t, only a few class members noticed this but after that handsome Park Chanyeols entry, everyone just tossed it out their memory, focusing more on him!

To be honest, Chanyeol is the quiet type of handsomeness but he said he was an extrovert which is weird but not that weird,I mean ,look at Baek for example,hes an introvert but the loudest amongst us… Maybe these two would get along when they meet, who knows?

These pick me girls went around following Chanyeol all day , acting all cute – Chanyeol didn even spare them a glance!! which is deserved , you can just go around openly stalking your own classmate!!! Embarrassing…

These girls are so over the top,theyve been looking at our newcomer all day not minding the clear annoyance of the teachers! What the hell is wrong with them? Have they not ever seen a handsome guy before? what kind of cringe story is this? And why Im I even witnessing this kind of embarrassment play out?

Classes over, I hope to see Baekhyun tomorrow…

Park Chanyeol , disappeared right after the bell rang! this is hilarious! I mean, I would do the same if I were him! Being surrounded by a bunch of weidos is tiring, real tiring!!

And Baekhyun, I hope all is well… See you tomorrow!

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