Marieta said that the the basement of the library building is the safest place to talk, so I followed her and explained.

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There were other students who were hiding, and there were senior students who seem to be in the magic department because they were wearing green robes, but they seemed to be doing their research desperately, so I sat on the floor with a bookshelf behind me without worrying about it, and by the time I finished talking about everything with Marieta, it was closing time for the library building.

Well, a lot of things happened to Isabella, too.”

A lot of things happened.”

“More than half of them were just bragging about Ursch-kun.”

“Ursch-kun is really cool, it looks like that, but he’s a genius, such as inventing magical circuits of inventions and magic tools that are likely to remain in history.
When I explain about Ursch-kun, I’m just telling the truth, but for some reason it feels like bragging~”

“For the time being, in this story, I’m going to believe Isabella’s claim that Ursch Schneiver is not a threat.
I could feel that he’s a troublesome person when he’s and enemy, but if you say he’s Isabella’s absolute ally, I can rest assured.”

“Yeah!! Having Ursch-kun alone, it’s much more reassuring than having 100 experts from various fields.”

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When I went up the underground stairs of the library building while telling Marieta about Ursch-kun, the seniors of the magic department who went up the stairs first were stuck at the exit of the library building.

It seems that there were seniors from other departments on the other floors, and seniors wearing robes from each department occupied the front of the entrance in groups, so I’m not sure what’s going on around the entrance.
All the seniors were silently looking out of the library building while pushing each other.
I tried to move forward lightly, but the population density was too much about 5 meters to the entrance.

It was blocked by the seniors who stopped at the entrance, so when I was in trouble because I couldn’t go outside, Marieta called out to the seniors in a loud voice.

Senpai, what’s the matter? Aren’t you going outside?”

Several seniors looked back at Marieta’s question.
Their expressions turned pale, their eyes were not in focus, and their mouths were half open and trembling slightly.

what happened to those seniors?”

uh, it is”

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The senior in the front was trembling and trying to squeeze out some words, but his voice was hoarse and I couldn’t hear it well.

“Eh? What is it?”

It’s on fire.”

Is it on fire? What is it?

“Well, including the staff building, all of the department buildings.
It went up in flames.

When Marieta heard that, she pushed Bella to me and rushed into the group that was staying at the entrance.
I hurriedly called out to Marieta while holding Bella tightly.

“Wait!! Marieta?! Marieta!! Wait!! What? What’s wrong?”

However, Marieta didn’t look back, pushed through the seniors and disappeared into the crowd.

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Wait!! What the hell?!

I was thinking of plunging into the crowd, but I hesitated because Bella might be crushed in my arms.
I didn’t get into the crowd, wandered around the hall while holding Bella and thought.

The entrance and exit was blocked by seniors.
I wanted to go outside, but it was closing time, so there was only a front entrance available.
Where could I get out? Where could I get out safely with Bella in my arms? I mean, is it okay to go outside in the first place? Isn’t it better not to do anything too dangerous because Bella is here? I mean, I dared to go through it so as not to pay to much attention to Bella.

Because it’s me!! I don’t know how to deal with babies, so I don’t like infants!!

Because there were no babies around me in my previous life and this life!! I don’t know how to deal with them or how to talk to them!! Even now, I have no idea how to hold it at all, and I don’t know if I can leave it alone when it’s wriggling in my arms, and above all, I can’t think about what to do if it starts crying!!

I stopped and watched Bella in my arms.
I don’t feel like it’s crying at the moment, but it’s keeping quiet.

When I thought you were quiet, Bella, you’re eating my hair!!

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“But it’s no good~.
Don’t eat hair~.
Let’s get it out of your mouth~.
Let’s stop it~”

I don’t know how to talk to her, so I became honorific to the baby.

But I wonder if she heard my voice like that, Bella turned to me.
And when I smiled.
she turned her eyes back and resumed the work of eating my hair.

I can’t get iiiiiiiiiit!! Stop iiiiiiiiiit!!! Don’t eat my haaaaaaair!!

I don’t put anything on it, but if you put my hair in your mouth, it’s dirty!! Also, I can’t hide my shock because of the drool in my hair.
I feel like I caught a glimpse of some of the reasons why Marieta’s hair is very short unlike the games.

Bella is distracted by my hair, so it might be good that she’s not crying, but she might start crying when she realizes that her mom is not nearby.
I don’t have any skills for taking care of a baby, so I might get stuck when Bella starts crying.
I can’t do it at all.
The baby is cute, but sometimes I glance at it and say, ‘Wow.
The distance to comment ‘the baby is cute’ is just right for me right now!!’

Let’s chase after Marieta!! Let’s put many layers of defense on Bella, buff her, chase Marieta and go outside.
When I decided that, I looked for a window that I could use to go outside and started moving around the library.

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