From her tone, Olivia wasn’t joking, but rather seriously expressing the idea of ​​falling in love with Li Shushan.
Perhaps in her perspective, falling in love is not much different from the feeling of eating sweets.

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Because she has never been in a relationship before, she was curious about it and was willing to be in one, for her, it would be similar to developing a new spell and experimenting with trial and error.

She approached “falling in love” with a very objective and distant attitude, rationally believing that Li Shushan was a perfect subject for testing, and she could undoubtedly experience the bliss of love.
Then she'd compare it: this type of sweetness against the sweetness of eating sweets; which one of the two would end up being the sweetest?.

Olivia's intense curiosity and desire for knowledge compelled her to do this interesting little experiment.
This could also be her way of relaxing while learning magic.

 Li Shushan was taken aback by her views at first, but after realizing Olivia's “Dating in Love” was so mechanically honest, he grinned and said without hesitation: “Okay.”

His demeanor was that of a parent coaxing their child, and he collaborated with Olivia to accomplish her experiment.

“Then, starting today, we'll have dinner together.” Olivia was willing to give it a shot.

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“How come I feel you only want to eat? Haha!” Li Shushan teased jokingly.

“I'm not saying that.
I'm not going to eat your food for free.
I am willing to work for you in return for food.
Talking about money, how do you earn it? A mage like me should be able to make money very easily.” Olivia rapidly emphasized that while she is prepared to work for a friend like Li Shushan, but if she wasn't amiable with them, she will use the most direct method, which is beating them until they hand up all their money.

Li Shushan felt Olivia’s slight embarrassment about eating free food and found it very interesting, and he stopped teasing her: “Since we’re in a relationship, usually the man is asking the woman out to eat, so you shouldn’t be so serious.”

“Part of being in love is eating together.
It shouldn't be the woman taking advantage of that feeling.
I don't like this kind of grandiose idea of taking advantage of the man.
Your customs do not conform to my values.” Olivia obviously has her own set of principles.

“It's fine if you’re happy.” Li Shushan replied helplessly.
He didn't want to talk about this topic anymore, but Olivia's remarks reminded him that it is possible to utilize magic to earn funds for their project.

 “Li Shushan, I am very curious about what the outside world is like, but I think there is a great risk if I go out now.
After all, the technology in your world is pervasive, so can I borrow your eyes to take a look at the world?.”

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“Of course, you can do this kind of trivial thing directly, you don't need to ask me at all.”

“No, since you are my friend, I have to respect your wishes.”

Olivia, as always, made Li Shushan laugh.
In truth, he really appreciates this “heroine” who treats you as a friend and as warm as spring, but if you are her enemy, you will understand how cruel and decisive she truly is.

Through the spiritual link, Olivia can borrow Li Shushan's senses, and then she finally took a look at the world that was built by technology and developed by civilians.

Jiangcheng University, where Li Shushan is located, is surrounded by multiple schools, establishing a unique education area.
Various enterprises are still quite developed in this neighborhood.
When students have spare time, they can go shopping in the commercial district.
There are also other housing developments nearby, which comprise an urban environment with a high population flow.

The “steel bards” in front of her was obviously beyond Olivia's imagination.
After all, on her planet, the common people's life, the fences were pastoral.

This type of setting was something she had never seen before, and it piqued her interest.
She kept asking questions like an inquisitive child, about every car she saw, as well as traffic signals and surveillance cameras…

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Li Shushan took the time to explain everything in detail to Olivia in order to help her grasp the world and the power of technology.

Of course Olivia has gained a lot by taking Li Shushan’s senses and then was ashamed of her previous ignorance, and she was fortunate that she temporarily hid in Li Shushan’s residence.

 If she went out rashly and was photographed by a surveillance camera, wouldn’t it expose her? And, her whereabouts?

Since she hasn't fully understood the power of technology, she would rather stay away from it.

In any case, she can get a regular stream of information from Li Shushan.
This approach was in accordance with her highly cautious and careful personality.

Although Li Shushan has told her numerous times that there are no mages in his world, which in fact made Olivia the only mage in the world, and her personal combat power is almost invincible, this does not made her happy; she believes that because she can come to this world, what if there are other transcendents who have also come here long ago and control the world behind the scenes?

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For Olivia, she was a person who always doubted that technology, a thing that is not inferior to magic, can develop to such a degree by relying on civilians alone.
So, she began thinking if there was anyone who controlled the world behind-the-scenes….

Li Shushan didn't stop Olivia from thinking that way.
Instead, he felt that Olivia's cautiousness was very good, and it was very suitable for them, since from now on, they’ll be behind the scenes and developing the world.

It didn't take long for Li Shushan to get in the classroom where he was set to take.
He sat calmly in the corner, with a very low impression of presence.

Li Shushan has basically been a transparent character in the class since he applied to move out of the dormitory following his sophomore year.
Except for his old roommate Gao Xin, who frequently asks him to dinner, there was no interaction or communication when the other students saw him in class.

He is a wealthy second-generation man who frequently misses classes in which he is uninterested in.
So Li Shushan, who seldom skips class, hardly runs into him.

Gao Xin and Li Shushan have an excellent relationship since the other party enjoys online literature.
Gao Xin felt very pleased after learning that Li Shushan had written an online book, so he took the effort to befriend him.
Otherwise, with Li Shushan's lonely character, he would have no friends in college.

Don't be fooled by Li Shushan's seemingly dangling appearance, since he is constantly seated in the second-to-last spot in the back row.
In actuality, he pays attention in class and takes it seriously, so he doesn't have to worry about failing the final exam.
He can even help Gao Xin, a wealthy second-generation acquaintance who does not study at all, in passing the exam.

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