called out the names! And as usual, we respond with ” here ”…. All names were mentioned and marked but the handsome Park Chanyeol made no entrance today… Well its not odd since we don know him that much but for a new student not to come to school the next day without any sort of explanation, in my opinion, is very rude *pouts*

”lets go visit him after school ” ”I hope hes fine ” ”his handsome face can be sick ” ”I miss him already ”… Are you kidding me!? Are these girls bewitched or something? This isn a ” Scum Villain Self Saving System ” for you to be acting like some assigned characters!! What is wrong with these girls?

The way they never said these sought of things about Baekhyun yesterday when he wasn in school but suddenly, mister handsome tall face Chanyeol didn show up and they
e saying all these? *baffled, side eyeing, annoyed*

”Baekhyun!, Baekhyun!, Baekhyun!! ”, the teacher called out more than three times but no answer… Kwon San touched Baekhyuns arm to wake him up… He was burning hot *Kwon Sans own words*

Suddenly, there was a loud thud! Baekhyun had fallen sideways from his desk onto the hard floor!!!

” Quickly, take him to the infirmary now!!!! ”, the teacher with a very concerning look, shouted out loud!

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