Vampire On Campus

Chapter 1: Vampire On Campus

Patricias POV:

I had just finished with work when my sister, Jillian, called me and asked if I could stop by our mothers house and pick her up on my way back to school.

It was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and we always drove up to Columbus to stay with our grandparents for Thanksgiving.

”Make sure you are packed and ready to go when I get there. I don want to wait for you, ” I tell her.

”I am already packed and ready, ” she assures me. ”Okay, stay near the front door so I can just honk for you, ” I tell her.

I don want to get out of the car and go into my moms house because it doesn take very long for her to say something to cause an argument and I am too tired to argue with her.

Once I pick up my sister, we head up to the college campus for the night. She wants to stay overnight with me in my dorm room and ride up to Columbus with me tomorrow morning. I am fine with that because I know what she really wants. She wants to walk around the campus and talk to the other students here.

She will be attending the same college once she graduates from high school in May. I am excited for her to get here so we can hang out with friends like we used to when I was still in high school.

I am not as social as she is, so I know she can help me make more friends. We are close in age. Only one year and three months separates us. We have always been close and best friends. Its been a little bit difficult for me without her this year. I have gone back into my shell, so to speak, with nobody else around to lure me back out of it.

I am a private person. I like to read and practice magic. I prefer to be a solitary practitioner. I have tried a few times to practice with a coven and it just didn work out for me. They were always too political. Bashing other religions and trying to establish a hierarchy, which annoyed me. I didn need a grand magus. I am a fifth generation witch. I know a lot more about magic and witchcraft than most of the other wiccans and mages I have met. Its rare that I meet anyone who can actually teach me something. I

I prefer to ”stay in the broom closet ” and not advertise what I am to others, because its safer that way. Not everyone is accepting and sometimes people get offended or do something dumb like try to throw holy water on me or similar antics. Its better if they just don know.

When we arrive at my dorm I see that someone is already parked in my assigned space and there is no parking sticker in their window. ”This shit pisses me off to no **ing end! ” I tell my sister. ”There are assigned spaces for a reason. I am technically paying for that spot, ” I say, pissed off.

I pull out of the parking lot and head down t

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