Davy but he is still sleeping around this time.

”why are you not picking up Davy, is he angry with me? ”

Suzy is crying from fear of the creature that wants to eat her and also because the only person she can trust is not picking up her phone call.

The reaper wolf arrives at the toilet door, sniffs a few times and goes away. After a few minutes she opens the door, looks around and sees that the reaper wolf is gone. she walks around quietly and sees that the reaper wolf is actually gone.

”what was that thing, I almost peed myself, thankfully its gone. should I try calling Davy again, why is he not picking up, did something happen to him, what if those things got him? No, he is probably just sleeping, I should go check up on him.

She takes a look around the area, there is no sign of the reaper wolf, she smiles awkwardly and runs in the direction of Davys house. Suzy has completely forgotten about the giant tower that appeared and the reason is because her mind is full of fear and worry.

She runs carefully so she doesn make any noise but wolves have a great sense of smell, 5 reaper wolves pick up on her scent and start running towards her.

”No no no, where did these things come from and how did they notice me, I am sure I was super quiet. ”

She tries running into one of the buildings but the reaper wolves catch up to her before she could get inside. One of the reaper wolves slams her into the wall and sinks its teeth in her, she cries out in pain but there is no one around to help. The reaper wolf swings her around like she is a chew toy, Suzy is losing her consciousness.

Suzy awakens her powers, fire and wind elements but since she lost consciousness, her spirits decide to help out this one time before departing.

[When it comes to elemental powers, spirits arrive in person to bestow those powers, if the user dies the spirit will also die and that is why they are helping Suzy right now]

The reaper wolves get killed by the spirits but more just keep coming, the wind spirit uses her wind and carries Suzy inside the building, the spirit puts her in one of the rooms and the fire spirit melts the lock so no one can get in, after they finished they left.

[after a few minutes Suzy slowly wakes up]

”Huh, I am alive, but how, I was certain that thing killed me, who brought me here? ”

She is losing too much blood, she is barely keeping her eyes open, she takes out her phone and tries calling Davy once more, this time around Davy picks up.

”Help me Davy. ” she says while passing out, those are her last words before passing out.

”Suzy, are you there, what happened, suzyyy, can you hear me? Where are you?

Davy tries over and over but no replies. Her injuries are serious, if she doesn get help she will die from blood loss, its all in Davys hands now.

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