The first ever superhero


Carter now was one step ahead of Booker. He slept thinking of the right method to end Booker. Meanwhile Booker went home nervous, he knew he had to come up with a way to find Carter who was behind every attack. That very same night he called Furry and told about what happened in the house of Tess. Furry was mad at him for his actions, but nevertheless they had to come up with a solution. Furry then told him to be chilled and wait to see what he is going to do. Furry told him to go lowkey and avoid Tess for a while. Booker also contacted Tess and Ki and told them what had happened. Meanwhile Carter victors was planning a way to hurt Booker. He thought of investigating booker and getting information about him and his family. He was quick to ask Tess questions about Bookers personal life? Carter had to lie to her that he likes Booker a lot. Tess got so happy on hearing her dad likes Booker. Even in school she told booker how her dad praised him. That was suspicious of him to praise him. Carter even requested Tess that they should have dinner with Bookers family. Before even Booker was consulted Carter went ahead to request bookers parents he himself. Then he went by himself and told booker about the dinner. Booker was in shock he tried to lie that he has plans to study, but Carter had everything planned he had booker by the corner he could not escape him. Booker had to accept his proposal, so that he did not get any suspicious. Later that night he came home earlier and found Tess and his father at the dining table. He really got enraged seeing Carter at his home but he knew he had to play calm. He went to his room changed and joined the rest for dinner. There at the dinner Carter was trying to attack Big B indirectly. He kept saying bad things about Big B to provoke him. Booker had to play calm and try to avoid responding to him. Little did he know Carter had something planned for him. Afterwards he went away and contacted his hunch men and told them to wants to attack Bookers parents and end their lives. He made a plan so that he can not look like he is the one executing the action. So the next week he went to pick Tess in school while his hunch men executed an attack. Tess was in shock to see his father come for her in school. Then he took her out for dinner. That same day booker was in school having a chit chat with his two friends and colleagues. Carters hunch men that evening conducted an attack on bookers parents. They reached there and started firing shots in the house. The parents did not know what to do so they tried to run away using the back yard door. The ninjas quickly entered the house and started firing shots at them. Unfortunately Bookers dad got shot in the leg, he could not run faster. He told bookers mum to run and save herself. Bookers dad got shot numerous times and passed on. The mum nevertheless got to run away from them and hide. Nia reached home and found their home in shambles. Gun shots were everywhere on the floor. She realized something was amiss. When she went to the backyard she found blood on the floor. Then she saw his dad lying on the floor with blood all over his shirt. When she went and held him up blood was coming from his mouth. Then his father wanted to say something but he could not. Then she had to quickly call an ambulance to come and pick him up. She also had to call booker to come home. Booker knew something was amiss he had to rush home quickly. When he got home he found an ambulance carrying his father. They all had to enter in the ambulance and watch as he received treatment from the doctor. Then they reached the hospital and left the father to receive treatment. In no time the doctor came and broke the bad news to them. It left them emotional because they were saddened by his passing. Booker asked Nia what happened to him, and so she explained to him she found him lying full of gun shots. They had to go home together with the police to conduct investigation. There at their place the police picked up gun shots and went to investigate they came from which shop. Later that night their mother returned home depressed. They were all mourning his death. Their mother explained everything and even said she was afraid. Furry and the rest were aware of what happened and they had to be there for booker. In a weeks time they had to arrange for his funeral. It was well conducted from start till the end. Later the police came and said the bullets were from a certain company called 433. The next day when Ki and booker went to that shop they found it closed. Ki asked booker what could be the name of Tesss dad? Booker realized he did not know his name. He made a phone call to ask her and she said its tucker Simon. Later that evening they went to the air spaceship. Ki Collin and Furry started to analyze things step by step. Ki was watching Tuckers every press conference trying to find something suspicious. The next day he asked booker to do a small interview to know which school his father went to? Booker did that and he was able to get viable information. They got to know which high school he went to. After getting that they went through the files in the schools and they did not find his name. Ki then searched Carter Simons, and they found him. Now they started joining the dots and the pieces of the puzzle were now joining. He was the leader of the street gangs and was hiding behind being a reporter. He is also the owner of 433. Booker got so angry remembering that he killed his father.

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