Akina was walking through the lonely forest, with her phone glued to her ears, she laughed and talked and walked.

Even in the darkest of the night, she doesn seem to bother, all in her mind is to reach home as early as possible and sleep.

”Yes, I heard you! ” She said loudly and chuckled.


Sergio was seated in his Seating room when his spies arrived.

”Boss, boss, Carlos is back, we saw him with our very own eyes. ” They exclaimed.

A Smirk escaped from his lips as he emptied the cup of Alcohol he was holding.

”He came back to meet his death. ” Sergio muttered and picked up his gun, he called Alfredo on the cell phone.

”Carlos is back! ” Sergio yelled.

”What if I tell you I and my boys had our eyes on him, we are following him and we won let him escape from us. ” Alfredo replied.

”Thats excellent, don do anything, just wait for me. ” Sergio ordered and dash out of the seating room.

”We have to do everything carefully, I don want anyone to find out. ” Sergio said, still holding his phone and talking to Alfredo.

”Don worry, I heard he isn coming back with his gang, he will be alone. ” Alfredo replied.

Ricardo appeared in front of Sergio.

”I will talk to you later. ” Sergio said and hung off.

Do you need something? ” Sergio asked.

”Are you going somewhere? Are you planning to kill someone? ” Ricardo asked.

Sergio Chuckled.

”Just go and rest, don worry. ” Sergio said and entered the car.

Ricardo happened to hear their conversation, he felt lonely and decided to meet his brother for another talk when he heard him talking with Alfredo, he decided to follow him secretly.

While Sergios car ran off, he entered another car and followed them slowly.


Deep inside the forest, Carlos was seen driving, enjoying the cool music played by the radio in his car. He closed his eyes and opened them. His car suddenly stopped and when he came out of the car, some men dressed in black and wearing black masks surrendered to him.

He stared at them fearfully, because he isn ready for any drama, he just wants to reach home safely, and meet his family since he has been away for some months, worst of all, he isn with any of his guards, thats the worst decision he made.

”Who are you and what do you want? ” Carlos asked with the last confidence in him.

They all pointed their guns at him.

”We want you dead. ” Alfredo replied sternly, appearing from the other side of the forest, he majestically walked toward him.

”Alfredo! ” Carlos asked, shocked.

”The one and only. ” Alfredo replied with a Chucky wicked grin.

”What do you want from me Alfredo, I know you are evil. ” Carlos asked.

”Yes, I am evil, and Im gonna show you that, just say your last wish because you are going to die. ” Alfredo said in a mocking tone then he made a straight face.

”I haven done anything, and Im not scared of you Alfredo, you cannot kill me. ” Carlos yelled.

”Yes I won , but Sergio will. ” Alfredo replied.

”I can just stay and watch him like this, I hate to do something. ” Carlos thought and brought out a gun from his shirt, he couldn risk going out without a gun, he shot up and it got their attention, he started running as fast as he could, he fell and stood up running faster while Alfredo and his men ran after him.

He managed to hide at the back of a tree and watched them running in the wrong direction, he thought they left so he came out.

He was looking back when he bumped into something hard and he fell to the floor, he raised his head to see Sergio.

”Thank God you are here, this crazy Alfredo wants me dead. ” Carlos said with a heavy sigh.

But to his surprise, Sergio kicked his stomach and he fell to the floor groaning, Sergio brought out his gun.

”No, killing you with a gun makes death easier for you, I want every minute you regret living. ” Sergio said and brought out a very sharp knife.

”What have I done to deserve this? I served your father with all my strength. Is this how you are going to pay me? ” Carlos asked.

”You betrayed my father, you killed him all for wealth, you deserve to die. ” Sergio said Carlos tried to say something but the sharp knife cut piercing into his stomach kept him mute.

Tears rolled from his eyes as blood rushed out.

”I can stand him saying another word. ” Alfredo raged.

”I..I… haven … killed your father…I have always worked for him…you will find out the person one day…my death will not go in vain. ” Carlos started coughing blood with his hands wrapped on his stomach, the pain was too much and unbearable.

Sergio choked the knife into his stomach again and again, before he brought a gun and shot him.

Akina heard the loud shot and she removed the phone from her ears immediately, her body trembled as she tried to locate where the noise is coming from, and when she arrived, her eyes almost popped out, she almost screamed but she stop herself, her body shAkinag so bad and her heartbeat beating faster than ever.

She just witnessed a scene of terrible people killing someone ruthlessly, they even popped out his intestines with knives, tears falling from her eyes.

Sergio and Alfredo saw her and before they could do anything, she began to run breathing heavily, they ran after her, she held her chest and ran faster, she bumped into someone, Ricardo.

His soft hands held her waist supporting her from falling.

Her phone fell and she didn notice, even in the darkest of the night, his beauty shines.

Just then Sergio and Alfredo sighted her with Ricardo.

”Stop her! ” They yelled but the blood on their hands got him scared and unknown to him, Akina ran away, he was rushing to stop his brother and friend from killing Carlos, but from the blood stain on their hands, he knew that they already killed him.

Sergio and Alfredo rushed to him.

”Where is she? ” Sergio shouted.

”You killed him. ” Ricardo muttered.

”Thats what he deserves, a painful death, now back to my question, where the hell is she? ” Sergio shouted.

”I don know, she escaped. ” Ricardo replied weakly.

”What the heck, I should have known you can do anything! That girl freAkinag saw us killing Carlos and she is the witness, if she reports us to the police, we are so done, you don know what you have done by letting her escape. ” Sergio yelled.

”I guess you told me you are not scared of the law, so chill, and don worry. ” Ricardo said.

”You are so insane Ricardo, forget about the law, this girl has to die, if our enemies find her first, they are going to use her against us, we must find her and kill her. ” Sergio said.

”Look what I found. ” Alfredo said, tAkinag their attention.

”A cell phone? This is so good, we are going to use this and trace her, and the minute I find her, Im gonna remove her skull with my bullet. ” Sergio vowed.

Ricardo knew that he couldn let his brother kill an innocent soul again, he had to do something fast.

That Alfredo is a devil and Ricardo hates him for always leading his elder brother into committing crimes and murders, he is always the first person to give him the news of new hard drugs arrivals, weapons and guns, and he doesn trust him at all.

”No wait, I will find her myself. ” Ricardo said, stopping them from leaving.

Sergio Chuckled.

”You? I thought you were against all this? ”

Sergio asked.

”Don mind him, he thought this was some kind of joke. ” Alfredo said.

”I am talking to my brother not you, mind your business, Sergio, I may be against all this, but if that girl can land you in trouble then I will bring her to you because I don want anything bad to happen to you, I love you, big brother. ” Ricardo exclaimed, wishing they would give him a chance.

Sergio smiled and hit his chest.

”I trust you, bro, get that girl as soon as possible. ” Sergio said.

”But Sergio, this boy…. ”

”He is my brother, talk to him with manners Alfredo. ” Sergio cut him off.

”I apologise. ” Alfredo said and walked past them.

”I will see you later brother. ” Sergio said and stabbed Ricardos back before leaving.

Ricardo knelt on the ground hurt by the way they killed Carlos ruthlessly, he just talked to Sergio again.

But that girl knew he had to protect her at all costs.

”I won let them find her, I will give her a shield of protection. ” Ricardo vowed and headed to his car.


Akina ran until she arrived home, her mother saw her panting, and she rushed to her immediately.

”Are you okay? What about you? ” Her mother asked.

She was about to speak up when she recalled them killing him, no she isn gonna tell her mum, what if they try to find her again?

”Mum, I saw a snake. ” Akina lied.

”Oh my child, hope it didn bite you? ” She asked.

Akina nodded and ran to her room.

She recalled the guy that bumped into, though she couldn recognize his face, but his hands were soft.

**Ricardos house**

The two brothers returned home, Sergio went to his room and had a bath, and Ricardo entered.

”What have you done? Why did you kill Carlos, what has he done to you? Why are you so ruthless? ” Ricardo yelled.

”Because he deserves to die, he killed our own father. ” Sergio replied.

”That man has a family, his children loved him, how sure are you that he killed our father, he has been working with him for ages and he never betrayed him. Why now? ” Ricardo shouted.

”Listen to me and stop overreacting, people tend to change, and I told you, the best word in the world is KILL, everyone is a betrayer, don trust anyone. ” Sergio said.

”My thoughts too, you said we shouldn trust anyone but you trusted that evil Alfredo, I don trust that guy, he always leads you to do something evil, you can trust him. ” Ricardo said.

”I know who he is, he worked for me for years, and he will never betray me. ” Sergio said.

”If Carlos can betray dad then Alfredo can betray you too, cmon brother, look at the risk you involved yourself, what if that girl exposed you to everyone? Your life will be in a mess, what if you also get killed just the way you killed Carlos, in Mafia life, nothing is interesting, everyday blood. ” Ricardo said softly.

”Im not ready for all these lectures, you vowed to get that girl, so have this phone, I have Traced her, she lives not too far from here with her mother, I want you to find her before next tomorrow, I can risk her being alive. ” Sergio said.

”I will find her and bring her to you, but Im not gonna kill her. ” Ricardo replied.

”I understand, just go and rest, I will send the guards with your food. ” Sergio said.

Ricardo went to his room, he sat on the bed staring at Akinas phone, he can still remember her look, her neatly short hair.

”I will do all it takes to protect her, even if it means fighting everyone, but Im not gonna let them find her, never. ” Ricardo soliloquies and laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking of a way to deal with Akina, maybe he will begin to search for her very early tomorrow before the devil Alfredo finds out about his plans.

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