At the infirmary, the nurse said Baekhyun had a fever or whatever that was, and so he needed to rest but the girls wouldn listen ,hence we were all kicked out by the head nurse! *are you all happy now? pick me girls?*

So , Baekhyun was present but somehow not present while the new student , well, we don even know him that much *help*

After class we all headed back to the infirmary to check up on Baekhyun but then , he showed up…

”hand me his bag ”, for such a cute , beautiful guy, he sure does have a lot of volume in his voice!

Yeah, the person Im talking about is none other than Doh Kyungsoo *awwn*…. er erhm, moving on, Doh Kyungsoo nicknamed D.O. *smh* is the best friend, is he? I really don remember much but yeah,anyway, he was his bff, sorta… *confused*… The way he demanded for the bag was honestly, kinda scary! After taking the bag, he literally slammed the door in our faces *damn,I was flabbergasted* ” seriously, what is this guys problem? ”, Kwon San murmured with an annoyed expression *laughing*… This was so funny yet so disappointing because Kyungsoo wouldn allow us to come and see Baekhyun while we were still waiting.

He was legit gatekeeping Baekhyun in front of our salads and we couldn do anything about it because the nurse finally kicked us out *laughing*…

Whatever had happened to Baek must have been very serious! Rumors *not me*say that, he was beaten *deadass funny*, others said that hes been keeping an illness, others say hes cursed *lmao*, others say something happened to their family business, while the rest are just unbelievable nonsense *smh*…. This is very tough especially when you
e a gossip ….

That Kyungsoo guy is something else,hes famous for his sweet honey rnb voice and of course , his beautiful, cute face * hes really beautiful*… But the way he sees us ,Baekhyuns classmates , is very concerning and its almost as if hes saying ,we
e clowns and we should touch some grass *crying*…

Like, excuse me sir, I know we are clowns but do you have to make it so damn obvious? Every time too?

I hope Baekhyun will be okay, that guy keeps everything to himself and his friend is just another one!

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