9:30 G.M.T


The plane landed safely at the airport, Ricardo removed his dark eyeglasses revealing his cute brown eyes, his mohawk hairstyle was nicely done mAkinag him look extraordinarily handsome, and a curvy smile escaped from his lips, he just returned to Mozambique after years of being in London.

Mozambique is a southern African nation whose long Indian Ocean coastline is dotted with popular beaches like Tofo, as well as offshore marine parks.

While staring at the atmosphere, he sighted a group of people waiting for him, which include his brother Sergio with a white paper board which says, Ricardo, he sighed at the view of his elder brother puffing cigarettes, he wish there can be a way he could change his brothers perception about the Mafia gang, even after been born and growing up in the Mafia community, he feels different, like everything is not just right, getting the thought off his head, he slides his left hand into his pocket and his right hand holding his travelling box, he majestically Walked to them.

It looks as if the president of the country is the one coming out of the plane, guards dressed in black have gathered and surrendered the entire airport.

Thats the life of being the son of the most feared Mafia.

Sergio smiled at him and embraced him.

”Welcome home little brother. ” He said to him in a thick voice.

”Thanks, bro, Im finally back at home, its so exciting, ” Ricardo replied.

”Yeah, you have missed a lot, special arrangements made for you at home, I bet you can wait to meet everyone, ” Sergio said.

”You still smoke? ” Ricardo asked with a slight cough.

”Yeah, something I can stop doing, smoking makes me feel high, and in a huge esteem you know, but because of you, I will let it go for now, ” Sergio answered with a chuckle, then smashed the cigarette.

”Its so nice to meet you after years, Ricardo. ” A friend said,

”Thank you. ” Ricardo smiled.

The guard opened the back door of the car and the brothers entered the car, Ricardo stared outside the window.

Mozambique has changed, no doubt about that since it has been years since he last visited, tall buildings and beautiful markets are existing now which were not there when he left the city.

He somehow enjoy it, he missed his dad, but staying away from him must be the best decision he ever made, staying under the same roof with a well Known Mafia means one thing, attacks from the enemies on daily basis, meeting dangerous people, and doing drugs and other illegal activities which they took it as normal, but its just not to Ricardo.

They are selfish people, betrayers and a lot more.

Ricardo, being a gentleman, selfless and well-mannered guy, thought that was not the best place for him to live.

After some minutes of driving, the car stopped in front of a big house, though the house is big, but not beautiful, it was roughly designed with odd colours, another fact of being a Mafia.

Ricardo and Sergio get out of the car.

”Take his box inside, ” Sergio ordered.

”Yes, boss. ” The guard replied and carried Ricardos box and walked away leaving Ricardo and Sergio.

”Lets go in, ” Sergio said.

Ricardo nodded and together, they walked into the house.

Everything changed but not their fathers house, he really missed him.

But at least one thing is good about his fathers death, now that he died, maybe he may have died together with his Mafia, and they can live in peace maybe.

Remembering his father brings a slight tear to his eyes, he recalled how he always wanted him to hold the gun, how he killed several people for betraying him, and how he forced him to watch him kill with no mercy, growing up, one word His dad will always say to him was KILL.

”Don cry, tears are for the weak Ricardo, I promise you, if my fathers death wasn natural, I will avenge his death, I swear on his dead body, ” Sergio said with so much courage in his voice.

He wanted to talk but he kept quiet, maybe this is not the perfect time.

”When is fathers burial? ” Ricardo asked.

”We haven fixed that yet, just go to your room and have a cool bath, I will see you later, I have some important work to do. ”

Sergio said and left before Ricardo could utter a word.

”Strange! ” Ricardo muttered.

He walked to his room and removed his clothes, staring at himself in the mirror, admiring his cute abs, hard Rock chest, and a sexy six packs of muscle, the other thing he is lacking, is just a gun.

He enters the bathroom and turns on the shower, the warm water falling on his body makes him feel relaxed, as he scrubs his hair with the sponge.

After having his bath, he returned to his room and applied some lotion. He dressed up in a simple white shirt and black pants.

While combing his hair, his brother knocked.

”Come in. ” Ricardo replied.

Sergio opened the door and entered.

”Why are you dressing in such a decent dress, don forget who you are, Ricardo, you are the son of the greatest Mafia, you have to dress like one. ” Sergio said.

”About that, its not important anymore, dad is no more existing, is time to let go of that stupid Mafia gang just to have some peace of mind. ” Ricardo said.

Sergio Smirked.

”You are so young Ricardo, you don know anything, leaving the Mafia gang is something impossible to do. ” Sergio replied.

”Why is that impossible brother? ” Ricardo asked.

”Okay, lets say, I have to avenge my fathers death before any other thing, and even after that, Father has been a well feared successful Mafia, he owns the most powerful and popular Mafia gangs group, should I jus

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