Alien Technology (1)

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Luo Ji personally registered as a member of the “universal translation” app that he is now using, primarily because it is not your typical translation software.

Borrowing someone else's member account is not a problem for other apps, as they frequently share one among family members or friends, as with many VIP member accounts on video sites, which save money.

However, once enrolling as a member, this “universal translation” app appears to be soul-bound, as your account cannot be utilized by others.

Of course, many netizens with limited scientific understanding refer to this “technology” as “brainwave encryption,” arguing that each person's brain waves are unique and that only their own brain waves can be used to access their own account.

So, how would others be able to make use of it?

What they don't realize is that this is a magical encryption technique.
Mages take meticulous care of their magic scrolls and equipment, and only they or their chosen users can frequently activate them successfully.

This method is obviously used by the “Universal Translation,” a magic scroll masquerading as an app.
If you want to see the inner workings, you must invite a skilled magician.

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Experts in computer technology, such as Luo Ji, who have come to examine this “universal translation” app are not professionals at all!

Luo Ji, like other computer specialists, felt quite surreal after experiencing the “universal mode.” How can this mode exist?

They believe it is a special function developed by spiritual powers, qigong, or a spiritual master who worked on the application.

Then Luo Ji did what the other professionals did: he used the company's “R&D funds” to buy numerous recharges at the mall at once, including the recently introduced “Language; Perfect reading and writing.”

The permission was activated at this time, and it only cost 50,000 yuan, and then he also spent 10,000 yuan to purchase 1,000 hours of time.

Luo Ji diverged from his original plan after considering all of his purchases.
He suddenly realized that there were a few severe programming difficulties that had not been handled the previous time, so he launched the “universal mode” to solve them.

Under this “universal mode,” he felt like an incarnate of a human-shaped computer, capable of precisely simulating the logic of a computer, writing code without flaws, and running the program flawlessly!

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The ease of use of the “universal app” really fascinated Luo Ji.
He suddenly felt that even if he didn't understand what this app was on the surface, he actually didn't want to know.

Maybe it came from an extraterrestrial super high-tech creation.
It doesn't matter…
as long as it works well, it can be a programmer's golden finger!

With this kind of thought, after Luo Ji turned off the “universal mode”, of course he was shocked.
As he looked at the perfect code written on his computer, which made him feel impeccable, he felt that in that moment, the culmination of his curiosity about the “Universal Translator” app began to grow!

Next, he did what other technicians have done, that is, to explore its source code.
For a real technical expert, using various hacking methods can be used to figure out, then after looking deeper, he was shocked! 

The source code of the app is not difficult, nor is it impressive, it was ordinary through and through!

But what really shook Luo Ji is that the app clearly has only one icon, which is less than 200mb in size, and it was fake, simply a diversion to deceive people.
After all, users who know a little about the size of data, when they see an app with only a few mb, you will think it is unreliable, and then you wouldn’t download it.

Luo Ji was absolutely taken aback by this, and even this incredible computer specialist couldn't study a program that was merely an icon!

He instantly remembered his first encounter with the computer.
When 3.5-inch floppy disks were popular, their capacity was quite little, making it hard to transfer some somewhat bigger games.
As a result, he was ignorant and directly replicated the games.
(T/L; Floppy Disks are basically the older generation of USB’s)

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However, it was merely an icon, if you wanted to play when you were in a computer class, you couldn't start the game.

Later, he learned that the game icon is only one of the components of the game, and it is also the most important thing.
The real body of the game should be the program.

Since then, he has developed a great interest in computers.
Later, he was admitted to the best computer department of Mizuki University in China with excellent results.
Soon after, he had the opportunity to study abroad at public expense through a full scholarship and obtain a Phd. 

He returned to China after receiving his degree and quickly established himself in this industry due to excellent computer technology.

Although Luo Ji lacks theoretical strength, his excellent practical skills, sharp sense of smell, and quick thinking led to his success.

He, like other technicians, realized the essence of this program at this time.
He did not doubt it like other technicians and entirely abandoned the notion of researching it after it turned out to be merely an icon, but gazing at the icon of a net-shaped earth, he fell into contemplation.

While other technicians believed that only the developer of this app could figure out its principle, Luo Ji silently copied the icon to the computer, and then opened it with PS software.

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This was all Luo Ji's unique way of approaching, he used the ps software to enlarge the icon, and finally found something!

Luo Ji looked at the runes on the icons that he could not understand at all, and the paintings (arrays) composed of runes that seemed to be projections of high-dimensional images. 

Immediately a nervous expression appeared on his face as he muttered to himself: “This is really alien technology…”

Luo Ji attempted to comprehend and learn about the images, and the more he gazed at them, the more they radiated appeal, as if they possessed a unique mathematical beauty.

It's a shame he's not a mathematician, does not really understand topology, and isn't a linguist, because the runes and arrays hidden in the icon aren't something he's capable of researching.

He wasn't sure if it was due to his state of mind.
Perhaps it was because he believed these runes were valuable and didn't instantly reveal the secret he learned in a flash, but he couldn't help but use the program's “feedback” option to send a message to the “alien” who created the app.

He also believes that, in order to understand the principle of this “app”, the most important thing is to find the creator.
If the other party replies to him via the Internet, his technology should be able to locate the other party's ip address.

And the message he sent looked like this- [I found the secret of this app.
The key is enlarging the app.
if you don’t want the secret to be exposed, please reply to me.]

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