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Fragility of Life

”Two weeks left. ”

Vansel Being couldn believe his ears. It simply wasn fair to his son.

Vansel looked away from the doctor in front of him to Demi, his son lying on the hospital bed in the room they were outside of. His heart was racing in a fury of confusion, anger and devastation. Tears were beginning to flow down the side of his cheek to his beard uncontrollably.

Beside him, Amy, his ex-wife and mother of Demi couldn control her emotions as well, covering her mouth in pure horror as she closed her eyes, trying her best to stop Demi from hearing her cries. Vansel couldn help but give Amy a hug, the former couple may have had their differences and conflicts in the past, but for the sake of their son, all of that didn matter now.

”Is there anything? Anything at all that we can do? Any treatments, medicine, I don care how expensive it is. Just tell me doctor, is there anything- ”

”Im sorry. I- ”

”Just take it as Im begging you doc- ”

” Mr Being…this isn about what we can do. This virus…weve never seen anything like it. It exceeds even our knowledge in modern science and medicine. My only suggestion for you now is to spend the remaining time you have with your son. Once again…I really am sorry. ” The doctor informs Vansel before taking his leave.

”Im…Im gonna try calling someone, maybe…Starlio Stex, the philanthropist? Make a Wish… ”Vansel mutters to Amy who stopped him, wiping the tears off her eyes: ” I know you mean well Vansel but…the doctor had already told us…this is a completely unknown virus. I think we should heed his advice. Stay with Demi this two weeks… ”

Vansel nods, wiping his own tears and swallowing some of saliva back, holding back his emotions as much as he could before entering into Demis hospital ward.

His heart cracked once more, looking at his son. Demis skin was now pale, almost like no blood was flowing through him. Thick dark veins were showing through his arms and even parts of his face. ”Dad…?Mom…? What did the doctor say? ”

”Everything is okay. Just…rest well. I know its painful so, do you wanna do anything or eat anything? ” Vansel asks his son.

”I want sushi! ”

”Okay, Ill bring you to Sushi. ” Amy promised.

”What about Dad? ”

Vansel looked at Amy nervously as his ex wife nods: ” Yeah of course Dad will be there. ”

It didn take long for Demi for fall asleep as now, Amy and Vansel sat opposite each other, both of them at a loss of words for one another. Vansel got up, grabbing his bag as Amy looked at him: ” Where are you going this time? ”

”I don know, Ill find someone. Or somewhere, I cannot just give up like this. I have to look around, see what I can do for him. ” Vansel tells Amy as marched out of the room. Amy got up, grabbing his arm and holding him back: ” Vansel…weve talked about this. You have to stop leaving us when we need you. ”

Vansel stopped in his steps, knowing that this was what destroyed their marriage in the first place. ”I know…this is part of you. You can sit still and do nothing but…come back quickly. He needs you here, not to mention that you haven had a job in three months. We don have much money left. ”Amy decides to let him go.

”Money doesn matter now. I still have some left and I promise you, Ill come back as soon as I can. ”

An hour later.

Vansel found himself in his local neighborhood church, praying to a religion he had never really understood despite being from a Christian household as a child. ”Please God…whoever is up there, my son is innocent. He has already been unlucky enough to be born to parents who are unhappy with each other. He doesn deserve all this suffering… ” Vansel held back his tears once more.

”You okay son? ” A priest walks to him.

”Sorry father…was I disturbing- ” The priest shook his head, calming Vansel down before he could say another word. ”The church is a place for confession, for prayers and for anyone to come in and tell him about everything and anything they want to. Would you like to share your story with me? Perhaps I can offer you some advice. ”

Vansel told his story.

”I cannot turn to science for answers anymore. Which is why Im here. ”Vansel admits.

”I can assure you Vansel, that you will not find the answers you are looking for in here. What you are talking about is completely out of my field of expertise. ”The priest tells Vansel who sighed, nodding despite already expecting the answer. ”However…I do know someone whom you might find useful. Follow me. ”

Vansel did as he was told, following the priest towards the back of the church where his office was located. ”Uh…Im not quite sure on why Im here father. ” Vansel was doubtful towards the priest who gave him a hand signal to relax: ” Theres someone the church used to hire, a self proclaimed supernatural expert. Claims he has hunted vampires, mummies, ghouls and demons ”

”Im not following. ” Vansel admits.

”Basically, if you show your sons condition to him, he might be able to answer some of your questions. His name is Lukas Jamatine, you may find his address here. ” The priest grabs a slip of paper out of a book, handing it over to Vansel. He was skeptical, but what else could he do?

”Thank you father. ”

An extremely exhausted Vansel made his way through the midnight sky in a taxi, finally reaching the address of Lukas. In front of him was a fairly ordinary apartment building in Texas like the rest of the small town he was surrounded by, nothing much special to it. Deciding to place his faith in the priest, Vansel walked up into the building where he soon found the room he was looking for.

”Hello? Mr Jamatine? Is anyone home? ”

Silence. Vansel looked at the door which had a sign beside it- Lukas Jamatine: Supernatural Expert for Hire. Looking down at his wallet, Vansel counted the remaining cash he has. Barely a few hundred dollars left with almost nothing in his bank account.

”Hello? ” Vansel knocked once more as a man in his late 20s opened the door, clearly half awake. He had uncombed messy brown hair, his face was slightly unshaven and he was dressed in a simple loose t shirt and pants. ” Hi…may I know why you decided to disrupt my sleep? You a customer? ”

”You can say that. I was recommended to you by a Priest. ”

”Welcome. ”Lukas showed him the way in.

Vansel entered the apartment, which was decorated in a old roman pattern wallpaper with a warm soothing lighting from the small fireplace at the side of Lukas living room. The flooring was a smooth dark oak wood and the interior of the apartment radiated a Gothic vibe. ” So how may I help you today Mr Being? ”

”I need- how do you know my name? ”

”Im an expert. In the supernatural. Of course I would know. ”

Vansel held his breath, a little freaked out but determined for answers. Vansel decided to tell his story, the same way he told the Priest. Vansel observed the look in Lukas brown eyes, almost like they were glowing against the lighting of his fireplace but from what Vansel gathered, Lukas seemed to know exactly what he was talking about.

”Pictures? ” Lukas asks as Vansel hands him his phone, showing pictures of Demis condition.

Lukas studied the pictures and seemingly recognized it almost instantly. ”Im not going to lie to you, I myself am not 100 percent sure on what this is but it looks extremely similar to the vampire plague. ” Lukas analyzed as Vansel leaned back on his chair, unable to believe what he was hearing. ”Vampire? Blood sucking assholes that vampire?! ”

”Seems about right. He has two weeks left right? ”

”Yes. I don understand what you mean by vampire- ” Lukas stopped Vansel before he could say anything else: ” Vampire as in yes…those blood sucking bastards vampire. Yes they exist, but no one believes in them but yeah, they do exist. Anyway, Im afraid that personally theres nothing I can do to save or cure your son. However… ”

”What is it? ”

”There is a rumored herb. Vampires…they aren some magical or mystical shit like most people think. To my knowledge the vampires are like…its a virus. So this herb…its like a plant, no one really knows what it is except that its called a Solar Leaf. You can find that near Mount Diros in North Carolina, some say its located near the summit of the mountain. I believe it can help Demi. ”Lukas explains.

”If people know the herb is there, why hasn anyone gotten it? ”

”Because no one believes it exists. Besides like you said, your sons condition is so rare that there isn a need for modern science to build a medicine for it. Honestly I don even know if the herb truly exists,nor do I know what is at Mount Diros. Im only telling you what I know because you look like a loving father willing to do anything for his son. I have the feeling that you won give up until the very end, so I might as well tell you everything I know. ”Lukas tells Vansel who nods, knowing what he must do now.

”Personally, I would advise against it. Some people have rumored about something guarding the mountain to prevent anyone from just taking the Solar Leaf. ”

”Lukas…at this point, like you said. Im willing to do anything like any father would

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