I manage to say.

”Hope no problem? Am sorry if I had inconvenient you. ” I heard Hadassah saying looking at me anxiously.

”Jing what wrong with you, must you misbehave right now and you were perfectly okay this morning ”. I heard Mia angry voice talking to me.

can she be patience for once and understand situation?

” She is just a lady and it is just an ordinary hand shake must you behave mousy or you are afraid of ladies or probably you have met her somewhere. ”

Mia father said, and that made me panic a bit not knowing what to say and do again.

”Absolutely No sir! I am just seeing him for the first time and the first day in my life. He might not like my looks ”. She said smiling at me. ”A hand shake won do you any harm. ” She added stretching her lovely soft and small hands at me.

I reluctantly shake her back avoiding an eye contact with her because I do not know what to do if she notice it was me and tell it to everyone here.

”Do not say that Hadassah,you are not ugly, you are very beautiful. Just do forgive Jing clumsiness? ” Mia father said and she nods her head in response still shaking me.

I immediately remove my hands and smile at her ”you….. are….welcome….. to …..our … Industry ” I said stammering.

” come on Jing. why are you so nervous up to the extend that you are now stammering. ” Mia said feeling disappointed in me.

”Am….sorry. I think I need to use the restroom,if you all may excuse me. ” I said cooking up an excuse to leave as I hurried into the elevator leading to my office and disappear into the thin air.

” Just take a look at what you called a husband, he is such a waste of investment! He acted like an illiterate! ” Mia father said shaking his head, and Mia look down feeling disgrace, not knowing how to respond her father.

”So where is our office? ” Hadassah said lighting up the mood.

” It is in the networking department close to Jing office, I don know if you will like it there? And if you do not want it I can have it change but I just thought since the both of you will have to work on the project it was better to have it close to each other. ” Mia said waiting for her response.

”It no problem. I like it there, there is no need for that. what of my assistant? ” She asked. ”Her office is facing your office directly and it is also beside Jing assistant office In case she needs help with her duties ” Mia added

”okay, that enough for now, so let go and see the office so that we can start work. ” Hadassah said looking at her assistant who nodded in return.

” So about the salary rate when are we discussing that? ” Mia father asked her.

”I will analyze everything with Mia sir ” She responded with courtesy.

”So about the show I will like it to be ready on time,you know….. ”

”Dad, relax she just started work do not tell her what to do! ” Mia interrupted her father speech.

”okay! But nevertheless, thanks once again for agreeing to work in my company with that awesome qualification of yours. I am so grateful and will never forget this ”. Mia father added and Hadassah smiles in return.

”Dad that enough! can we go now I still have to take her around the company ” Mia said. ” this way Hadassah? ”. she added showing her the way to the elevator.

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