CHAPTER 1- Drag Village Arc - Ryu & Zeus

his stomach. He once again coughed blood.

”A weakling wants to bring another weakling into the hospital. Hahaha, ” the bald head laughed and was ready to beat them.

Ryu was now getting anxious because Zeus was faint, and he quickly needed to stop the blood. These four men were also powerful compared to him. He stands up, holding his pain, and stands in a fighting pose. He needs to do something.

Those four men, seeing Ryu standing up and standing in a fighting pose, started laughing. They were once again ready to beat him, but at this moment, the police showed up. Seeing the police, those four men ran away. At this moment, Ryu relaxed and fainted.

… End of the flashback…

Ryu looks so tired. He has a slightly cut mark on his forehead because of that fight. Its been 2 days already. Hes continuously practicing.

Zeus was standing outside of the training hall. Zeus is a genius. He analyzes anyones weakness and he can memorize a complete book in one shot. His hobby is collecting information about everything. Zeus was average, with white skin and blond hair. He doesn talk or laugh so much and stays calm all the time. He is an introvert to others but not to Ryu. Since they were friends from a very young age, they are very trustworthy friends. Even though he is physically weaker than others, he is quite famous in his village for his intelligence.

Zeus has been observing Ryu for so long. There is only one thing that is going on in his head, ”how will he become powerful? ”. Using his, he found a secret to becoming powerful from a book, and for this, he needed the Zirkon. So, Zeus was planning to steal the Zirkon and use it to become powerful. Once he had read in an old torn book about Zirkon. Some pages of that book were missing, so Zeus only knew the tremendous power of Zirkon.

” Its too late to be here, isn it, Ryu? ” Zeus asked.

Ryu turned around and replied, ” what are you doing here now? ”

Zeus looks so angry at Ryu and slowly walks toward him. He grabs his collar and shouts at him, ” why do you do ‌nothing there? You could beat them just in the blink of an eye! Then why do you do nothing? ”

Tears welled up in Zeuss eyes. ” You know that I have no physical abilities. Im just weak, ” Zeus shouted. Zeus took out some white powder from his pocket and applied it to Ryus exposed scar.

Ryu felt sorry for that incident. He couldn make eye contact with Zeus. He stayed quiet and low. But Ryu reacted to Zeuss words. Previously, he didn react because he thought Zeus was applying some kind of medicine.

”What are you saying, Zeus? You are the most intelligent boy in this colony. Even though you haven any physical power, by using your brain you can do miraculous things. ” Ryu said to Zeus.

Zeus loses his color and steps back from him.

”I want the Zirkon! ” Zeus said to Ryu.

Ryu can believe what he heard. He was stunned. ”What!! Do you know what you are saying, Zeus? You know we are the protector of this stone and now you say that you came here to steal Zirkon for your selfish wishes. I can let that happen, ” Ryu said to Zeus.

Zeus smiled at Ryu and said, ” you can do nothing to stop me, Ryu. I already give you that sleeping powder when I grab your collar. It wasn harmful, ” Zeus said. Zeus started walking towards the stone tower.

They kept the Zirkon in a stone tower. It was 6m meters high from the ground and kept inside a special type of cage. The cage is used to keep Zirkon incognito. Because of that, no one with the special ability could find Zirkon here. There was a bright light coming out of the cage and light illuminated all over the training hall.

”As long as Im here, I won let that happen, Zeus, ” Ryu said.

Ryu used his ability to stop Zeus. Ryu didn use his full power to stop Zeus because if he uses more power, then he will hurt Zeus. He doesn want to hurt Zeus badly. So Ryu uses some of his power to stop Zeuss movements. Zeus tried to be free from it, but it could help. He knew that Ryus ability is far greater than the others. He couldn take him down by force. Ryu kept shouting at Zeus to stop. Ryu wasn angry, but he looked sorry for Zeus.

Unbeknownst to the two of them, a strange creature was slowly approaching them.

To be continued……

[ Hello, Im new here and it is my new concept. Hope you guys enjoy it and forgive me if I have done any mistakes in writing.]

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