The first ever superhero


Booker is a child born in a family of 2. He is the last born in their family. He has a big sister and two loving parents. Soon he is now old enough to start school, and his parents send him to the nearest school in New York city. The parents give him advice to go out and study hard in school. He is too young but he has to study hard to please his parents. In his first day in school he does not interact with the other students, he just listens to the teacher and remains quiet. At the end of the day he goes back home and continues with his life. Time flies fast and they sit for their first exam, and he emerges victorious. Booker starts to draw attention from his classmates. Everyone wants to be his friend. He remains calm and moves with the wave. Time flies fast and soon Booker joins high school. Once he joined high school everything changed once more on his first day in school he got bullied by the students who older. His sister had to come and help him since he was a quiet guy. He faced a lot of bullying across his high school. The other kids made fun of him for his body size since he was fat. His body size made him to lose friends, he even could not court a girl. That made him to lose confidence in himself. One day as he was walking home he found a small pearl which was green and shiny. He told his sister to come and check what it was but she declined claiming it is not good to just pick anything. Booker now

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