Vampire On Campus

Chapter 3: The Family Grimoire

Patricias POV:

We leave the student union and begin walking towards my dorm. We stop across the street when we see several campus security guards and two town police cars in front of the entrance of the dorm.

We notice several guys dressed in what appears to be popular Goth guy clothing standing against the outside wall watching what is going on. It looks like they are probably with the two guys that the police are taking to.

I notice two girls sitting down on one of the benches outside of the dorm. They are both crying and covered up with blankets. Our dorm mother is sitting next to them.

”We were just trying to get their attention, you know, flirting with them. We didn mean to scare them, ” one of the guys told the police. ”Yeah, it wasn even us that tried to bite them. It was Remmy, ” the other guy said.

I heard the police ask who Remmy was and if they knew where he went. Both of the guys told them he was a member of their club and what dorm he stayed in, but claimed that they didn know where he was.

I felt myself being pulled to the right and looked in that direction until my eyes landed on the guy I assumed was Remmy. He was the same guy that was following Jillian and I from the parking lot. He was hiding around the corner of the building from the police but staying close enough to witness what was happening. ”Returning to the scene of the crime, ” I thought to myself. Unfortunately, I didn look away fast enough because Remmy looked up and saw me looking at him.

As soon as the lights shined in his eyes, I noticed the mirrored hue on his pupils and it all made sense to me. Remmy was a real vampire. He was in their club to hide in plain sight. Everyone probably thought he was just very committed to his Goth persona and sense of style. Little did they know, he wasn acting the part. He was a real vampire.

I noticed as Remmy lifted his nose and sniffed the air. Then I saw his eyes darken and his face turn into a hateful scowl. He could tell that we were witches and I laughed out loud at the scowl on his face. He didn scare me.

Vampires typically hate witches. They can drink our blood and can use their thrall on us. Powerful witches like me can be compelled and can block their magic. We can even sometimes get the upper hand if we know how to use necromancy. Most Vampires are technically dead, after all.

Though there were occasions when a Vampire was so old that it was difficult to block them and since I had no idea how old Remmy was, or if there were more of them, I decided to leave him alone and rushed my sister towards the doors of my dormitory and got inside quickly.

Once we walked into my dorm room I was quick to grab my salt and lay down a line of salt at the front door to keep evil entities away.

I lifted up the poster I have taped on my door to cover up my wards and sigils I have drawn there and retrace them with my chalk.

I hurry over to my window and lay down a line of salt across the window sill. I pull down the blinds and retrace over the wards and sigils I have drawn on the blind as well.

Convinced that nothing evil is getting into my room, I turn to my sister and tell her that I am going to take a shower. My hair is sticky from the rain.

”Before you go, look what I found, ” she says and shows me a flyer that was left under my door. Its a menu for pizza. ”Can we order pizza to your room? ” she asks me. ”Yeah, if they are still open, ” I tell her. She calls the number and to our good luck, they are open. She placed the order and I step into my adjoining bathroom to shower.

I was almost finished drying off when I heard a knock on my door. ”Yes, the pizza is here! ” I thought to myself. I quickly put on my bath robe and walked back into my room. I saw Jillian answer the door to get the pizza and noticed someone standing behind him. She took the pizza from the delivery man who then turned around and began to walk away. ”Sup, bro, ” I hear him say to the man behind him. I look up and see Remmy standing in the doorway.

”Shit, Jillian, shut the **ing door, ” I yell. She tries to close the door but Remmy puts his boot in the way. I see his boot catch on fire when he steps on my salt line. I laugh as he dances around in the hallway trying to put the fire out. ”We need to talk, ” he says to me. ”No, we don , ” I tell him. ”I know what you are, ” he says. ”So what? I know what you are too, Vampire, ” I say accusingly.

”I need to have your word that you won tell anyone what I am, ” he demands. ”Why would I do that? ” I ask him. ”So I don have to call my family and tell them about you. I come from a powerful family, ” he threatens. ”I have a powerful family too and I am not afraid of yours, ” I argue.

”Listen, ” I tell him, ”Don give me a reason to believe that you are a threat to me or anyone else on this campus and stay out of my way, ” I say. ”If I don have a reason to expose your secret then I won . Thats all I am willing to agree to. Behave and don bother me. Take it or leave it, ” I demand. Remmy nods and walks away.

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