Ugh, it’s heavy.
The responsibility to take care of the baby is heavy.
Marieta, why are you pushing your daughter on a beginner babysitter!!

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Due to the stress caused by the pressure of being entrusted with the infant, I desperately searched for a window while cutting the sanity value.

This library building has desks in the reading space on the first floor, and it is a colonnade up to the third floor.
And there is a window, but it’s an arched stained glass window from the height of my waist to the ceiling on the third floor.
Of course, it cannot be opened or closed.
Moreover, it’s stained glass, so I can’t see what’s going on outside.
Lighting is necessary, but when the light comes from the sun, the books turn yellow, so it must have become like this.
However, in an emergency like this time, I want some windows that can be opened and closed normally and can see outside.

What should I do? I think I’ll break this stained glass window and go outside.
But if I break the window Bella could get hurt, and above all, Bella may be surprised and start crying.

When I was worried about that, the seniors of the red robe, who were also wandering around the reading space, threw a chair at the stained glass.
When the chair hit the stained glass, it made a dull sound and fell to the floor.

“Damn it.
It won’t break after all!”

“There are a lot of books.
This building has the strongest defense in the academy.
It won’t break if you throw a chair.”

“If you break it badly and the library doesn’t work, you will get angry later.
Let’s look for another exit.”

Apparently, the seniors in the red robes are also trying to go outside.
Because it’s a red robe, they’ll be students of the Magic Warrior Department.
They my know more about the buildings and geography in the academy than I do, and if I follow them, I wonder if I can go outside.

“Excuse me! Seniors.
I want to go outside too, can I go with you?”

When I called out to them, the seniors looked back all at once, saw me and Bella, and opened their mouths.

“Ah? Hmm, freshman? No, it looks like something is going on outside, and I think it’s safer to wait here.”

this child’s mom left this child and went outside.
I don’t know how to take care of a baby, so I’d like to at least go ask someone in the dorm.”

“Can’t you watch it here?”

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“The care of infants is not something that can be taken on so easily! I don’t have any knowledge, so I don’t know what to if something happens, and I can’t take responsibility.
Especially in such an emergency.”

If it’s a peaceful holiday with nothing to do, and on the premise that you’re in a room with diapers and milk, and if you ask me to take a little time and watch the baby, I feel like I can do something.
But it’s honestly hard to keep the baby in a situation where I don’t know when I’ll be able to leave the library where there’s nothing.
First of all, there is no baby food in my [Closet].
The sludge dish that I made looks like baby food, but I’m worried about letting infants eat it.
Above all, what am I going to do without diapers? I think they were in Marieta’s bag, but she didn’t leave it.
If you want to leave the baby, at least leave diapers.

Marieta, it’s good to show the heroine of the story and jump into the problem, but I want you to think about things a little more calmly.
In particular, I want you to understand that you should not leave babysitting to people who are students of this academy.

Certainly, it might be better to leave it with a mother in the mother and child dormitory.
Okay, follow me.
I’ll take you to the bridge that goes to the dormitory.
As long as you get out of her, the rest is easy.”

Isn’t it faster to kick the people gathered at the entrance than to find an exit?”

I don’t want to fight later.
But well, it can’t be helped because there’s a little one.
Maybe it will be crowded with the people who will evacuate soon, so let’s hurry.”

Saying that, the seniors of the Magic Warrior Department will deal with the people gathered near the entrance , so I will follow them depending on their words.

I’m going outside.
There are a lot of people, but please don’t cry.

“Why are you so bad at dealing with a little kid?”

I was guarded while being amazed by my seniors and went through the crowd at the entrance.

When I finally got out of the library building, it was a sea of fire.
Six buildings, including the staff building, were burning.

“Hey, are you serious.
Even if you still know the department building, it’s bad that the staff building is on fire.
Unlike the department building, it’s not a learning building, so it’s not as much as the library building, but it should have many layers of defensive walls.”

“The staff building too, but it’s also the worst that the wing of the Holy Magic Department is burning.
The basement over there houses injured people, doesn’t it? If the upper building is on fire, the healer in the basement won’t be able to come out.
It’s bad that the healer can’t move in this situation.”

The seniors didn’t seem to understand the current situation, but first they decided to prioritize Bella’s safety, so they decided to head to the dormitory first.

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One of my seniors put the short silver straw hanging around his neck to his mouth and blew it toward the sky.
It looked like a whistle, but it didn’t make a sound.

“What is that?”

“Hmm? This? A whistle that calls my partner.
People can’t hear it, but it’s ringing properly.
Look, my partner heard the sound and came.”

Saying that, when my senior pointed to the sky, I saw a flying dragon circling overhead.

Is your partner that flying dragon?”

“That’s right.
Because I’m a candidate for a dragon knight.
Didn’t you know? You can’t become a Dragon Knight without graduating from the magic academy.
There are people who think that ordinary knights are training and riding dragons, but in reality, it’s a magician who becomes a dragon knight.
If you can’t use magic, you can’t breathe on a flying dragon.
The wind is bad.”

That’s right, senpai spoke with a smug face.
I understood very well that you are proud that you are a candidate for a dragon knight.
It’s actually amazing.
You can brag about it.

By the way, I thought that if they trained their legs and hips, even ordinary knights could ride a flying dragon.
Now that you mention it, there are times when you can’t breath due to headwinds even on foot, but it’s impossible if you can’t use defensive magic or wind magic on the dragon.

While I was convinced, senpai sent signal to the flying dragon and it landed in the square in front of the library building.

Let’s get on.”


“If you can get out of the library, the rest will be easy, right? If you get on this guy, it’s just a short walk to the bridge leading to the dormitory.”

No, no, no, wait.
Wait a minute.
It’s still good if it’s just me.
But are you going to ride a flying dragon with Bella?

well, Bella is here.”

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“Tie it to the body.
You can do it.”

When I glanced at the flying dragon, it was blinking with eyelids with long eyelashes and looking at me.
Maybe this flying dragon is a female.
I saw her as a sexy beauty among flying dragons.
It doesn’t seem to fly violently.

“Well, then, I’ll get a ride.

Get on, get on.
Ah, her name is Marilyn.”

First of all, I connected the scarf in the [Closet] and fix Bella to my body, and then I approached the flying dragon and said hello.

“Let’s see.
Nice to meet you, Marilyn-san.
I’ll be getting a ride from you.
I look forward to working with you.”

When I said that, Marilyn blinked again with her eyes.
It’s a very sexy dragon.

I’ll had my senior pull me up and stood on Marilyn’s back.

“Stand up like putting your feet on Marilyn’s spine.
When an unfamiliar person steps on her spine and stands up, every time she flaps her wings, their legs shifts and slips.
If you open your legs back and forth and step on her spine, you can stand stably.”

When I adjusted the position of my feet while following the senior’s instructions, my shoulders were grabbed from behind by my senior.
When she was ready, Marilyn stood up, spread her wings and ran about five meters, and took off.

I didn’t feel the wind because my senior had a defensive wall, but I was afraid of the angle when we went up.
I hurriedly fixed my legs and Marilyn’s scales with magic.
When she reached a certain altitude, Marilyn calmly began to fly toward the dormitory.

When I looked around, I saw other students flying with dragons.
They seemed to be giving instructions to evacuees from the sky or looking for students who were left behind in dangerous places.

I was also looking for Marieta’s pink head from the sky, but she didn’t seem to be where I could see.
I wonder where she went.
I checked the state of the fire extinguishing work, but the work seemed to be difficult.

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“The fire isn’t going out easily.”

The basement.

“What’s wrong with the basement?”

“If you pour water on it and try to get rid of the flames, then the water heated by the flames flows into the basement.
Then the basement becomes a sauna, and the people downstairs will be steamed, right?”

“But the people in the basement are also students of the magic academy, aren’t they? Can’t they defend themselves?”

“I hope there’s still magic left and it’s perfect.
All the people who are doing things behind the scenes in the basement are dizzy.”

When I heard that, I remembered the seniors in the alchemy department I saw on the day of the entrance ceremony.
They were busy making potions every day, and they were in an extreme state.
It’s been about three days since then, so it’s easy to imagine that they’re even more exhausted.
If water flows into the basement, they may not be able to deal with it in that state.

As soon as we leave Bella in the mother and child dormitory, let’s go back and cooperate with the fire extinguishing work.
When I thought so, my senior raised his voice.

“Ahhh!! Shit!! Hey, that’s bad.”

“Eh? What is it?”

“I can’t get out of the premises!! The exit has been completely blocked!!”

When I looked down at my senior’s words, the exit of the site was crowded with students and freshmen who couldn’t get out to evacuate.

“What? Why is it blocked at a time like this?”

“I don’t know!! I’m going to land to listen to them for the time being!!”

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