Xiao Qi held an umbrella for Xio Jinshen and respectfully said, “Young Master, it’s a time bomb.”

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Xiao Qi felt a little ashamed, he couldn’t disassemble that kind of thing.


“I see.
I’ll go take a look.”


“Young Master, this place is very dangerous.
Young Master, you need to leave here quickly.” Although the young master has received various training since he was a child and this kind of thing may be child’s play for the young master, it was still dangerous.
This kind of thing could explode at any minute. 


Xiao Jinshen waved his hand, “It’s fine.”


Having spoken, Xiao Jinshen opened the door next to Ye Suxi, prepared to defuse the bomb.


Looking at the exquisite man in front of her, Ye Suxi spoke in a weak and hoarse voice, “Help me.”


Ye Suxi’s whole head was covered in blood and her whole body shook.
She was seriously injured in the collision just now, but she hung on and dared not pass out.
If she died, she worried her sister, Ye Suluo, would have an accident. 


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Xiao Jinshen met Ye Suxi’s desperate and stubborn eyes and an unknown emotion flashed in his brilliant eyes.
He spoke in a calm voice, “Don’t be afraid, everything will be fine.”


For some reason, Ye Suxi felt a sense of security at his words. 


Xiao Jinshen quickly found the hidden wire.
Carefully cutting it with a knife, he removed the bomb from Ye Suxi’s body, little by little. 


Ye Suxi tried her best to not let her body tremble. 


Finally removing the bomb, Xiao Jinshen deeply looked at the girl and touched her head, “Don’t be afraid, it’s alright.
I’ll take you to the hospital first.”


“Thank you.
I will repay this life-saving grace.” Her voice was hoarse and choked up.
Ye Suxi’s nose turned sour.
She survived. 


Having experienced too much and too little warmth, she cherished every ounce of good.
She was also the kind of person who repaid all kindness and grudge in kind. 


Hearing her words, Xiao Jinshen’s hands froze.
A dim light flashed in his glamorous eyes.
However, by this time, Ye Suxi had already passed out.

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Xiao Jinshen stared at the person lying in his arms and sighed in his heart.
“Quickly take her to the hospital.”




“Also, have someone check what happened tonight.”


Xiao Qi was shocked.
The young master had never been a nosy person.
This night, the young master made exceptions again and again. 


This girl was lucky to meet the young master tonight.




When Ye Suxi woke up again, it was three days later. 


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She was in the hospital.
Her head and whole body hurt.
There seemed to be the sound of someone talking. 


“What do you think is the identity of the patient in this room? Even the dean specially instructed to take good care of her.”


“I heard from the superiors that this person was sent by Young Master Xiao.”


“Young Master Xiao? Is it that Young Master Xiao from the legendary Xiao family?”


“It should be him.
According to Little Liu, who was on duty, that person was very good-looking.
His beauty was not that of a mortal.
He was a man of calamity level.
Little Liu said she was stunned and froze on the spot.”


Ye Suxi listened to the discussion between the two nurses at the door.
Her head buzzed.
Was the person who saved her surnamed Xiao?


The Xiao family was the top wealthy family in country D, with a thousand years of inheritance and heritage.
She heard from her father that the real Xiao family was abroad. 


It was ridiculous.
She said she would repay his kindness.
Such a savior was too powerful.
How could she possibly repay him?

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The two nurses continued to discuss. 


“I can’t watch the live broadcast while on duty today.
I can only watch the replay later.”


“You mean Young Master Chu and Miss Ye’s wedding live broadcast? This is truly a feast for the wealthy!”


“The Chu family even reserved the Zunhao Hall for this wedding.”


“Ah, ah, that’s Zunhao! Only the famous families can come and go there.
In our city, only the Chu family has the heritage to reserve Zunhao Hall.”


Ye Suxi’s face changed.
She was still lying in the hospital.
How did the Chu family marry the Ye family?


Looking at the calendar next to the hospital bed, it was indeed the day of her and Chu Hannan’s wedding.
Suddenly thinking of something, her eyes sank. 


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