Harry was forced to keep shut after his captains outburst , I wasn going to say such thing captain replied Harry doggedly ” I was merely going to suggest you save you keep your blood from boiling , cos it isn going to be any good if you pour it out in me and they boys .

But as your friend captain I gotta tell you this ” This is eating up your soul ”. Before he could say more Lynnette broke in , her voice harshly strained . ” What do you expect of me Harry ? , that I forget all about the pain that bastard inflicted on me and my family ? When am this close to give him his own pound of the flesh ? !! she scowled blankly ” That I will not and cannot do .




No captain , He dared to put his hand on her arm trying not to notice her flinching away from the gesture . ” I didn say you should forget but rather save it for when it counts , in the heat of the battle he winks .

Lynnette ”- ”

Harry sighed and pinched his nose , wondering if he was reaching her with his words at all or if he was just blowing air for his own benefit . He tried again

This encounters too important for it to be ruined by hasty action , youve got to keep your head clear when it comes to planning and fighting ”, He didn dare say so , but he was worried deeply for her , All that drove his captain was guts and a burning need for revenge,

And he was afraid the flames of her dark ambition would consume her if she couldn accomplish it soon , he wanted to see Lord Roger dead almost as badly as Lynnette .

But gladly his worries were eased a little by her next words , ”Aye perhaps you
e right , ” she sighed , flexing her shoulders to ease the tension Lord Rogers name invariably brought about .

She glanced away abruptly to avoid seeing the unwanted sympathy in the first mates eyes ,

”Put some life in it , Jenkins ! she roared, to cover the emotions stirring within . The crew below , half heartedly folding the ropes on the deck looked up in surprise at her tone .

”Aye, aye , captain he returned , and redoubled his work with good will.

Lynnette Blackthorne , known as Captain Thorne to those whose misfortune it was to cross her path on the high seas, nodded approvingly. She ran a tight ship , and her crew was unfailingly loyal . Conditions aboard the Maidens Revenge were than most , as her sailors well knew , and woe to any man who laughed at the idea of them being captained by a woman . Men had died for doing just that

Captain Thornes men knew a good commander when they saw one , knew they were very lucky to serve aboard a vessel with a record like hers, but their loyalty ran deeper than that, crew and captain of the Maidens were family in a business full of cutthroats like no other , Piracy was a nasty work .

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