, Baekhyun hasn told anyone about his sexuality but by the looks of it, I think we all know whats happening?

Three days ago, someone said they saw them holding hands! well, they
e friends… Hold up, since when did they become friends? What is even happening? Everything is moving so fast… I don want to speculate anything or believe that bull crap rumor! Ive been observing those two for some time and I still see nothing!.. *side eyeing*

Am I seeing wrong or hearing wrong? Because there seems to be nothing going on between them! Seriously, what are people on about?..

On Wednesday, they came to class together! okay?? The air around them seems very different! Almost like the kind you feel when you see a couple…

And boom, they have matching rings!?… What happened to you Baek? He doesn even talk to us, his classmates, its like we
e invincible or something…

Did Kyungsoo say something about us?? *ready to fight*

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