Jeremys pov

”Corpori procedent amicus carissimus ”

I stare as my brother reaches out to touch Kevins temple and close his eyes

”Did it work ? ”

I ask in anticipation, looking at both of them and waiting for any kind of response

”It should ”

He says looking at Kevin and then I hear it, that slight hint of accent we all have that has never left no matter how long we spent in a country

”Hello there, took you long enough that I was getting worried ”

Oh my God it worked, I can not believe it worked

”You did it Jay ”

I shout as I rush to hug my friend, crying on his shoulder

”I miss you, I thought I would never see you again until I saw you in the mirror and then I knew for sure that it was you and, I miss you ”

”I miss you too, baby ”

He says as he pats my head

”Im not a baby ”

”You were mine and I believe your snot says otherwise ”

Jasons pov

I can not believe I did it, now he is here, but it is going to be for a short time and I think he knows

”Hello friend, I missed you ”

I say and he turns to me with a smile, it was funny how I did not see any trace of Kevin anymore

”Oh Jason, I missed you guys. Seeing as Justin was not the one who did the spell It seems he has gone on his expedition ”

He says after looking around for a bit

”What do you mean by expedition? ”

I ask him hoping he would have changed after the years from been cryptic to being open

”He didn tell you ? ”

And there we go, been cryptic as always but I just smile and shake my head

”No, he did not tell us ”

Jeremy say looking at him with confusion

”What are you not telling us ? ”

I ask

”I will explain later for now I have to go, now that you have brought me here I have some catching up to do. All you need to do is send a message to Justin and do it fast ”

”But I do not know how ”

It took me over 5 decades trying to perfect the spell I used to bring him back, if he thinks communicating with the oldest witch who does not want to be found is going to be easy then he must be joking

”You figured a way to bring me back, I trust you would find a way to get a message across to your brother ”

”Ok, I missed you ”

I give up trying to make him tell me any clue and just hug him with a smile

”Don leave me out ”

Jeremy says joining us while smiling and we just stay there till I heard him clear his throat and I knew, I knew the time was up

”I think the time is up ”

I tell Jeremy who was now fixing himself up as we left Kevin who opened his eyes immediately Jeremy was done

”Wait let me guess, the spell worked ”

”I suppose ”

”You can go now, we would see you later ”

Kevins pov

****Before they casted the spell****

I hope this does not hurt I close my eyes and embrace myself but after a while I do not feel anything and then u open my eyes and see it.

Wow, where am I?

You are in your unconscious state, you are just seeing things that happened in your life going back to the very first one you lived. Which was mine

Wait you are the friend ?

I ask as I turn to the owner of the voice, I would have said his name but I had forgotten, bad as it sounds

Yes I am, I am Finn Montgomery. What is your name?

Kevin, Kevin Salvador

Salvador, that is not supposed to be

What do you mean ?

I ask looking at him and thinking back to when I first started using my name, I think but find nothing wrong, except if I do not know my own name but that can not be right. I was always Kevin Salvador, right ?

I mean your name is not supposed to be Salvador but Montgomery. You see when I died I ensured that whenever I wanted to come back into another persons body it will be from my bloodline and since I am a Montgomery you should also be one or else your name got changed

Ohkay, so what am I doing here ?

You are going to see our past memories in each person I jumped into till the spell wears off. Ive got to go now

Wow, this feels like I am in a cinema just that it is my previous lives Im watching.

********* Few minutes later *********

Hey Kevin

Oh hey there me, are you done ?

Yup for now, when they get the correct spell we would not need to do this switching thing again

Okay, I just hope it does not take time to find

It would not

How do you know that

Tell me Kevin, what do you think I am ?

I do not know, what are you exactly ?

I am a seer, and I see you have made quite the friends, keep them close


And then I open my eyes to see the dean going back to his seat while his brother, professor Kristean was looking like his mind had gone on vacation leaving his body, I turn to the dean and say

”let me guess, the spell worked ”

”I suppose ”

”You can go now, we would see you later ”

Okay, now where do I start looking for Emma? Oh yeah field. After many twists and turns and i am sure I passed the front of the deans office twice I find the field and see them seated on the field

”Hey guys ”

I shout as I run to them and I see Emma wave her hand

”Oh hey Kevin ”

Emma responds with a smile and Katherine and Matt keep bickering without noticing me

”So did you get to find out what you are ? ”

Emma asks still with the smile on her face

”Uhm yeah I did, it turns out I am an ancient seer, possibly dating over 800 years now ”

”What! ”

I hear two other voices from the side and see their owners, looks like they finally noticed me

”What do you mean Kevin ? ”

”I do not know fully yet Emma but I will soon. And Emma be careful ”

”Uh, I am always careful, why do you say so ? ”

”I do not know I just have a bad feeling about this night party ”

”I hope nothing goes wrong ”

Emma says

”Nothing can go wrong, The academy is safe as long as the professors and dean is around ”

Matt says, but it is not a threat from outside I was talking about, I just have a bad feeling like something is going to go wrong

”Attention students, I have a special announcement for you all, go to where your bag is placed, you will find a map and a key on your bag. That is the map of the school, and on that map you will find that there are different dorms written in different colors, go the dorm whose color matches the color of your ribbon and, your room number is the number on that key. When you have done these things, settle into your new room and prepare for this night party. Thank you for your time ”

”Can he not just install speakers outside rather than talking directly into our minds ? ”

Matt complained

”I agree with you on that one ”

Katherine said

”I suggest we get going ”

Emma said.

After settling in, I found out that Katherine was a grade alpha shifter, I think that means she can transform into anything and I will be staying in the witches dorm which is close to the shifters dorm where Katherine and Matt are, I just hope she does not turn into a lion and tear him apart.


”I must say, they do know how to throw a good party ”

Matt shouted over the loud noise

”Yeah ”

”Excuse me I need some fresh air ”

Katherine says as she stands to leave

”Okay, do not stay too long ”

Emma said

”We would not want you to get eaten ”

Matt says laughing. And then I feel it something is wrong, I could feel it strongly

”Something is wrong, I am coming let me go and get the dean ”

I shout over the loud music

”Okay ”

Deciding to get to the deans office the way I got there the last time I go the stage again. When I get there I met the Dean sitting on his chair and his brother pacing about

”Hey, dean J sorry to disturb you but I have been having a bad feeling about tonight

”Nah, nothing can come inside the Academy, you will be fine ”

”Are you sure ? ”

Professor Kristean asked

”Do not scare the boy Jay ”

”He is a seer even if he can not see something coming yet, does not mean we should disregard his feeling of something bad about to happen ”

”Fine, I will tell the guards to double their patrol and be on alert ”

”Thanks ”

”Dean, a new shifter just went rogue and he is burning the field ”

Someone barged in and shouted. Oh no, I knew it was not from outside

”Okay thanks, we will meet you there ”

As we came to the field, we saw that almost everything was burnt, I tried scanning the crowd for Emma and others but I only found her and Matt, I ran to their side and left the dean and professors to take care of it

”Where is Katherine ? ”

I ask looking around to see if I can still find her

”She is on a burning spree ”

Matt shouted

”What! ”

”When she was coming back, she got into an argument with a new student and at first we thought they worked it out until the new student made her trip and then voila, she is on a urning spree ”

Emma rushed out trying to explain making air quotes on the burning spree

”And then that is when things went south and she decided to go on a burning spree, is she not amazing ? ”

”Matt shut it, she could hurt herself ”

Emma said giving him a stern look

Oh no, I did not know things would go bad like this I would have told her not to go in the first place

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