This Is Not Time Travelling

It\'s too early to end, you know!

. I don think we can continue fighting like this. We
e outnumbered and having little to no rest at all, my body is getting weaker too. ” Dylan expressed concern.

”Yeah. Me too. I can keep up with all the ideas we have to create to outsmart them using their abilities. Lets find a place to rest. Besides, we can fight the Replica like this. ” Aurielle suggested.

”If we
e lucky enough, well find the treasury directly, so we don have to fight for our life. ” Dylan said, though he knew it was impossible.

”Theres no way we
e that lucky. No one puts their treasure without a guard. For sure, the Replica will be there. ” Remy sat on the floor, he was exhausted.

”Don be so pessimistic Remy. You
e our ace and our only hope for this expedition. If you
e giving up now, what about us? ” Aurielle comforted him as she sat beside him too. Remy smirked pridefully.

”Yeah, I know Im the best, hehe. ” He said proudly.

”Let me wrap your wounds. We
e getting weak and slower now. I know we
e tired, so lets rest a bit. ” Aurielle said, pulling out her medic supply and wrapping Remys bleeding arm. She applied some ointment on the smaller cuts and did the same to Dylan and herself. Even their medicine was running out. Aurielle sighs.

”It is undeniable, this rank S territory is no joke. I wouldn risk bringing the other with us. As the Top 3, I know we can do this. Gotta live up to our title after all. ” Aurielle chuckles half-heartedly.

”Do you think we can succeed? ” Dylan asked Aurielle, looking directly into her eyes.

”Ill be honest with you two. I don think so… ” Aurielle said slowly. There was silence between them. They know it was a suicide mission but since that was their order, they had to do it.

”Don worry. As the leader, I won let any of us lay defeated here. We must be on top of our game this time, or we will lose our lives. Can you two do the same? ” Aurielle looks at them determined.

”Of course, boss lady! ” Remy gives her a thumbs up. Dylan nodded in agreement.

”Get some rest. You need to focus on recovering your mana before the next fight. Here. ” Dylan reminded Remy and handed to him a grilled meat.

”Ew. Is that a Serpentine or Araneuss meat? ” Remy was disgusted. They have stayed in the Cursed Woods for months now and those meats were their last hope to survive. However, those meats were painful to swallow since it is poisonous, luckily they were trained to have high poison resistance, but they still can handle the taste; slimy, bitter, and gross regardless cooked, seasoned, or not.

”No. Its a Watcher. I manage to capture one last night, I was lucky enough to get my hand on it since you know how fast they are. Its pretty similar to chicken meats since the Watcher is also a bird. ” Dylan explained.

”Then, don mind if I do! ” He quickly took the meat and eat it as if he never had a proper meal in ages, which they haven yet. Remy saw Dylan and Aurielle just watches him eat, which made him feel guilty. He break the meat into pieces and handed it to both of them.

”Its fine. You can eat. ” Aurielle said, rejecting his offer. Dylan nodded too.

”No. Im not eating it, we need to have the energy to recover, so you two need to eat too. ” Remy insisted which made Aurielle smiles warmly.

”Thank you. ” She took the meat. Dylan just followed. They finally can taste a lump of normal-tasting meat. It somehow made them feel touched, but they tried to hold back their tears. Then, giggles began to be heard from a distance.

”Oh come on! Can anyone get some rest?! ” Remy complained, annoyed by the persistence of the monsters and guardians of the Cursed Woods and the Ruin of Eve.

e coming. Come, Remy. We need to hurry. ” Aurielle said, he quickly gets on his feet, moving to a safer location for them to rest.

After a while, they rounded the large halls again.

”Walking in these halls makes me cautious. ” Remy said, annoyed.

”Yeah, you never knew when they will attack again. ” Dylan understood his feelings. Since entering the Ruin of Eve, theyve been on edge, about the possibility to be ambushed by the guardians.

They were nearing the next intersection of the hall before Aurielle suddenly pulled Remy who was walking in front of them, by his shirts collar aggressively.

”Ugh! What th-! ” Aurielle covered his mouth. They hide behind the edge of the hall and peeked a bit.

”That wasn there before. Did we finally reach the end of the ruin already? ” Dylan whispers.

”I think so too… But that is oddly suspicious. ” Aurielle squinted her eyes. Remy looked at the large door at the far right of them, he can bet 100% that is the treasury room but…

”Its empty. No one is guarding it. ”

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