Viskar AcademyReturn Of The Seer

Chapter 3:Hall Of Awakening

I notice it is just the bright lights and I am not going to pass out, looking around I gasp as I notice how awesome this place is.

”Im sure it is ”

”Did I say that out loud ? ”

”No ”

”Then how did you hear that ? ”

”I read thoughts, it is one of my gifts ”

”So you are the one who was speaking with me all this time ”

”No that is my brother, I allowed him access into your head and he delivered the message ”

”Ohkay, so can I go now ? ”

”Do you want to go ? ”

(Urgh) now that I have seen how awesome it looks I do not want to leave anymore.

”Come with me, let me give you a tour of the academy ”

”Ok thanks, and please stay out ”

”Okay ”

”What is your name ? ”

”Jason Kristeanaviskar, but students call me Professor Kristean ”

I turn to see a man with long jet black hair in glasses with a smile on his face looking nothing short of a magazine model.

”Seems like my brother did not deliver the whole message, you are going to be among the newest members of this Academy ”

”No he did not, he only said if I did not come, I would die and he gave me this ring ”

I explain and raise my hand showing him the ring that magically appeared on my finger the moment I woke up.

”Well that is the schools sigil on the ring so that makes you a student ”

”Well I can just take it off ”

”(Hmmmm), you see you can not, not until you graduate atleast ”

He says with an awkward smile

”What ? ”

I stop and turn to him, looking at him to see if he was joking, and he was not.

”I will let my brother explain, just enjoy the tour ”

I guess I would have to wait for the brother to show up then.

”If I may ask, what took you long that I had to enter your mind ”

He asks as he turns to face me with a light frown on his face.

”What do you mean ? ”

I reply looking confused as I do not understand what he means by that.

”I mean I have been sending messages, but you did not reach back so my brother decided to bring you himself ”

”Well I did not see any message, what was in it ? ”

”It is the schools brochure, letter of admission and a form of enrollment, but you did not reach back ”

”Okay I did not get any of those ”

”I figured, if you did you would not have to walk all the way over to the registration office neither would you have to enroll online like you did, and most of all, you would not be here by now ”

”Wow, wait, you said you sent them right ? How did you do that ? ”

”Well you see, Im a psychic and my mind is connected to every supernatural being, old and new and when a new one pops up in my brain, I send these telepathic messages to guide the person here ”

Did he just say psychic and his mind is connected to what ? Supernatural beings ? Are those not supposed to be like, I do not know, unreal or something

”I am not comprehending ”

”You would not, not yet atleast. But you would soon, during the awakening ”

By the time he said that we reach the front of a door and he opens it

”This is my class, and these are my students. I have to go now but I will leave you in the hands of my brother ”

By then another man who looks exactly like him, except with the glasses walks out and looks at me with a smile and I could not help but think they are twins.

”No, I am his younger brother, its a family thing ”

”Wait how do you know what I was thinking, or you can also get into people head ? ”

I ask looking at him suspiciously and he just laughs.

”I did not need to get into your head, you were looking repeatedly at our faces with a funny look ”

”Ohkay, so you are the one who was in my head and did not give me an ounce of rest or privacy ”

”Yup now let us get going ”

He replies with a smile that would make any girl lose any and all sense of reasoning immediately.

”Do you have a name? ”

I ask as I look at him

”Of course which person does not have a name? ”

”Just answer the question, what is your name ? ”

”Oh I am Jeremy Krijinaviskar ”

I notice the Viskar at the end of his name also and then the J and K that starts it

”Is that also a family thing? ”

”What ? ”

”I noticed the first letter of your first and last name are the same with your brother, and your last name ends with Viskar ”

”Oh that, it is a family thing too and the last name is how we got the name of the school, Mr who names a school Viskar ? ”

”So you two are the owners of this school? ”

”Yes, we are and no we are not ”

”Do you two derive joy in confusing me or what ? ”

”Sorry, I mean we are not two, we are three but we lost our brother ”

”Oh, Im sorry, I did not know he was dead ”

”Wait what ? Who said he was dead, he is not dead, he wandered off to God knows where ”

”Oh, you could have simply put it like that ”

”Well, let us get on with this. The class where you were handed to me is my brothers class, he teaches all things magic, and this class is professor Theos class, we can not go in because they need top concentration, he teaches shifters to attain inner peace and serenity. While that class is my class, I teach vampires everything they need to know about themselves ”

”Wow, so this really is an all mythical creature school and, wait who is the head? ”

”Yes you can say it is and I am the Dean, students call me Dean J ”

”Ohkay ”

While walking I see a massive field of plain grass and tall grass with trees streched till God knows where, wait is there a forest in this school?

”Is there a forest in this school ? ”

”Yes, when new shifters enroll by next week professor Sam will use the forest to train them to shift and control themselves in their form ”

”Wow, wait you said Im a student right? ”

”I did not tell you that my brother did, but yes you are ”

”Then what am I ? ”

”Curious now are we? Well, I do not know ”

”What ? ”

”I said I do not know ”

”I heard you the first time, I mean how can you not know, are you not like the Dean of the school, you are supposed to know by just looking at me, right ? ”

”Im not a god, I can not know by just looking at you, I do not know but during the awakening ceremony you would find out the various supernatural beings and we would put you through on finding your supernatural gift by yourself ”

”Ok, I think I can work with that ”

”Good, now you should know that on Sunday you are to be here with your bags ”

”What, why ? ”

”You are becoming a full member of Viskar Academy and every member stays in school ground till free days and after graduation ”

”Ok no problem, now where is the way out ? ”

I ask as he ends the mini tour

”This is it ”

He says and I see we have reached the gate I came in from

”Oh thanks, see you on Sunday ”

Phew, that was a bit fun, now let me just call my mum and tell her what is going on

”And yes you can tell anyone, so just tell your mum youve found a school ”

”Wait, who is it this time ? ”

”It is me, I am still behind you ”

”Ohkay ”

Great now lets just say I have found a good college

”Hello honey, where are you, are you okay, are you fine, have you eaten, hope you are not hurt, do I need to get the police…..? ”

”Hey mum calm down ”

”Do not tell me to calm down boy, do you know how worried we are, your father was on the verge of going to the cops to lodge a complaint and he sent his workers on a search party to look for you and you have the nerve to ask me to calm down, look here Kevin Salvador if you do not get home this instant, so help you God ? ”

”Okay mum I am sorry, I went college hunting and I have got great news ”

”Okay great, why did you not start with that ? Well honey you can tell your father and I about this good news when you get home, okay ? ”

”See you soon ”

Phew, thought she was going to rip my head off through the phone, I suppose what I did was a bit rash too

******few minutes later******

”Im home ”

”Oh honey I was worried, do not ever do that again, okay ? ”

”Wait, where is dad ? ”

”Uhm, he is still at work ”

”But you said he was at home or did I hear things ? ”

”You see the thing is that, your dad said you are an adult now and you can go wherever you wish but I was worried and so I made up that story that he went to the cops ”

”What! ”

”Do not what me, I was worried ”

”Yeah, I understand ”

”Perfect, now you were talking about some good news ”

”Oh yes about that, I found a college, registered, got accepted ”

”That is great news, what is the name ? ”

”Viskar Academy, and I get to live on college grounds for as long as I like ”

”How nice, I would go and look it up online now, see if it is a good school ”

”Mum you promised, you said I get to go to any college of my choosing ”

”Did I now ? ”

She asks trying to feign ignorance and looking about

”Yes, you did ”

”I know honey, I just want to, you know see if it is a good school ”

”Mum, it has very good ratings I checked it online already ”

”Okay, if you say so. When is the session going to start ? ”

”Next week Monday but I have to be there for a party they are throwing to welcome the new students, I think ”

”Oh, that is great, now that I know you are fine, I have to go to work ”

”Ok bye mum, see you later ”

”Goodbye honey ”

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