in the search for happiness

Challenge is my spirit

Martin is that you? … Anna walks in a dark empty valley behind a stranger man who looks like Martin, answer me? IS THAT YOU MARTIN? She yells again but she can hear her voice, HELP!!! She keeps on screaming but her voice fades away until it become completely silent, then, all of a sudden the man in front of her stopped walking and tuned to her slowly, it was Martin, his face covered with blood and his eyes were sad, he looked directly to her saying: ”Forgive me Anna ”, then suddenly there was an explosion under his feet that make him vanish like smoke; she woke up jumping of fear when the train rocked suddenly, she knew that she was dreaming and she prayed that this dream wouldn be a bad sign for him;

”You had a nightmare? ” the young blonde, green-eyed man, wearing gray tracksuit, and an olive green jacket that reflects the color of his eyes, who was travelling with her in the same trailer asked, ”Was it so bad? I noticed that you seemed uncomfortable when you were asleep ” he said while scrolling on his phone,

She didn reply and just gave him a silent look, then she tuned to the window watching the road, resting her head on her hand, but he didn stop talking and kept on trying with her,

”You are going to Zaragoza Air base too? ” he said,

”What? How did you know that Im going there? ” she was stunned by his confident words,

”I felt bored when you were asleep, and I didn find anyone to talk so I searched in your bag, you have interesting stuffs, you are a painter too? ” He replied and gave her the bag she was holding,

”What a rude behavior of you, you can search other peoples things, ” she yelled at him and took her bag from him checking if something was lost,

”I didn steal a thing, I just checked it ”, he said

”What a rude man you are ”, she held her bag tight and glanced at him angrily,

”Come on now, it is not worth all that anger from you; tell me Anna why you are joining the military? You are so pretty to waist your life there ” he asked,

”Do not talk to me like you know me, in fact, don talk to me at all, or I will report you to the security ” she get more angry when he say her name like if he knows her,

”You are so cruel, I thought you would be funny but I was wrong, I am Romeo by the way ” he reached out to shake her hand but she ignored him and turned her face away watching the view out;

”The road is still long I will make you talk anyway ” he said in confidence, smiling to her, putting his hands behind his head in a resting position, and he stretch his legs by putting his feet next to her on the hard seat,

”Put down your feet, what are you? A stray dog? ” she said pushing his feet down,

”Listen Miss Princess Ive been nice to you till now, be careful and choose your words wisely before you talk ” he replied threatening her,

”Oh, Im so scared, what would you do? You are the one who started, and if you are being rude this what would you get ” she replied challenging him,

In the middle of this fight they had, the conductor interrupted them asking them to be quiet for they bothered the travelers, Anna apologized to her and asked if she can change her place, but the conductor said that there is no empty places, she apologized again when the conductors left; she turned to Romeo and said quietly:

”See what you caused to me, I never put myself in that situation and now they scold me because of you ” she said angrily,

”Congratulations for you, you tried a new thing because of me, no need to thank me ” he replied her provocatively;

”Oh dear lord help me with this person ”, She held her head feeling angry and incapable of dealing with that annoying person, and all she can do is sitting silent until the train arrive to her destination. She takes a look on the watch to see how long the time left is till the train stop in Zaragoza station, they have exactly 20 minutes left, so she decided to spend this time on reading the pocket manual of the train to avoid arguing with him, but he seemed to be a garrulous person,

”Who is Martin? You were calling his name earlier ” he asked

She mumbled between her lips ignoring him saying: ”Oh what a mess I got into, be patient, oh lord ”,

”I can be quiet if you ask ”, he said,

”Yes please, I beg you, have mercy on me from your words ”, she replied begging him to stop talking;

”Ok, you
e the loser ”, he said sarcastically yet serious.

Minutes later the train stopped on the Zaragoza station, she took her bags and get off from the trailer, but Romeo didn talk to her and he get off from another door, she didn pay much attention on him because she was exited for her new journey, when she was out of the train station she remembered that Diego told her to call him when she arrives, but when she searched for her phone it was lost, she panicked for a moment then she knew that Romeo who stole it, ”That filthy RAT!!! This is why he took another door ”, she yelled talking to herself making everyone around her noticing her, then she run searching for the security of the station, when she arrived she described to them how he looks like and what he was wearing:

”He is a 180 cm tall young man, white with green eyes; he was wearing a green jacket, he was with me at the trailer number 8 on the train coming from Ainsa, please check the cameras again I need my phone ” she described him to the security workers but they checked all the cameras and they didn find him and they advised her to report him to the police station; she thanked them and walked away feeling sad, she used a public phone and called Diego to reassure him about herself and tell him that she arrived safely, he asked why she didn call from her personal phone but she didn want to bother him and told him that its battery was dead, she wished him a good day and asked him to send her greetings to Armand whenever he talks to him; when she hung up the phone, she sat down at the pavement feeling weak, ”This is my first day and I get stolen from a stupid thief, I think I am so weak to get to the military they will refuse me for sure ” she scolds herself;

Suddenly she remembered that Romeo said something about the Zaragoza Air base, ”He said … you are going there too… it means he is going to the same base as I do, YES! This time I will make him pay hard for what he did ”, she jumped up from her place excited as if she wasn sad moments ago, she stopped a taxi to take her to the base station, they didn ride for so long but when they arrive the driver stopped 500 meters away from it, she asked why and he told her that the law prevents any vehicle from getting too far from this point and she had to continue walking, she paid him and took her bags, walking through the crowed of applicants for the entrance test, they were about 400 applicants of different ages and both gender, it was hard for her to search for Romeo between this crowed, she was examining their faces until she spot him from a distance, she recognized him by his clothes;

She yelled at him: ”ROMEO!!! You thief, get back here ”, making everyone around turning towards her wondering about the reason she is yelling for, when he heard her, he smiled arrogantly ignoring her, she kept on running and yelling after him but he didn respond until she reached him;

”Stop, what you think yourself doing? ” she grabbed his arm making him stop walking;

”I remember clearly that you told me to stop talking to you ” he replied sarcastically,

”I have had enough of your stupid jokes, give me back my phone ” she said angrily,

But he walked away ignoring her again, she felt insulted by his behavior and the anger inside her grow bigger until she can think clearly, it is when she did an unexpected thing making everyone around laugh out loud and in chock, she run and jumped on him so hard that they fall dawn together, she was on top of him searching all of his pockets;

”Get off me you monster girl ” he yelled at her pushing her away of him, but she put him in a weak position that he couldn move,

”I will not move until I find my phone ”, she said angrily while searching his jacket,

When she starts searching in his pants he yelled to the crowd trying to embarrass her: ”HELP!!! She is raping me, HELP!!! She is a pervert ”.

But even this trick didn stop her and she managed to find her phone, she stood up and said: ”You were hiding it in your under-wears? You are so gross ”;

He stood up, arranged his clothes and replied: ”You are the gross one, you put your hand on my under-wears; you are a pervert and a psycho ”

”I put my hand on much gross spots and I am ready to do it again if you ever get close on my things or me, I will show you what I am capable of ” she replied him, then she took her bags and walked under claps of those who witnessed the fight. She turned on her phone to call Diego; ”Hola Diego, I am in the base now, it is 6:52 am I made it in time, I wish you were with me to see it, it is so vast and beautiful; it is the first time I see a plane that close, it has more details, I didn see it before, right now we are in the entrance hall, there is a lot of people waiting with me, so don worry about me being alone, I have to go now they will start registering us soon, pas my greetings to Armand, I love bye! ”.

At 7:00 am, the gates were closed announcing the end of reception time, then three men come out to the hall and everyones attention directed toward them;

”Welcome new applicants, you were accepted in the first step of the application to the new year of the military service, this application which the government has opened to give the chance for those who wish to be tomorrow soldiers and who can serve our country with dedication and sincerity, now you will be called in order of names to complete the last examination, and only 200 one of you will be accepted, and for the rest we wish you good luck in your paths that you will choose, good luck to everyone. ” This was the speech of the Air base commander, announcing the beginning of the final test, they started calling them according to a list sorted alphabetically, there was two separated rooms, one for men and second for women, they call a group of five for both rooms, and the average time for each group was about 10 minutes. Time passes and the sun has reached its peak, and there was no place to hide from its rays, so they sat on the floor covering their heads with bags or papers and some of them already has their hats with them, ”… Luis Santiago, Luis Roman … ” the list still long and Annas name is on the bottom, she spent the time drawing her work, at the beginning she tried to talk to one of the workers there to ask if they know about Martin but they forbid them from contacting anyone until the results come out, she was holding herself hardly convincing herself to be more patient, finally she is here and it is only a matter of time and she will be united with her love. ”… Manu Romeo, Manuel Dona … ” when they call for Romeo they already passed 200 ones, Anna and the rest of who remains, could not conceal their feelings of anxiety, especially since those who entered had not yet left, so doubt began to play with their thinking, Romeo walked towards her before leaving and tried to provoke her again by mocking her, ”Hey monster girl, you still think you will be accepted? Silly girl, see you next year ” he said sarcastically laughing then he went inside.

”What a nuisance, what did I do in my life to be punished by this person. Idiot, I hope they refuse him ” she said talking to herself,

Suddenly, a girl come closer to her seemed reluctant to talk to her; ”Hola miss, may I ask you something? ” the girl asked,

”Yes sure, whatever you want ” Anna replied,

”Didn they said they want 200 applicant, don you think that they will refuse the rest of us, they already called up 300 one and no one has come out, we don know who are accepted and who are refused. ”

”I really don know, I am confused as much as you, we will know at the end ”

”Yes you are right, we have nothing to do but waiting, I am Andhra by the way, and you? ”

”I am Anna, nice to meet you ”

”You have a pretty name Anna like you; may I ask why do you want to join the army? ”

”Well, I think we have the same reason, ” Anna replied,

”How, is that? ” Andhra asked

”I am sure you heard the same comments as I did, when they saw me they ask for the reason of why I want to enter such dangerous place, because I look small and my body is tiny unlike other female soldiers, so they think I am not eligible to be one, I was treated like this my whole life, as a weak person so I want to prove they are wrong ”

”Yes you are right about that, they think the same about me too, but it is not the only reason I am here; the truth is that my father is a fighter pilot, he spend most of his life in the air base, he doesn know I am here, or he will get mad at me, he wanted me to be a teacher, a doctor or a lawyer, just any regular job for regular people, but the truth is I missed him and I just want to tell him that I miss his presence with me, ”

”Aren you afraid of his reaction if he saw you here? ” Anna asked,

”I am afraid yes, but at least I will have the chance to see him, talk to him and hug him, just the idea of meeting him makes me courageous enough to face his anger ” Andhra replied smiling. ”Tell me Anna, you look stranger to here, where did you come from? ”

”I am from Ainsa, not so far from here ” Anna replied,

”Yes I know it I visited it before, but it is not so far didn you visit Zaragoza before? It is famous for the Zaragoza circus; people come from all over to see it ”

”No I never visited it ” she replied remembering something from her past, but she changed the subject asking her about what major she studied in the college; the two of them were so well together that they seemed to let go of the tension they had felt before, not feeling the time running out when they were chatting merrily until their conversation was interrupted by the call of Andhras name,

”It is my turn I have to go I wish you a good luck, see you on the other side ”

”Thank you, good luck to you too ” Anna replied;

When Andhra went, there was no one left but her and four more people, they were the last group, minutes later they call the five of them to move in; when she entered there was three doctors in the room, they checked her visual acuity, her body length and her heart and other vital organs, then they give her a form to fill out, and again she took advantage of the opportunity to ask about Martin but their response was harsh accusing her of wasting time, then they send her to another room to wait in; it was an amphitheater with a number of people she saw outside; she looked among them for Andhra, but she couldn find her, then suddenly someone behind her called her; ”Hey monster girl, looking for someone? ” it was Romeo sitting there and he couldn stop himself from bothering her when he saw her, ”Now when I saw you, I know we are refused ” he said,

She felt like being hit by a lightning when she heard his voice, she slowly turned toward him and replied with a sarcastic smile: ”And I knew my day would be bad when I first saw you this morning ”.

”You were looking for me? ” he stood up and leaned toward her,

”Why in the heaven I would look for you? ” she step back and replied,

He kept coming down the stairs, walking towards her, and she was going backwards away from him, not noticing her steps on the stairs, her foot slipped and almost fell backwards, if it weren for Romeo quickly grabbing her and held her in his arms. Anna felt embarrassed and pushed him away from her, he told her that he did not meant for this to happen and apologized to her and told her that he had wanted to joke with her since the first meeting between them, especially when he knew that they had the same destination. His expressions of regret were evident when he turned away from her and sat in a far place.

”What an eccentric person, his actions are completely inconsistent, ” Anna said thinking to herself. She sat nearby filling out the form and then sat watching the people present with her, their number was about 300, all wondering whether they were accepted or rejected, but they could only wait. Two hours had passed since the examination ended, and no one else had entered. The hall was filled with their voices exchanging conversations, until the same person who greeted them this morning entered and silence prevailed as soon as he entered, they knew from his outfit that he is the commander of the base;

”Congratulations to you who passed the final examination, you who are 300 people here have all been accepted, but I had previously told you that we only need 200 people, but we found a large number of qualified people with special abilities and it would be unfair for them to be refused, so we came to a decision fair to you after a long discussion, we will give you an opportunity to prove your worth and entitlement to join the crew of this base, you will compete among each other for a period of five weeks and it will be a training period for you, but you will get discretionary points that will be recorded in your file and it will be there for the rest of your service. When the training period expires, the new members will be selected according to evaluation points. Your training will begin now, good luck to you all. ” This was the speech of the air base commander, announcing the beginning of the new military year and the beginning of the selection period.

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