CHAPTER 7- The full moon night

”Okay, lets go to the river first. We need to store water and catch fish for dinner. ” Zeus said to Vargas.

”I am starving ”, Ryu said with a tired mood and about to take a seat beside a tree.

”We are all starving ”, Both Vargas and Zeus said at the same time with anger.

Rue jumped out of there and said, ” Lets go ”. He tried to look energetic in front of them, but that didn work.

Both of them just unpacked their needs. Where Ryu stood there like he had nothing to do.

”Listen carefully. If we cross the river, we will reach the forest. There is a story that if someone entered the woods of Monetha at night, they would have never returned. No one knows what happened there because no one ever came back to tell the story. At tomorrow morning,we will cross the river and enter the forest, “ Vargas said while pitching the tent.

Ryu was curious. He wanted to know the secret. So he asked, ”why can we go there at night. If we walk through the night we can cover up most of the distance. Why sir Vargas? ”

”Because no one has returned to tell the story of Ryu. I think I have said enough. Is it correct Ryu? ”, Vargas said angrily.

Ryu did not care about his words and said, ”lets go then ”. Ryu just ran towards the river alone. Zeus of Vargas also followed after him.

The river was shallow. Anyone can walk and pass the river. Zeus asks to store some drinking water first then gathering some wood for fire and then catching fish.

As soon as Ryu reached the river he used his ability to catch all the fishes of the river. He caught so many fish that they could not eat them.

Vargas was surprised by his ability but asked not to waste it.

On the other hand, Zeus was just staring at the forest. Vargas noticed that and asked, ” what happened to you Zeus ? Does anything bother you? ”.

Zeus was silent for a while but then said, ” something odd in this forest. Its like someone is asking for help ”.

Vargas fell into thought because it had never happened to anyone before.

”Its because you are tired. Lets go to the camp ”, Vargas said.

Ryu caught almost all of the fish in the river. Vargas was so angry at Ryu and he released the fish into the water again.

”Don waste anything Ryu.Everyones life has value in this world.If you continue to do this, there will be no difference between you and a murderer ”, Vargas said to Ryu.

”Lets go ”.

It was almost evening. Then they reached their camp and started to fire and barbecue the fish. While eating dinner, Ryu asked Vargas about Z-9. They both were curious when they first saw him.

” You will know more in the headquarter. Just remember that we
e not only living beings in the universe. There is a kind who came from a different planet to steal Zircon from us. We don know the reason but we have an idea about the consequences. ”, Vargas said.

”Z-9 was so strong but you were stronger than him. I want to become just like you , sir Vargas ”, Ryu said excitedly.

”No, you are stronger than me Ryu, Vargas said with a laugh. He looks so happy with these kids.

”You are lying just to keep me happy ”, Ryu said.

”No, I told both of you. Im not talking about the ability you or I possess. Its all about will power. It is a matter of courage to stand on the battlefield with ones head held high. I saw how you two were standing in front of that monster. I am not saying that you can defeat him, but the desire to defeat him makes you stronger than I am ”, Vargas said.

The two of them just listened to Vargas. They did not utter a word in between.

”What is Mantra? ”Zeus asked.

”I wanted to ask you the same question ”, Ryu said.

They had already completed their dinner and were all sitting in a circle around the bonfire.

Vargas said, ” The mantra is mastering the life force that comes out of us. Daily some amount of our life energy is going away from our body,We train and prevent that life energy from going to waste, we learn to control it.This mantra is deeply connected to our emotions.If we are angry, sad or happy, our mantra could be different ”.

”So how will this mantra help us on the battlefield ”.

”When we use the mantra in the battlefield, a shield of aura is created and this mantra greatly enhances our ability ”, Vargas Replied.

”So thats all for today. We have to take enough rest before going into the forest ”.

Vargas asked them to sleep this early because they have to go to the forest as the sun rises. They were already very tired and they all fell asleep in a few minutes. It was a full moon night. All around it was unusually quiet. This calm feeling all around him seems very unusual to him.

It was the middle of the night. The moonlight illuminated the surroundings. A faint scent was blowing around them. The bonfire had already gone off. Zeus seems very uncomfortable in his sleep. He was dreaming something bad.

In the dream-

It was quiet around there. Zeus wandered the area. It was as bright as day. Big trees were covered all over the area. A faint scent was blowing around. Surprisingly there were no signs of animals. Zeus saw some big astonishing flower. It seems that many people are screaming all over the place. Suddenly his headache started. Its like his head will burst in the air. He heard a voice of a girl who asked him to follow her. Her voice sounded like hypnotism. Unwillingly Zeus followed her and stood near the flower petals. It was big and glowing. As soon as he started looking around, the flower petals started to move and ate him in an instant.

To be continued…..

[A/N: As you guys know, I won be able to update the chapter of this novel daily because of study. But I hope you guys will like this novel.]

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