The starry night sky seemed not to end. Troy looked at the stars and moons orbiting the Mundus. The two moons look like they could collide anytime, yet its amazing how they keep crossing each other without causing an explosion.

”Do you like stars? ” troy looked around to answer his companions question.

”Not really. The stars just seem so lonely. Don you think, Filos? ” Filos thought for a second but wasn sure how to describe his argument.

”Maybe they are, maybe they aren . Does it affect their vastness and beauty ”

Troy thought Filos had some credibility with his logic.

”Sure. Lets sleep for now. Tomorrow is an important day after all. ”

”You sleep as well, Troy. I have seen you staying awake the other night. ”

How could troy sleep when his mother was coughing blood without any stop? He left the fields in the care of his younger brother, but he kept stressing the crops safety and his mothers health. There was nothing even the best doctor in his town could do to cure her.

He sought help from doctors all over the Bongnolia country. But there was nothing the medicine could do. Even Filoss sister, who studied in Doceredon, said, ”You could try looking for Dr. Alexander, the head of the Doctors Academy of Deceredon. ”

”How can I convince Dr. Alexander to come to see my mother? ” Troy locked his eyes with Felicia.

”I have sent him a letter already. But you need to meet with him to give your mother blood so he can test the antidote. ”

Felicia sighed, ”But I doubt even he would have a cure for your mother. ”

Even though Felicia might be right, Troy had to try, and that was the only thing he could think of to do for his mother.

It was hard to sleep with all of his thoughts tumbling around in his mind.

But his thought never stopped. What if the antidote didn work. What if he had to see his mother die cruelly, coughing blood non-stop, and he would keep standing there unable to do anything.

He tried to sleep to fend his worries off. Then he remembered what the chief said to him before he left for Doceredon.

”Only that beast can help me now. ” he thought, remembering what the town chief said.

The chief is respected in their town, but Troy sometimes thinks the old man is senile. After all, only a senile would believe in magic and powerful beasts of unfathomable strength. But the chief led the town with peace for longer than he could remember.

”Troy, I know it will be hard for you to hear what I am about to say. But you must listen and do as I tell you. ”

Troy didn want to hear about the ”10 mighty dragons of the Mundus ” again. After hearing a story a thousand times, things tend to get boring. But he knew he had to hear regardless. No other resident of the town was as knowledgeable.

The room both of them were talking in was the chief study room. The room was filled with paintings of dragons. There were different types of dragons drawn. One breathing fire and one breathing ice. One painting surrounded a dragon with mountains. There was also a majestic-looking dragon flying around a thunderstorm. Troy thought the painter must be talented in imagining such outstanding creatures out of thin air. The amount of detail put in those painting is astonishingly real. But troy knew better than to believe in them.

”I don believe that some magical beast can cure my mother. Magic is for scaring kids and making them go to sleep. Believing boogie monster is far past my age. ” Troy refuted but knew the chief would not budge from his position.

”Yet its true. You must believe the dragons exist, and they can help you. The healing dragon will be able to cure your mother without an inkling of doubt. But it only appears to those who truly are in desperate need of its help and seek to find it. ”

Chief took a purple stone from one of the drawers on his table.

Chief tried to hand Troy a stone with a purple hue. ”Hold this ”

”I don have time for this. I am going to Doceredon to get the antidote from Dr. Alexander, the best doctor there. I believe there is where I will find real help.

The chief didn seem to care what Troy was saying. As if the chief already knew that the antidote wouldn work, and he already had g

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