This Is Not Time Travelling

It\'s okay, we\'ll meet again, for sure.

y wants to part ways with them on such short notice.

”Its better to start now, Ive already wasted too much time, just by sleeping. Don worry Dawn, just call me regularly if you guys miss me. ” Emi assured her. Dawn nodded slowly, disheartened.

”Alright then, we will be heading to Anima Parea now. ” Aurielle said.

”Anima Parea? ” Emis eyes widen in intrigue, she never heard such a name.

”Ohh? Are you guys stationed there? ” Cole asked her.

”Yeah. Thats where I met all my team members after all. ” She mentioned. Aurielle hold Emis hand and placed a small crystal into her palm.

”What is this? ” She asked while examining the at least 2 cm long crystal.

It was crystal clear, a magilite. The crystal contained magic properties, she had lots of it in Mirifical Enthral but the one Aurielle gave to her was very refined.

”Thats the crystal for our communication device. ” Aurielle said.

”Crystal as a communication device? You guys don use crystal balls anymore? ” Emi asked which made Aurielle laugh.

”That way of communication was long forgotten. We used a projector device to connect through the magilite. ” She explained.

”Here let me. ” Lucius suddenly asked for the crystal.

Emi gave it to him and he pulled out his arm, on his armband was a small device attached to it, a hexagon-looking device. Then, he inserted the magilite, into a small hole and pushed a small button beside it. Aurielles bracelet glowed, it had a similar device on it but with the shape of a rectangle. She slid her hand on top of the device and showed Emis face.

”Woah! Cool! Advanced! ” Emi was very much astounded by the magical technology.

”You got the HexaCom. ” Aurielle was impressed.

”HexaCom? Is it rare? ” Emi asked.

”Hexa origin is from a hexagon meaning it had 6 edges while Com is for communication. Its not rare but pretty pricey. We only manage to get the RectaCom. ” Aurielle explained.

”So Im guessing it goes by triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon, isn it? ” Emi guessed, they were stunned and bewildered at the same time.

”How did you know that? The Coms weren invented until late 700 years ago. Even so, the education of shapes wasn yet told until 1000 years ago. ” Aurielle and the others were suspicious of her.

”Oh? Really? Hahaha. ” Emi laughed awkwardly. Everyone looked at her in confusion.

”I had my knowledge. ” She avoided.

”Anyway, you should go now. Thank you for this crystal. ” Emi quickly pushes them away.

”Yeah… No problem… ” They were still bewildered.

”By the way, there are only 5 types of Coms; TriCom, RectaCom, HexaCom, OctaCom, and DekaCom. The higher number of the edge of the crystal, the higher the quality of the image. You can create crystals of your HexaCom and share them with your friends in the future. ” Aurielle reminded her.

”Hoo. Okay, noted. ” Emi gave her thumb-ups.

”Here. ” Lucius hands out a similar crystal to Aurielle.

”This is your contact crystal? ” She asked. Lucius just nodded in response.

”Thank you. ” Aurielle pulled out a leather book, and as she opens it, Emi could see many more crystals just like the one Iris gave, they were placed on slots and had names on them. She puts the crystal into one empty slot and writes Emis name.

”There you go. Emi. ” She showed Emis name on the book full of crystals.

”Whoaaaaaa! It looks like a research book on types of crystal though its actually like a phones log, and instead of phone numbers, its crystals! ” Emi muttered in amazement. Luciuss gaze softens, looking at her enthusiasm.

”Phone number? ” Once again they were weirded out by her.

”Oh, its nothing. Hehe. ” Emi smiles sheepishly.

”Alright then, we should get going now, Anima Parea is weeks away from here. ” Aurielle said.

”Well then, be careful on your ways ” Cole wishes them safe travel.

”Goodbye, everyone. ” Emi waves at the three of them.

”Goodbye for now. Well meet again soon. ” Remy winked at them.

”You guys too take care. ” Dylan reminded.

”Goodbye, Dragon Princess, White Knight, and Ashen Adventurer. ” Aurielle said while chuckling.

”Seriously, don come to the Arena. I don want to fight you guys. ” Remy exclaimed.

”May we cross paths in the future, Emi! ” Aurielle said.

”Aurielle, Remy, and Dylan too, hope we can meet soon in the future. ” Emi waved her hand.

”Don worry we will! ” Iris smiles brightly while waving to them, they began to walk away. Lucius handed out his hand, which made Emi tilt her head.

”Here. ” He gave her another HexaCom but it was attached to a bracelet with sakuras engraving.

”Sakura?! ” She exclaimed. She was surprised to see that flower.

”Its a cherry blossom graving. ” Lucius showed it to her.

”Where did you find such a pattern?! Ive never seen a sakura in this world yet. Oops. ” Emi covered her mouth. Her excitement might make her say things she wasn supposed to.

”Its said that there is one like this, a real flower, a tree in Aberrant Mortala. ” Lucius said to her.

”A sakura tree in Aberrant Mortala? How unique. ” Emi contemplate.

”Take it. ” He offers.

”Really? You don mind? ” Emi hesitated.

”Don worry. I have plenty like this, so I don mind giving you one. Besides, you will need it. ” Lucius pulled her hand and put it around her wrist; the white bracelet with sakura graving, and a HexaCom attached to it.

”Thank you. ” Emi smiles brightly.

”I hope its not bothering you. ” He said.

”Not at all. Its so pretty! ” Emi exclaimed as she jiggle her hand with the bracelet, like a little kid. Luciuss eyes soften. Then, he pulled out a small black leather book.

”Take this. ” He gave it to her, a similar book just like the one Aurielle had. Lucius slides a crystal into it.

”Lucius. ” Emi read the name under the crystal.

”Now you have my crystal, just call me if you need me. ” He said. Emi smiles happily and placed Aurielles crystal beside it.

”Aurielle. ” She wrote it down, she smiles sweetly. Cole was just watching them interact.

e rather talkative when it comes to her. How can you be so indifferent to me? ” Cole was unsatisfied. They just stand there in silence and don know how to respond, rather awkward to be honest.

”Never mind. Give that to me. ” Cole asked for the book, and Emi oblige. He slides down a crystal and wrote his name.

”There, now you got 3 contact crystals ” Cole smiled.

”Thank you! ” Emi smiles brightly. It made their heart skips a beat, they never really noticed how innocent and cute she was when she was very happy. Emi ran back to Dawn and the others to show it off. Cole and Lucius just watch her from afar.

”It was a tracking device, wasn it? ” Cole said after a long silence between them, he was serious. Lucius didn say anything.

”Just what are you planning? ” Cole faced him.

”Think all that you want. I don care. ” Lucius didn bother to retort.

”Why so mysterious? ” Cole teased. Lucius gives him piercing eyes.

”Regardless, I won let you do any harm to her. ” Cole threatens him. There were sparks between them, tension building up.

”What are you guys doing?! ” Emi asked from afar.

”Nothing! ” Cole turned into his playful attitude.

”Come! Lets head back! ” Emi shouted to them.

”Okay! ” Cole eyed Lucius for a brief moment before running towards her, while Lucius walks steadily as if nothing happens.

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