I hurried down to the living room adjusting my royal blue tie on my royal blue matching suit. My beautiful sky blue shirt complimenting my adorable body figure. I look like a model modelling for the Dior brand. It is so stupid for me to say this,but maybe I should drive into modelling. I arrived at the living room only to meet Mia seriously putting her signature on the files I had already work on, and she was still looking like she was solving further maths, is it so hard for her to put down her signature.

” Mia have You had breakfast? ” I asked her and she nods her head not lifting it up from the paperwork.

” Okay! ” I responded and hurried to the dining room to have my sweet bread, tea and egg. Thank goodness, she didn ask me to make breakfast this morning. I smiled as I settle down to enjoy my well cooked breakfast.

In few minutes I was done; I walked to the living room only to still meet Mia signing on the papers.

” Mia I can believe you are still working on that, there are only thirty piece of paper that needs your signature,I don think that should be difficult for you? ”

” That is easy for you to say workaholic,but for people like me it is a mishap. ”

” Then I will have to leave you and go to work, am late. ” I said as I pick up my laptop bag.

” No pls! Drop me off at work, am almost done, this is the last paper. Am coming! ” She said as she pack up the files and place them all in a paper bag and hurried after me to the car while the maid carried the paper bag and her bag then follow behind us.

” Can we take my car? ” She asked

” We can, but I want to take my car. And I do not stop you from using yours. ”

I answered while tightening my seat belt.

” Let just go! ” She shouted annoyed by my response.

The drive to the office was very quiet aside from the car stereo making few noise called news. We arrived at the office and individual went their separate ways, and I was grateful for that because I don want another argument like it was everyday routine.

After an hour or so, I was still in my office burying my head on my desktop working on the software analysis of the television show, then I heard a knock on the door.

” Come in. ” I responded with out looking up. Then my secretary walked in standing close to the door in her light red coloured shirt and matching trousers.

”Sir. ” She called me

” what is the problem, is it time for the meeting? ” I asked still looking seriously at my desktop.

” Mrs. Mia call for you sir,she ask you to come to the reception right now. ” She said looking at me.

” Any idea? ” I asked my regular question.

” Yes sir A new employee for the entertainment sector just arrived sir. ”She concluded

” God! Mia is never considerate,do I have to come and visit her friend too…. ” I asked looking up at my secretary.

” Just to show her a warm reception, it is necessary sir. ” She responded kindly.

” Let go. ” I stood up adjusted my tie and follow frankline out of the office. We arrived at the reception so soon after using the private elevator.

I was received by Mia father warm smile and Mai was chatting away with the receptionist and two other ladies backing us facing the billboard at the entrance of the building. One was putting on an all black jumpsuit that hugged her curvy body perfectly like a implet. Her buttocks looking prickly and nice,the other lady was putting on a pink sleeve shirt and black trouser pants,she seems less curvy than the other lady but she was kind of thin but never the less we can still remove two of Mia from her body.

” Who is this old hag smiling at? ” I whisper to my secretary and she smiles in return as we approach them.

” Welcome Jing! ” Mia father said bringing everyone attention to me and the two other ladies turned to look at me,then Mia started with the introduction.

” Jing meet my childhood friend, now officially the entertainment director and her assistant! ” She said smiling, and I giggled at her childish behavior as I got close to them stretching out my hand to the young beautiful lady.

” Hello. I am Feng Jing the director of the networking department and Mia husband. ” I said looking at her and analysing her beautiful face.

Her pony hair rest beautifully upon her right cheek and falls along her neckline like a jewel, her big eyeballs shines like a new red orb slept in the sea to beam it precious light. She flash her complete set of teeth and non of them was missing,they all perfectly matched. Her lips are like a scarlet ribbon. How beautiful and perfect she is! The curves of her thighs is like the work of a renowned artist. Her pony hair shines like the finest satin. Her breast huge and well cupped, if I am to guess her size or no its sure she uses size 36 from the look of it even behind the suit.

”Hello, my name is Daniel Hadassah and this is my assistant Fa- Quinyi. ” She said.

Her voice is what I cannot call tiny or husky but enchanting at every single sound she makes,but her voice sounded so familiar like I have heard it somewhere before. I need to remember where I heard this voice, and then it became clear to me who she was!

She was night pick at Xerxes hotel .

Oh No!No!No!No!!! This is bad;I said to myself as I shines my eyes in Surprise as if it was going to pop out any moment from now and cold sweat became visible on my forehead, I suddenly started feeling itchy all over my body and getting hot at the same time like I was dropped in a hot water and boiling to my death. My body soon started vibrating by itself.

” Am doom for!!!!! ”

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