smart enemies

deathwood forest, one of the most dangerous places in matera because of the monsters that live in it, but it was also one of the jewelry boxes of matera in the eyes of adventurers.

it wasn only the high quality of monster cores that made them throw their lives blinded with greed, it was also the wood of the noble trees, the nobles loved this type of wood and put a high price for it which got them the noble trees name.

these trees are found deep in the forest, brown in color and sturdier than normal trees where one of the trees differences from normal ones, they also grew in length and thickness simultaneously

making them look square shaped from far .

at one of the highest noble trees kuro and yama were making the last preparations for departure, after they went through the plan they climbed the tree down.

the plan was clear, yama will carry sera and be prepared with his gun at all time.

kuro will protect them from any attack since he was stronger and better versed in using swords and knew more about the dangers they could face on the way.

they will not take there time in searching for safe routes anymore, they will sprint there way between bushes and trees.

yama made sure his gun is loaded and looked at kuro before they both looked at each other and nodded.

woosh, both of them dashed in incredible speed.

yama took some time in preparation to get used to his new strength now that he has mana flowing in his veins.

when he know how much stronger he became from one circle the thought of defeating the demon king and having a hot night with his harem of princesses and elfs kicked again, but he swiftly pushed away and replaced it with another more serious one, how dangerous and dump this plan was, but it was the best one they could think of, actually it was the only one.

sera technically is a ticking time bomb, once she starts crying for food we can stop her, then we will run around with an alarm announcing a delicious meal here

yama didn like the thought of the red tiger running after him and his six paws tearing him apart, it sent a shiver down his spin.

after a hour and half of running yama was surprised with his stamina that still tells him he can go for longer, and he felt more surprised that they didn run into any monster at all maybe i shouldve bought more lottery tickets he jokily thought, but he soon regretted that.

he saw a silver figure at the corner of his, he couldn determine what it was before it went in the bushes.

then he saw another one and another one from both sides, his trained brain instinctively jumbed to a conclusion we are surrounded, this type of monsters hunt in packs .

he speed up to kuro who was a little ahead.

” whats the plan now ” he didn bother to tell kuro the situation he known him better than that .

kuro still fixed his sight to his path and didn turn while answering ” they are smarter than normal monsters, i tried losing them like i did to the others, but they still tracked us down and kept raising in number, there are around seven now three each side and one behind ”.

it was kuros habit of explaining the situation in detail before coming with a plan ” you just keep running, i will go behind and protect, you still can sense mana far away so you won be able to avoid other monsters, if we met another one we will let them fight each other ”.

yama nodded and continued running but his mind drifted in thoughts, so the reason they didn encounter a monster was because kuro avoided them, it was obvious too kuro thought him ho to sense the mana around why didn he think it can be used to sense enemies.

just another proof his brain is still not working 100℅ right now, and the hunger didn help with that .

he didn like he situation they were in, neither did kuro who was now behind keeping track of every single one of the monsters around them, their speed, movement pattern, magic power.

they seem to be all around the same in magic power and kept the same distance from their prey, not getting closer or further from them.

then kuro felt another magic power getting closer and heading toward them, this magic power was double to what the monster around them had but felt the same, that meant one thing, this monster was the leader of the pack .

when the leader was getting closer so did his minions thats when kuro and yama got a glimpse at the monsters, they were wolfs.

these wolfs had the same size as wolfs on earth, but no the color they have a green fur with brown strips running from their forehead to the end of the tail.

it seems they are ready to start the hunt, yama and kuro noticed, the odachi was already unsheathed from the moment they left the tree, and the gun was in yamas right hand.

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