The first ever superhero


sked him how he did what he did?? His sister realized he has been weird for the last 3 days. At first he carries a very huge luggage, then he beats the biggest bullies in the whole school. Booker knew his biggest secret was known. Then his sister said he was working out. Booker decided to flow with what her sister said. When he reached home he was eager to tell his friends of the power he possesses. At first he knew he had to think things over and he chose to keep it a secret. He started imagining himself as a superhero. The next day he decided to bring sanity to his school. In the morning he found a small boy being bullied in the locker room and he decided to stand up to them, when they saw its Booker they ran away. When it was lunch time Booker stood up in front and said from now on there is no bullying in the school. Then everyone cheered him for what he had done. He started feeling like a super hero. He even started imagining himself in a super hero costume. His time in high school was now coming to an end, and he had excelled in his examinations and he was also awarded overall best student in everything. Little did he know the school bullies had formed a gang and they had even bought candor sticks, and they were armed and ready to fight him. When Booker and his sister were going home they were surprised to find armed men with motor bikes surrounding their home. Their parents were inside trapped. Booker had never seen such a huge gang in their place, he knew this time they had crossed the line by coming to his home. He got very angry when he saw his mother inside crying for help. He started fighting them one by one. When he clenched his fist he started beating them with no mercy. He could throw someone five meters away. He kicked all of them now he was remaining with their leader. He was very enraged that his eyes started shining, when he clenched his fist the guy ran away. He was so angry that he ran after him, his sister had to tell him to stop or else hes gonna kill him. When he entered their home his mum asked him how he did what he did. Booker said even he did not know. He explained to his mother who those guys were and how they were bullying him. He said but from now on hes gonna protect them. Booker vowed to protect his family from the bullies.

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