Immediately Lu Yiran wakes up he is met with the splitting headache as usual , stretching his hands to rub his temples ”ugggghhh!!! ”He starts puking his guts out. Hangover ,it has been his trend for years ,going out everyday loiter around and splash money on girls then get drunk. This trend is known by the old butler who then knocks on his bedroom door to deliver the hangover soup. ”Young master Yi,your soup is ready. ” ”Come and clean this room ! isn it your work? ” ” Young master,Im supposed to warm the car for the Young masters to go to work . ” Feeling the air getting a bit cold , old butler Mu wonders why this boy inherited master Lus behaviour but can make use of it. In fact he just idols around as his younger triplet brothers go to work . Lu Yiran has always refused to do anything constructive and if asked he always says that he was born well and if everyone goes to work who will splash money earned?

Actually thinking about this ,butler Mu decides to ignore him and go after all he can fire him at all. He is just a useless punch bag. Fuming in anger Lu Yiran looks at the retreating back of the butler . ”One day you will respect me! ”but immediately he says this he realises that he has said something wrong ,ok ,he has never wanted to work and this people obviously want him to work before they respect him . Shaking his head he throws the thoughts of working far behind, ”Its just good to splash money. ” If intelligence matters in this world then Lu Yiran is the most intelligent in this family. Leave his pompom brothers,Lu Jing ,Lu Fing and the most childish Lu Ting. They are productive but definitely if Lu Yiran decides to work he will definitely bring great Lu Cooperation to another level.

Checking his reflection in the mirror ,Lu Yiran smiles and wonders why his friends tells him that he always gives off a somehow icey vibe. But dzaamn ”Im so handsome that I can definitely fall in love with my self. ” Taking his time ,he styles his hair with gel .Gosh indeed his drop dead gorgeous,feeling satisfied with his look he then walks to the dining and sits cross legged in a leisurely manner causing the servants breathes to be caught up . Lamenting in their hearts , ”Why is this lazy scumbag so handsome than the hardworking triplets who are very obedient? ” but they should just curse their karma . Lu Yiran who is used to their stares and gazes still wiggles his eyebrows at them,then pchkkkk!! utensils have fallen down from the maids hands! The maid who has been shocked silly by young master Yis handsomeness turns red when she hears muffled laughter then roaring laughter. Indeed this young master is a scumbag !! With her face red she bends to take the glasses but because of her clumsiness ,she gets injured but who said this idiotic senseless Lu Yiran will care.

Raising her head slowly she meets his eye contact and then another lap of laughter is heard coming from the dining . Old butler Mu ,who is coming from outside understands what is going on just from the speed at which the maid dashed away. ”Young master Yi its not good to scare away young ladies ! ” ” ”Old Mu !Is it my fault that Im handsome? ” Lips twitching,butler Mu feels like reaping that handsome face off but its beyond him. Catching the ugly expression on butler Mus face ,Lu Yiran then starts laughing again . Indeed this people will kill me one day with all these expressions but Huh I can go to work !

At the same time ,Lu Jing who has come back to take a document gets a glimpse of his useless elder brother and feels like throwing a tantrum. ”Yiyi , how comes you are having fun while Im suffering ,I also don want to go back to work anymore! ” Looking at him Lu Yiran wonders where this foolish small brother came from, doesn he know that if he sits here with him hell miss the meeting and eventually will be punished and the company will loose some profits,but anyway he cares less. Turning his lips upwards, ” ”Yes ,my dear liitle brother you can join me in teasing this ugly maidens,infact lets go out and flirt with people!! ” Spitting the water he had taken ,Lu Jing looks at his brother speechlessly before taking off as the phone in his pocket starts ringing. Erupting in another round of laughter,Lu Yiran gets his brothers voice, ”one day you will have to work as we run around! ”

Lu Yiran then takes the most expensive sports car and goes out ,infact to the most famous and expensive club !As usual the moment he packs his car ,his usual lackies whom he keeps around because of money .His lips twitches but anyway to fool around he must have this foolish people around him .

Lu Yiran had a good and very close friend Feng Lui but he left him when he decided to fool around. ”Hey ,bro why are you emitting icey air? ” Coming back to his senses ,Lu Yiran dispells those sad memories that made him do this nonsense!Regaining his usual sunny aura ,he enters with his lackies . The moment he turns around a corner he comes face to face with a pretty cute boy dressed up in casuals , even without thinking he catches the young mans arm and turns it on seeing the two red marks on it ,his senses disappear and he kisses the hand. Fang Rui who is on a mission is dumbstruck by this young scions behaviour. Judging from his outfit his a useless young master who splashes money as if people will fail to notice him. Feeling the heartbeat increasing a bit ,Fang Rui shakes her head before raising her eyes to look him in the eyes . Indeed Fang Rui has always dressed as a man and was almost forgetting that shes a lady by nature but no one knows this except for her mum and she herself. Even Lu Yiran has seen just a pretty boy who he met when he was thirteen years ,since then he vowed to love him and thats how he lost interest in ladies as he subconsciously waited for Fang Rui but he disappeared. Before he can even sort out his emotions, ” Hey young master , leave my hand or I will destroy you ! ” Before he can even answer ,the lackies then answers , ”You foolish man ,he is the son of the Lu family do you really want to offend him ? You are dead meat! ” Hearing their chants Fang Rui who is on a mission is bored to death,but on looking at the man holding her hand ,he doesn seem to be a fool and he seems somehow familiar but on thinking of the famous Lu family she thinks she has maybe seen him on the TV. The tabs also say that he is useless . ”Young master Yiran ,with your parents money you want to be gay and date me don you think they will cut off all your allowances!! ” Ding sudden realisation, Lu Yiran who is always talkative has been rendered speechless!! ”Indeed you are not a fool ,if you make your own name and money ,come look for me ! ” Then she punched him in balls causing him to let her hand go . Before they can even shout at her she had long disappeared. The lackies are shocked silly when Lu Yiran who has always been senseless and keeps on teasing girls but will never sleep with them turns around and leaves quitely. Indeed he is gay !! The public may think that Lu Yiran is a playboy but they know best .He just flirts with no action ,it seems he loves men. This is first time they have seen him kiss someone and is a man !!.

After Lu Yiran drove away ,he kept on thinking about what Fang Rui said. Is not that he is a fool yes,but he has always known that he will never find any other person to love and to add on it if he works in the Lu Cooperation then they find him to be dating a man ,the company will suffer loses which made him to just hang around until he dies . But who knew Fang Rui will appear again and will demand him to make his own name ,he has always looked for Fang Rui but it seems he is not simple . Lu Yiran can tell from the way he was talking he had an earpiece on his ear hence he was on a mission !! Driving up to the cliff where he first caught a glimpse of him, Lu Yiran sat down for hours and decided to go make his own name so that no one will oppose his weard love. Little did he know that Fang Rui is a lady dressed up as a man !!!

Today which is on a Friday ,the usual Lu Yiran would have come back at midnight but surprisingly he arrives at home at six pm,butler Mu is totally surprised by the arrival of the abnormal young master but he is again shocked when he doesn mock him nor flaunt his handsomeness to make it more weard his appearance is nothing near to the normality ,his hair is just shaggy and ruffled . As usual the whole family is back and at the dining at seven thirty but they are not surprised at the empty chair of Lu Yiran the uncontrollable lass .

Feeling tired , Lu Fing decides to throw a tantrum a bit ”Dad and mom I feel like quiting this job and join entertainment. ” ” Keep your thoughts to your self coz they will remain to be thoughts ! ” Lu Jing and Lu Ting who are also tired have no other option but to laugh at this fool who doesn know when to keep shut and enjoy misery while the firstborn is out enjoying himself!! Cling!! Everyones cutlery practically drops when Lu Yiran whom they have thought is outside comes from upstairs for dinner! Feeling the gazes on him ,young master Yi who would have wiggled his eyebrows remains stoic and serves himself supper ,this knocks off the triplets expectations till Lu Jing that fool falls off his chair before everyone comes back to their senses . Maybe its just a dream they console themselves and go on eating but Lu Yiran who knows what they are thinking cares less ,at the end of eating this meal is so quiet as the usual bubbling Lu Yiran is quiet as the triplets are tired . ”Dad ,mom Im going abroad ! ” Another shock ,this time master Lu could feel the change in his son ,,smiling to himself in his brains he decides to keep his expectations low ,his son is intelligent if he decides to work he himself could even retire within six months and pass time without a care I the world then start calling for grandchildren! Lu Yiran who has already known his fathers thoughts ,indeed he is smart can help but feel sad because he does not plan to join the Lu Cooperation and two he loves a man so for grandchildren the triplets will have to grant their parents that wish. Madam Lu has yet to wrap around this issue that her son the unruly son who has always resisted going abroad let alone for vacation alone wants to go abroad . ” Hey son ,how comes you look different today are you fine ! ” ” ”Yes mom ” But who said the triplets are fine with it , ”Hey bro ,you can go forever coz you have always refused everything! ” Even though Lu Yiran has decided to go abroad he still loves his foolish and childish brothers. ”Hey pompoms I know you will miss me ”Wiggling his eyebrows he makes the dense atmosphere normal again .

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