Ye Suxi got out of bed and grabbed the nurse’s arm, “You are talking about the wedding of Young Master Chu and Miss Ye?”

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Seeing Ye Suxi awake, the two nurses became cautious.
“Miss, I’m sorry for waking you up.”


“Which Young Master Chu and which Miss Ye?”


The nurse felt a fierce aura emanating from the woman in front of her.
Although she was skeptical, shr hurriedly replied, “It’s Young Master Chu Hannan and Miss Ye Xinwan,”


“Haa…” With a sneer, Ye Suxi walked out.


By the time the two nurses reacted, Ye Suxi could no longer be found.
“What should we do.
I can’t find her anywhere.”


“Quickly tell the dean.” This woman was sent by Young Master Xiao.
If something went wrong, they couldn’t afford the consequences. 

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Zunhao Hall. 


It was a place only Yunchen’s powerful dignitaries and wealthy aristocratic families could dine at.
The building of the clubhouse was splendid, like an ancient palace.
Every decoration was priceless. 


There was a rumor the Master of Zunhao Hall had a noble status and was a descendant of the royal family.
However, no one know whether the rumors were true or not because not a single person from Yunchen’s aristocracy knew who the Master of Zunhao was. 


On this day, Zunhao was extraordinarily lively.
The Hall was reserved by Yuncheng’s Chu family.
Today was the day the Young Master of the Chu family and the Young Miss of the Ye family got married. 


Anyone that was anyone in Yuncheng was here.
This wedding was a feast for the wealthy.


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“Congratulations…” Everyone gave them best wishes one after another. 


Ye Xinwan was in the dressing room on the second floor.
Her mother, Chen Peipei spoke, “Ye Suxi is dead.
No one knows it was Ye Suxi who was engaged to the Chu family.
Both the Chu family and the Ye family will be tight-lipped about this matter.
In the future, you will be the Young Lady if the Chu family.
You will be the most honorable person in Yungcheng and no one can take your place.”


Ye Xinwan showed a sweet smile, “Mom, I know.
All of this is mine.
How could a dead person fight with me?”


“Yes, you did a good job.
Everyone is turning to you.”


“Mom, everyone will only be envious of me in the future.”


While the mother and daughter were whispering, a voice came from the door, “Miss Ye, the ceremony is about to begin.
Master Chu came to pick you up.”


Ye Xinwan walked out in her wedding dress with a smile.
She saw Chu Hannan standing at the door. 

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He was wearing an expensive handmade suit.
He looked especially slender and handsome with a noble aura surrounding his body.
With one hand in his pocket, he stood there quietly.
Under the shimmering light, his whole body exuded a glow. 


Seeing Ye Xinwan come out, a stunning light flashed in Chu Hannan’s eyes.
His eye’s softened, “Xinwan.”


Ye Xinwan showed a delicate expression on her face, “Brother Chu!”


Speaking in a soft, coquettish tone, she walked towards Chu Hannan.


The ceremony officially started, and music played in the hall.
Ye Xinwan took Chu Hannan’s arm and walked toward the stage step by step.


Everyone in the banquet hall applauded. 

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“It’s really a case of a man’s talent and a woman’s appearance.
A handsome man and beautiful woman.”


“Although the Ye family is not as good as the Chu family, Ye Xinwan is a big star.
This ceremony has attracted much attention.”


Everyone whispered below while the emcee presided over the ceremony on stage.


Ye Xinwan vowed, “I will.”


Just as the master of ceremonies was about to ask Chu Hannan, a loud bang sounded outside the door. 


Ye Suxi directly kicked the two bodyguards by the door and entered the banquet hall. 


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