The first ever superhero


m the next morning he found himself in a hospital bed lying. The next thing he requested his parents to visit him to find out how he was doing. Then the family all came together to see him. When they asked him what happened he told them he was mugged and all his money was stolen. Then after he was beaten and he found himself in the hospital. His parents told him to be arriving home early. In no time all of his wounds were healed even he could not believe it. It was miraculous. Even the doctors were surprised to see someone who is injured and has recovered in less than 24 hours. He was even ready to be discharged. Then they went home straight away. Then after they arrived his sister asked him how he was able to heal so fast. Nia asked him to tell her the truth because she realized the day after the pearl he was not the same. He became strong and he did things which are outrageous, then now he is healed from bruises in less than 24 hours. Then Nia asked him if he picked that pearl. Then Booker decided to tell her the truth that on that day he picked that pearl and that evening it entered his body. From that day his life has never been the same, he became stronger. Nia scolded him saying he did not know where it came from? and the side effects it has. Now nick fury had found a way of tracking the person who possesses the pearl. He had come up with a device that tracked the person with the pearl. Now he was in the street of New York looking for Booker. Soon the device detected that the pearl was in Bookers home. Furry decided to take the person with the pearl so that he can join ultimate force. So he timed Booker and when he got out he drugged him and he was carried into the air spaceship. When he woke up he realized he was surrounded by people he did not know. Then Nick Furry explained to him how got there, and now he told him to join Ultimate force since he now possesses the pearl. Nick Furry even told him what his super hero kit would look like and his mission. Booker got scared on hearing what he was told and he said he wanted to leave he was not ready to be a full time super hero. So he requested to be released and the pearl to be removed from his body. Nick Furry had to accept his decision and so he was placed in a machine and it got removed. Then he was taken home. On reaching home he told her sister that the pearl owner had taken it from him, but he did not tell her everything he was just brief. Then the next day as he was going to work he saw a fruit vendor being harassed and his money being taken from him. He felt it was really bad but he decided not to intercede. Then in the evening when he was going back home he saw a small kid being beaten by a gang. Something inside him told him to take the offer and save the people of New York. Then he remembered his family and he decided it will come first. That very same day he imagined what if it was his family members being harassed? He made up his mind he was going to join Ultimate force. The first challenge he encountered was reaching out once again to Nick Furry.

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