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When a person is hungry, the enjoyment of the food will undoubtedly grow as long as it is not too unpalatable.

For people who are used to eating instant noodles, this type of meal can only satisfy their appetite at particular periods of the day despite it not being the usual taste.  

However, there are occasions when it is undeniably tasty, such as while traveling overseas. 

When a person is unable to get accustomed to the local food, they may eat instant noodles brought in from their home country out of desperation, and the flavor becomes the ultimate delicacy.

Olivia, a foreign woman who believes she is uninterested in eating, grew up in a country where there was no culinary culture.
The isolated magicians are mostly focused on the study of magic, and they are still in the middle ages

The common people of the time are content if they have adequate food and clothing.

As a result, when she eats instant noodles, ham sausage, and fried eggs when her hunger is at an all-time high, she is overwhelmed by the flavor that she has never felt before, and she can't wait to devour it all in one swoop!

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Even if Olivia rushes through her meal, she retains the grace that comes from her bones.
Her eating mannerisms are visually appealing.

Li Shushan ate less carefully and attentively than Olivia.
He'd become accustomed to eating instant noodles while looking at his phone.
He caught a glance of Olivia, who was eating with a smile, and he couldn't help but feel satisfied that he had prepared a great meal.

They sat across from each other and ate instant noodles.
The ambiance of the house is fairly peaceful and welcoming.

Olivia eagerly ate the bowl of noodles given to her and drank the entire bowl of noodle soup.
Her solemn visage suddenly revealed a hint of contentment.
She even had the impression that she was alive.
This was the most satisfying meal she'd eaten in years!

Li Shushan was astonished to see Olivia drinking the noodle soup so quickly, so he took a tissue and offered it to Olivia, motioning her to wipe her mouth.

Olivia was still perplexed as she took the paper towel.
In her world, there is no such thing as disposable paper, and the pure white paper that may be used to record knowledge and even construct magic scrolls is monopolized in the hands of mages, who believe that commoners without magical capabilities are unworthy and do not need to master high-end knowledge.

Soon after, Olivia realized the use of such disposable paper after witnessing Li Shushan's mouth-wiping motion.

She learnt to clean her lips, but she became increasingly aware that this young man held a special position in this weird world. 

Even in her world, this standard of living was much above that of the common lord.

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There was also a glass of water on the table, with exquisite patterns and a translucent and pure hue.

If it were in her world, it would stir the heart of the monarch of a minor principality, and it would be cherished as a treasure and guarded with all their might.
However, to the young man in front of her, this seemed to be just an ordinary tool for drinking water. 

What a luxury!

Olivia's gaze on Li Shushan relaxed, as did her heart's vigilance, and she paid more attention to Li Shushan since she was learning numerous things, and after confirming that the other party's backing is not small, she felt they would be valuable to her.

Nonetheless, Olivia's inability to interact with the other party was unfortunate.
All she can do is thank the young man who saved her life and treated her well. 

Then, she walked to the corner of the room, sat down, and began meditating to regain her mental strength.

One has to admit that Olivia’s willpower is indeed terrifying. 

She was already exhausted and really wanted to sleep, but she suppressed her desire to sleep and relax and instead went straight to meditation.
She must have assumed that meditating in this condition of near-exhaustion would help her go over her limit.

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Of course, this is extremely dangerous behavior.
After all, meditation is something that should be left alone.

There were other people in the room, but she couldn't figure out why this unusual young man instinctively made her feel nice and trusting, as if their fates were intertwined.

Li Shushan did not bother Olivia. 

Under the problem of a language barrier, he didn't need to hurry anything that might jeopardize the initial relationship he and the girl had just formed, and furthermore, he was really sleepy.

He cleaned his face and went to bed after eating the instant noodles and washing the dishes, as the chopsticks and forks were packed.

Then Li Shushan began to dream.
His dream was the next plot of his novel “Legendary Journey of the Master”.
The plot was about the main character in the novel world, mourning the lost in the space turbulence. 

Every time Li Shushan devotes himself to creation, he will have dreams about the content of his novels at night, some of which he will forget when he wakes up, some of which he will be particularly impressed with, and some of which he will selectively consider to be wonderful.

The nature of a dream depicted in his work would frequently elicit applause from readers.
They believe the content is very lifelike and has a sense of substitution, as if it happened in another world.


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Before the alarm clock set by Li Shushan went off, Olivia had already finished her meditation. 

Her complexion looked much better.
Although her mental strength had not been fully recovered, she did not know why the efficiency of meditation in this world was so low, but at least she now can use the “language” magic.

Nonetheless, Olivia did not disturb the sleeping young man.
Despite her noble birth, she was not rude or self-centered.
She pulled a magic book from her space pocket and began reading quietly and attentively while waiting for the young man to wake up.

When Li Shushan's phone alarm went off, he sprang out of bed and witnessed a scene that made him feel at ease.

There was a beautiful young woman from his novel, sitting there, reading quietly, and the early sunlight streamed through the window and lit up the girl's incredibly gorgeous profile, as if to outline a flawless portrait dubbed “Morning Girl.”

Li Shushan couldn't help but admire it for a long time before ascertaining that the heroine from his novel had reached his world.
It wasn't a dream.

He took the phone that was charging next to him, snapped a photo of the sight, and ordered a breakfast takeout.

The food was for Olivia because Li Shushan has long been used to skipping breakfast.

Li Shushan still didn't bother the girl who was immersed in reading, but went to wash his face gently, but such a move still shifted the girl's attention from reading to him, and she carefully put her magic book back to her space pocket, and after using the “Language” magic, she finally spoke to Li Shushan, “Hello.”

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