January 23rd 2023, 1:37 AM (Japan)


It was what was expected after that dreadful announcement.

Wails of despair echoed throughout the earth.

World leaders attempted to calm the people to no avail.

Many roared in anger.

Many pleaded for forgiveness.

Many were frozen in shock.

Many fell into the realm called their minds.

Many justified themselves.

Many killed themselves.

They trembled in fear of what was to come.

For they all knew nothing could be done.

Nothing could undo their grave sins.

Death was what awaited them all.

Because nothing could calm Gods Wrath.

He had come down and announced our doom.

”Humans, due to your great sins, I will pass down judgement upon you. You have awakened my wrath, so I shall send my dogs to deal with you for the next 40 years. If little survive, I will erase the remnants from the face of the earth. If the majority survives, I will not erase you from the face of the earth. After this day, your lives may never see the light of day again. ”

His low voice resounded like thunder throughout the earth.

The announcement had being heard by every ear and not one person didn understand.

The light of God had been seen by every eye.

They couldn deny it, God had come down.

But He said dogs, so humans could handle them, right?

God is the most powerful entity.

Imagine the creatures who would be worthy to be called his dogs.

What can dust do?


A few minutes after the announcement, gates started to flood the world.

Monsters much stronger than normal began to leak out of them and to devour humans.

They chased them with speeds considered supernatural.

Therefore, humans could only give up and await their grim fate.

Some monsters looked weird and smaller than a pea but when grouped together with others of its kind, looked as imposing as a large, well armoured army. They ruthlessly tortured the humans, eating them bit by bit until they died. Some were as tall as 50 stacked Goliaths and were well built. They drooled, as if they had seen a delicious meal. Those monsters clearly saw humans as nothing more than fresh meat. The way they brutally mauled and ripped them apart said it all. Our weapons were like a small twig to a bear.

Useless and powerless.

We were only prey.

We could do nothing but wait for death.

Or so we thought.

10 minutes after the announcement of doom, when humans were gifted with a game like system to survive. We had the opportunity to get stronger by leveling up. We each had our own unique skill and a class. Some were swordsmen, some were healers or something other. The skills they gained were in accordance to those classes. But most importantly, we now had hope.

Humanity wasn completely doomed.


April 27th 2050, 15:47 (Japan)

At the date shown above, humanity had finally adjusted to the monsters. They made sure that areas with were inhabited. Hunters were deployed to kill monsters and inspired many to do the same.

Including me.

10 years and 2 days after the announcement, I was born. At the time shown above, I was 17 and had just awakened the system. Usually, people who were 18 and over awakened it, so I thought I might have awakened a special class. Will I be a magician or swordsman? I hope I awakened a powerful skill or class, I told myself as I opened my status screen.

Name: Abe Reina

Age: 17

Class: Rune Apprentice

Strength: 5

Agility: 8

Stamina: 7

Luck: N/A

Charisma: 15 (Animals), 5 (Humans)

Intelligence: 9

Dexterity: 11

Perception: N/A

MP: 10/10

HP: 30/30

Skill: [Rune Encyclopaedia]

My stats excluding dexterity and my charisma with animals were average for humans. And my class? Those with classes involving runes were often factory workers who spent their days drawing symbols in the rune languag

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