Ye Suxi was full of injuries all over her body.
She was tortured for three days after being kidnapped. 

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Compared to Ye Suxi’s distressing appearance, Ye Xinwan’s condition was much better.
“Sister, the kidnapper just said he contacted Brother Chu.
He will save us.”


The kidnapper standing next to her said, “He can only save one.
Out of you two sisters, only one can survive.”


Ye Xinwan looked pitiful, “Sister, who do you think Brother Chu will save? You are his fiancee.
He will definitely not ignore you.”


Ye Suxi’s face turned very pale, beginning to feel uneasy.


At that moment, the kidnapper got through to Chu Hannan’s phone.
With a threatening voice, he told him he could only save one person.


Ye Xinwan suddenly cried out, “Brother Chu, don’t worry about me.
I’m fine.
Just save Sister…cough…”


Ye Xinwan was crying while coughing, seeming very weak.
“Brother Chu, I’m sorry.
I won’t be able to see Brother Chu in the future…”

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“Brother Chu, elder sister is your fiancee.
You are going to have a wedding soon.
You should save elder sister…”


Ye Xinwan’s sad and pitiful tone was worthy of an oscar.
It could make those who heard her cry.


“How about it, who to save? Both of them can’t live.”


“Save Xinwan!” The kidnapper switched on the speaker.
These two words clearly came out from the other end of the phone.


Ye Suxi’s face turned extremely pale in an instant, her fingers trembling.


Her heart felt suffocated.
She thought she wouldn’t feel pain.
She didn’t expect it to still hurt. 


She didn’t hear what was said after.
Her head was buzzing and she couldn’t hear clearly.

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As Ye Xinwan was leaving, she turned her head to Ye Suxi.
“Sister, the person in Brother Chu’s heart is me, not you.
Sister, did you know this kidnapping was arranged by me?”


Ye Suxi looked up at Ye Xinwan, “You, you are so despicable.
Why do you do this?”


Having not spoken in a while, Ye Suxi’s throat hurt with each word. 


“Why? Haha.
Who made Sister better than me since childhood? Since I was a child, others only knew there was a Ye Suxi in the Ye family.
No one knew Ye Xinran, but now it’s different.
Others only know me.
When they mention Sister, it’s only to scold.
Sister is notorious now.
She has killed people, dropped out of school, and had her engagement canceled.
How can you compare to me? So what if your father rescued Mr.Chu.
The one Brother Chu chose was me.”


Ye Suxi has always been smart.
Looking at Ye Xinran’s smug look, she seemed to understand something all at once.
“You did all that?”


The corner of Ye Xinran’s mouth evoked a sinister arc, and readily admitted, “It was Sister who blocked others’ way.
Naturally, some people want to deal with you.”


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Hearing those words, Ye Suxi’s face paled even more.
Thinking of the past, her heart stunk even more. 


Looking at Ye Suxi’s expression, Ye Xinran felt she was finally superior.
Ever since she was a child, her elder cousin has always been aloof and dignified.
She was stronger than herself in everything and very beautiful.


At that time, everyone revolved around her.


Therefore, she will rob and destroy everything that belongs to her. 




Ye Xinwan left proudly. 


The kidnappers set a time bomb on Ye Suxi.
They then tied her to a car and let the car drive automatically.


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Ye Suxi had not eaten a bite of food or had a sip of water for a long time.
She didn’t have the strength to break free of the ropes and the bomb.


Bang! Another car suddenly hit the corner of her car.


In a daze, she saw a person get off the opposite car and come over to her car.
Immediately afterward, the man returned and another man got out of the car. 


Ye Suxi vaguely saw a tall man through the curtains of rain outside the car. 


Hw was tall and slender, his eyebrows exquisite and picturesque. 


Ye Suxi was stunned.
She never thought there were such good-looking men in the world.
For a moment, she even thought she was hallucinating. 


At this time, a phrase flashed in Ye Suxi’s mind involuntarily.
Jade tree standing in the yard, the sky cleared up, the moon shining on his peaceful figure. 


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