trying to shame me for having a crush on someone!!! *grumpy*

Classmate 4 : Yeah right! You knew he wasn your reach to begin with , so what am I shaming you for? Stop acting dumb and accept criticism or shut the hell up!

Classmate 5 : How is she supposed to shut up when shes the story writer? where exactly is your logic? You
e trying to act smart but the truth is, you sound stupid *lmfaoo* Sit back!

Okay?? where is this going? When did I even get here? *face palms*

Classmate 4: Ooh boy! Look whos talking here? Im acting dumb? You
e the dumb one here… Im telling her to not lie about what really happened between Chanyeol and Baekhyun since we were all a big part of their relationship! I mean, we all know they were in an intimate relationship but lying is not it!!! So you sit back!!!

Dear readers, this is definitely not my intention but whatever happens, just know that, this is my version of the story! If these bitches wish , they could write theirs!!!

Classmate 5 : Talk to your parents about criticism not me! And its not like this is your story! Instead of wasting your time criticizing the story, how about your crappy ass write your own version! Stupid!!


Classmate 4: Girl shut the ** up! Weirdo!

Classmate 5: I don give a damn!

Guys! Lets talk about the story some other time! Shall we? *smiles*

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