NOTE: this novel contains a lot of bad languages references to gore, inappropriate references to private areas, inappropriate references to sex interest, common use of the N-word (all people that say the N-Word in this novel Are black and the N-word will also be censored)and possibly inappropriate references to race and religion. I ask if you take offense to any of the things I mentioned, I ask for you to NOT read this novel as this novel is inappropriate for some viewers. As the author everything that is referenced inappropriately in this novel is only for plot, character and comedy purposes.I do not personally believe or support any of the things that were negatively referenced in this novel because once again, it is for plot, comedy and character purposes I can also promise that this novel WILL NOT mention any pass events that involved racism,sexism or violence of any kind, unless it is used positively, and for plot purposes.Once again, if you take offense to any of the things I mentioned, I ask you to NOT READ THIS NOVEL.

Local Retail store near Zenn Hood.


???:Damn Yall still closed?


???:Thats pretty nutty man

Worker:(Is he serious or joking?)

???:Like God damn the ** are yall scared off??


???:Like Ok Closing the store for like a Month is one thing….BUT ITS CLOSING IN ON 3 MONTHS AND YALL STILL AINT OPEN IT BACK UP??????

Worker:Um sir we are Open throughout the day Just not between 7 am to 3pm.


(Eyes start flickering red)

Worker:Ummm sir are you ok??

???:Listen you bitch ass N**** Open up the FUCKING door and let me get a Damn milkshake.

Worker:Sir you have to understand I didn make this decision.

???:Then who did?

Worker:The owner of This store.

???:Yeah no shit WHO?????

Worker:Im sorry but I don know sir.

(Suddenly the wrestling team walks up to that angry person)

Wrestler:Aye You thought I was joking?

???:The ** are you talking about?

Wrestler:I said that we
e going to kidnap you and force you to Join the wrestling team.

???:Im not in the mood for your gay sex sport!

Wrestler:But you joined last year.

???:And then you bring up the past listen.All of you fat monkeys are PISSING ME OFF!!!

Wrestler:Ayo bro we were joking chill out.


Wrestler:Ayo my fault bro…We gonna leave now.

(The person Grabs the wrestler Wrist so hard that his hand Crushes the bone for the wrist)

Wrestler:*Screaming In pain*

Worker:Oh shit!!!!

(The worker tries to run but the person grabs his head and rips it out of this body)

???:Which one of you wrestling Fucks want next? Huh??? HUH???? ILL KILL ALL OF YO——

————————A FEW HOURS LATER——————-

(The person managed to escape the cops somehow and is in his room looking outside his window as his father walks his room.)

Father:Hey Miguel.

Miguel:Hey dad.

(This is Miguel,He is 6 foot,Darkskin spiky black hair and Is known for having a [Off-White Hoodie] despite barely wearing it anymore)

Father:I just got off the phone with your therapist. He said he was on vacation, but will be back tomorrow.

Miguel:Yay I guess.

Father:[You got angry again boy?]

(If you see a sentence that has [__] in between that means the sentence might be some important information about a character or some important information for a future chapter)


Father:Who Got Got this time.

Miguel:My wrestling team.

Father:What they do?

Miguel:It wasn there fault. It was mine.

Father:It wasn you fault son.It was [His]

Miguel:I thought I was cured Dad. I thought I would never see him again but when I was getting angry…I saw him…[That 7 ft 11 black figure]

Father:Im Sorry to hear that

Miguel:Its Fine.

Father:Did you get away from the cops?

Miguel:I probably Killed them too.

Father:Damn son…

Miguel:But then when I turned back I was no where near Philly.

Father:Well God damn boy

Miguel:Yeah.Hey dad?


Miguel:Do People tell stories about me?

Father:Actually yeah.

Miguel:And What do they call me?

Father:They all you…..[The man with the Off-White]

Miguel:Wow….[So those three were Right]

Father:Who are those Three.

Miguel:Not important.

Father:You know school is—

Miguel:Not going.


Miguel:Ill probably end up killing the everyone in the school.

Father:Thats only if they piss you off.

Miguel:Dad? You truly think imma go through a entire school year without being mad? Especially that school?

Father:Boy you need a education.

Miguel:Im already smart.

Father:You need to get smarter!


Father:Listen son i know your scared that you will kill your friends but…These friends are different.

Miguel:Do you not understand how disrespectful that sound to the [other friends that I killed?]

Father:Right…..My Bad but they will still be worried about you.

Miguel:Worried? *Smirks* I bet half of the didn even know i was Gone.

Father:Oh course all of them would notice.

Miguel:*Laughs* they wouldn even acknowledge me. Like seriously the majority of the time I text something in the groupchat that we have they usually just ignore me. And you still think they will care for me???

Father:Do you care for them?

Miguel:If I didn I would be at school right now.and thats why I shouldn go.Like I said before if I want to keep my friends alive, I should stay away from them.


Miguel:Why do you want me the go to school anyways? You not usually so pressed about It.

Father:Fine Ill tell you the real reason. I just have a crazy feeling that something bad is going to happen to your school.

Miguel:Aye man most of the students feel the exact same way the second they walked through those doors

Father: But this one is different. And I feel that the school is going to need you.

Miguel: dad, do you think one person is going to save the entire school?

Father: if the person is you then yes.

Miguel:Now if you said that to every student in the school, they will all laugh at you.honestly if you really think about it.Im probably the one that burns the school down but we don want that to happen, right?

Father: Miguel should I remind you of your powers again

Miguel: y

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