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Late at night, the crescent moon shone brightly, providing a stunning spectacle to those lucky enough to witness it as the moonlight mirrored on the lake.

Li Shushan was sitting in an ordinary apartment, typing on his computer, his fair cheekbones pallid, and the thick black bags under his eyes unmistakably his.
All of this was the result of him staying up late to write his novel.

Only his computer screen was dimly lit in the entire room, and moonlight shone through the window.
The combination of the two resulted in an extraordinarily silent and tranquil environment.

Li Shushan likes to be absorbed in this atmosphere and effortlessly convert the imaginative stories in his head into words.
If it was during the day or the lights were turned on, he felt as if his creativity had been robbed and he penned only mediocre face-slapping moments, but he wanted to produce a novel that would etch his name as a great writer.

That’s right, Li Shushan, who is still in his sophomore year, is an online writer who has signed a contract.
His novels are quite niche, and he tried hard to appeal to the male audience and any genre associated with them.

The books he wrote for his male audience are evidently quite different from those written by female authors who emphasize emotional tragedies, despite the fact that the primary protagonist in his story was female.

He wrote in this manner because he believed that a female protagonist would fit perfectly well within a magnificent fantasy world.

Even while he aspired to create a beautiful goddess in his mind's three-dimensional realm that was utterly impossible to exist in video games, it was akin to playing a female role in an online game and raising that character as if she were your daughter.

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As a result, there are neither male or female emotional tragedies in the novels he wrote.
How can the heroine he painstakingly crafted in his stories have a male character fit for her?

Her existence will only make males in that world believe she is unconquerable and unattainable.

“The Legendary Journey of the Master” is the title of the novel he is now working on.

The title alone gives the sense that this is the most traditional, even old-fashioned Western fantasy narrative.
The story's protagonist is a magician by nature, thus she goes on many adventures, trains and improves her strength, slays monsters, and continuously upgrades her equipment and abilities.

If you are a male reader who likes Western Fantasy, you might be fooled by the title of the book.
Then, you’ll be surprised to find that the protagonist of this story is a female mage.
Male readers who want to envision themselves as the protagonist would immediately dismiss it.

Those who continue to read the novel and wait patiently, on the other hand, will experience the story's captivating and vast fantasy world.

For them, it will be intriguing to see the heroine mature and become more perfect as the chapters progress.

Li Shushan valued reader feedback and constantly attempted to correct any flaws in his work, earning him a devoted following.
Readers felt that the protagonist in his novel was like a daughter being nurtured by him and his fans.

Olivia Alexandrina Windsor is the full name of the protagonist, and she was born in the Windsor Dynasty, which has a rich history depicted in the novel.

She has awakened the top magical talent as a princess of noble blood; this is definitely a very classic genius story pattern.
Picky readers will undoubtedly think it's too old-fashioned if it's changed to a male protagonist.
After all, the 'weak at first but actually incredibly strong' storyline is now regarded as outmoded and dull.

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However, male readers will not be put off by such a setting since they will be pleased to learn that their “daughter” comes from a prominent family.

At this time, Li Shushan finally completed the latest chapter “Great Crisis! Thrown in a Space Turbulence!”, and breathed a deep sigh of relief before uploading the daily chapter to UH for people to read.
(T/L: UH is the website’s name and the company he signed a contract with.)

Looking at the title of the chapter, the reader will instantly see that the heroine of this book, Olivia, has experienced another dilemma, and she will, of course, continue to utilize her intelligence and magic to conquer it, resolve this issue, and continue to develop and improve.

This is the style in which author Li Shushan has become accustomed to writing.
His way of writing was flawed, but he always wrote a crisis in a very realistic and engrossing style, making readers worry and afraid of what would happen to the heroine.

Taking this into account, Li Shushan reviewed several well-known female protagonist novels and devised some very melancholy storylines.

After he finished publishing the chapter, a number of his late-night readers remained awake and quickly subscribed to the current chapter.

Of course, after reading it, they couldn’t help but comment-

[The sea of ​​blood is boundless, can we stop letting the heroine walk on such a tightrope path!? I can't stand it!]

[Come here! The abuser was introduced late to the plot, but he showed his fearlessness and cruelty so perfectly!]

[Although I know that my princess can definitely turn the tide, I still get nervous when she encounters any sort of dilemma.]

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[Some of these comments made my grandfather laugh, what kind of abuse is this? My grandfather thinks that Olivia is better than a man!]

[The author is such a troll! Why introduce space turbulence? I hope that the heroine will appear directly at the author's house next time and beat the author who constantly abuses her and destroys his keyboard!]

When Li Shushan noticed the previous chapter comments, he smiled warmly.

He could feel the readers' enthusiasm, whether it was praise or insulting.
This all just may be the unique quirk of the readers who enjoy niche books.

Li Shushan did not consider the “abuse” that readers frequently complain about to be a concern.

How can you see the rainbow without passing through the wind and rain, as the proverb goes?

The heroine Olivia in his novel perfectly captures the saying.

Only by facing such “abuse” can Olivia become more determined, powerful, and decisive.
It is by no means that she should become a flower vase that needs protection from others all the time.

Li Shushan felt quite weary after reading a few more comments, stretched his hands, and was ready to switch on the lights to brush his teeth and then go to bed, as he still had to attend school tomorrow.

However, at the moment Li Shushan stood up, there was a legendary space distortion on his right hand side by the window!

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He unconsciously pushed his computer chair over, falling to the ground, and was astonished to discover that the chair had been swallowed by this twisted hole without a trace!

And then, in an instant, a woman who appeared to be embarrassed and dressed strangely checked her surroundings and appeared at the window, and the twisted space vanished.

 Her eyes were closed firmly, the girl's hands grasped the wand encrusted with gorgeous stones that supported her slender body, and there was a touch of relief on her face.

As the moonlight streamed in through the window and fell on the girl's lovely cheeks, her long hair, the color of ice and snow, gleamed in the moonlight, and her entire being seemed to float.

The beauty could only be described by such words, there was more, but Li Shushan was taken aback as he laid on the ground, had a look of horror, and gradually his expression became weird. 

He even imagined that the next words the girl would say would be, “Are you a noble of this world?.”

Then, he will respond like this, “No, I am not.
I am your father!.”

There is no doubt that the girl in front of him, Li Shushan can be said to be quite familiar with, because he was still abusing her just now…in the novel.

Her name is exactly—


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