first fight

”I knew it, I can believe I am living the dream of every otaku, I am in another world, I can wait to see elves and demons dwarfs ”

”Ya… ”

”I will finally get a harem of beast girls and become the strongest ”

”Yama… ”

”I should check my stats, I need to see my cheat skills, WINDOW…..PLAYER STATS…..APEA ”


Finally snapping back to the real world with a roar from black, he turned to meet the death glare that made him feel like being stabbed with daggers he quickly went back to his task

”I see no end to this brown forest, the land isn even it has a lot of hills, there is a mountain range around 20 kilometers away, there is also a waterfall to a river that is passing around 200 meters away from our location, no sign for civilization ”

Feeling the daggers feed away Yama relaxed and started climbing down and continued

” so are you going to explain to me and fill in the blanks? ”

”We need to move first, my scream will notify monsters that we are not ready to face right now, we need to get away from the river and since the chance of meeting them there is high, stay focused and don let your guard down this isn a game or a manga /black tone was calm and carried the feeling of authority and orders as always

Reaching the bottom of the tree Yama lead the way, with no destination and the probability of unknown danger they marched carefully around the trees and bushes to conceal themselves as much as possible

After 30 min, Yama suddenly stopped

He felt his heart sink at the sight, he instinctively stopped breathing and hide behind a tree

Just around 50 meters a bulky figure the size of a minibus was passing by, it had six paws and was covered in blood red fur with black stripes, its maw was big enough to bite the top half of Yama with ease it was decorated with razor-sharp teeth, it has the same head shape of a tiger with a pointy horn on his forehead

After this feeling of fear struck him, Yama remembered that he can die here and he wasn the main character of some story

Feeling a hand suddenly rest on his shoulder he instantly recognized the owner and suddenly felt calm again

”it didn spot us we will wait here until it passes then continue ”

Hearing black calm and cold tone Yama composed himself and observed the monster, its always weird how he felt safe whenever black was beside him, part of it was because of their brotherly friendship the other part was because of his skills and monstrous strength

When the monster disappeared from their sight Yama made sure that there was no other threat ahead before marching again

Just like black said the monster was heading to the river based on its route so they had to move further from that place, he looked behind too black and said

” We need a safe place to make a hideout, we can survive like this, can your knowledge help us ”

Black thought a little then answered

” Where did you see the tallest tree? ”

” 150 meters ahead of us ”

”lets head that way for now ”

Yama didn ask anymore questions and continued leading the way, he trusted black with his life multiple times he wasn going to question his decisions now

After some time they reached their destination, a tree that was 6 meters high and wide, it was magnificent and gigantic and felt more like a fortress than a tree

Stunned by the tree Yama didn notice that black was already beside him until he gave him sera

She was asleep when they started moving which was a big help, he couldn imagine what could have happened if she started crying when that monster was near them

He looked at his friend with a confused face that nearly turned white from fear when he saw him picking up his sword and asked

”what are you doing, don tell me you are going to fight some monsters now ?! ”

”There is a type of insect monster that chooses these trees when they become big enough, it devours the tree from the inside and makes its home ”

” don tell me its a giant woodworm?! ”

Black didn answer him and just picked his odachi and started walking to the tree

The odachi looked exactly like a katana but much bigger, it was 1.90 meters long nearly as long as black that stood 1.93 meters its hilt was bigger than the usual odachi because of black order, it was a weird choice of a weapon for a hitman, but with his superhuman physique you wouldn even realize what happened before dying

Countless important figures, scientists, or innocent people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time just died without a single clue to the culprit except for the fact that they all died with a single sword strike

When black reached the bottom of the gigantic tree he closed his eyes, took a big breath then exhaled slowly and opened his eyes

In that instant, like a bomb that exploded, blacks killing intent filled the air

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