CHAPTER 1- Drag Village Arc - Ryu & Zeus

It was quite the middle of the night at this moment. A boy in an underground training hall staring at an enormous cube of steel that weighs around one ton. He has raised his hand toward that cube and is trying to do something. Hes looking tired and a little anxious about whether he can do it. Suddenly, that enormous cube made of steel flew up in the air and fell to the ground at that moment. The calmness of the air suddenly disappeared, as he could not concentrate or focus his mind on this thing. He just wanted to forget about the recent incident that happened in the city two days ago.

….. Flashback…..

Two days ago,

His name is Glen Ryu. He has long, black hair with a pair of black eyes. His body was quite muscular, but not like any bodybuilder. He has a scar on his palm. Its like an X mark. No one can tell if it is a burning mark or a cut. He lives in a colony near the city. His colonys name was Drag colony.

Ryu this year reached the age of 16 years old. He wasn a genius or a loser. In one word you can say, he was an average guy, like his average look.

So, two days ago he was going towards the city market after he got permission from his villages head. You can say his village has strict rules. If you want to go out of the colony, then first, you need permission from the village elders.

If you were asking why they have this strict rule, then this was because in their colony they have a very special stone. Their colony was the protector of this stone. But the most interesting thing was that they didn know from what they were protecting the stone. You can find the stone in the underground training grounds. The name of the stone was Zirkon. This stones color was shining white. If you look carefully, then you can see that it looks close to a diamond.

In his colony, every person has a supernatural power or a supernatural physique. They all were strong compared to any other normal human. It all happened because of the stone. In his colony, when any child reaches the age of 15, they will join the training program that teaches them to control their power and also teaches various techniques. Their colony was in charge of the defense of the city.

Ryu has a power that was like telekinesis, but ‌it was also quite different. About 1 year ago, he joined there, but because of his average talent, he didn progress that much. They all practiced in the underground training ground because they didn want anyone to find out about their secrets. They also told to not to talk about the Zirkon to anyone.

Ryu was approaching the busy market. His mom told him to buy some vegetables. He completely brought all the vegetables, and he was ready to leave the market, but suddenly he heard a voice from a corner of the market. The sound was as if someone was fighting. He heard a voice with which he was very familiar.

Ryu quickly went towards the voice and saw four men beating a boy. The boy was bleeding from his right hand, but those four men were beating him without stopping.

Ryu knows this boy very well. It was his best friend, Zeus Evan. Zeus was his best friend since childhood and he can watch his friend getting beaten. He needs to stop them. So, without thinking, he runs towards them. Normally, Ryu always avoids fights or any kind of conflict. He loved the peace and didn want to get into any conflict with anyone, but for his family and friends, he will not tolerate this.

He knows them because they run the local thug gang. He saw one guy ready to kick Zeus. Ryu quickly comes in front of Zeus and tries to stop the attack with his hand. But the kick was so powerful that it sent him flying backward. Ryu hits the wall when he coughs a mouthful of blood.

”Ooooo….. A hero arrived. A weakling hero arrived to save him. Guys, look, the weakling wants to save him from us. Hahaha, ” the man who had a bald head said to the other and started laughing. The other three men also laughed after seeing Ryu, who was coughing blood.

Ryu stands up from his place. He can feel pain in his hand. He looked at Zeus, also sent flying backward, and was now bleeding from his head.

”Seniors, I don know what happened, but please let me take him to the hospital or he will die of blood loss, ” Ryu request them.

Ryu told them anxiously and was ready to take Zeus to the hospital. Suddenly, one man came in front of him and punched him in the abdomen. Ryu fell, holding

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