I’m going to a place where there seems to be protected students with Ursch-kun.

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They were gathered in front of the burning staff building, surrounded by students who came to see how things were going and students who came to look for acquaintances.
I wonder if there was no one to look for among the protected students, I went into the circle with Ursch-kun to replace the students who left and looked for Marieta among the protected students.

The number of protected students was more than a dozen.
The staff handed out drinks and cooked hot soup for the students sitting on the ground and the students who were anxious while standing, and the protected students seemed to explain to the principal and faculty what happened in order.

I found Marieta, who had just finished explaining the situation to the principal and was about to go back into a protected group.
Apparently, Marieta was one of the students who got caught in something.

When I called out in a loud voice to Marieta, who was about to go back to into the group without noticing me, she looked back as if she didn’t believe it.
When Marieta noticed me, she opened her eyes wide in surprise, and ran away from the group and towards me.

“Isabella?! Why are you here? Isabella can’t come here, she’ll die again!!”

Hm? Will I die again? What the hell is going on?

“Why on earth? I thought you wouldn’t come out of the library building if I left Bella with you.

Hmm? In that way, it sounds like you left Bella to get me stuck in the library.
But then I won’t get stuck.
Because I didn’t get anything to feed or take care or Bella, so either way, I had no choice but to go out of the library building in search of them.
That idea was unrealistic.

you know, Marieta.
I didn’t have Bella’s food or diapers.
Also, Bella is.

I left her with Barbara.
I was going to say that, and I realized it.

I spent time with Barbara in the Kingdom of Diana, so I know she is the type of person who is good at taking care of children and has a great sense of responsibility to protect the weak, and I think it’s okay to trust and leave Bella to her.
But from Marieta’s point of view, Barbara is a half-sister who bullied her in her childhood.
If the half-sister is entrusted with her daughter without permission, don’t you think she will fell complicated or anxious, and not feel good about it?

I realized that now, but it’s already been done, and we’re going to be together in the alchemy department from now on, so I’d like you to start over the interaction as sisters again.

And obviously Barbara was the right person at the right place, and even if you complain about my actions, I think I’m in a good position to be upset about being swayed.

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After thinking about various things, I honestly told Marieta that I left Bella with Barbara, why, and where Bella is now.

Then, unlike my worries, Marieta nodded easily.

I’m relieved that she is taking care of Bella.
She behaves very aggressively, but she takes great care of the ones that she decides she should protect, even though she complains, and I know that she is a person that will desperately protect others.
In the past, I have lived several times with her help while being complained to by her.
That’s why I understand her personality very well.”

I see, in the loop so far, there was a life where Marieta and Barbara were together.
When I heard that, I felt a little sad because I thought about the bonds and life that Marieta had built and lost in the past.

Barbara, who spent time with Marieta, doesn’t seem to have that same personality.
Come to think of it, the reason why Barbara bullied Marieta was that she suffered from the existence of the mistress and illegitimate child and tried to help her depressed mother.
What she did was extreme, but the principal of action, such as attacking things that hurt the existence she should protect, have not changed now or in the past.
In a way, Barbara may have her own creed, or it may be said that she has a one-track mind.

“So, what on earth did Marieta need to run out for no matter what? You even stranded me with your own daughter.”

In response to my question, Marieta darkened her expression and fell silent when she looked down.

I was impatient with Marieta, who didn’t say anything, and when I tried to ask her again, she finally started talking in a small voice.

“There have been several times in the past that the academy burned like this time.
All of them were a few years after we graduated.”

I see, if it happened a few years after graduation, it’s natural that it’s not in the game scenario, it’s no wonder I didn’t know.

But this time, it’s during the department introduction immediately after the entrance ceremony.
Even the regular class hasn’t started yet.
Why did the time come earlier?

At the time of the incident where the academy burned, Isabella in the past lost her life several times.
Yes, many times.
It’s because of the fire itself, or in the middle of chasing the demon king worship group that caused this incident.

Hmm? Wait, I felt like I heard something important just now.
Who did she say the ring leader of this case is?

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“Remember that.
That’s why Isabella is in danger.

“Wait a minute, Marieta.
Did you just say ‘Demon King’ worship group? is that the cause of the fire?”

I interrupted what Marieta was saying and asked her what I wanted to know the most.
Marieta answered, a little surprised that I asked her about that.

“Yes, that’s right.
This is also one of the rituals to revive the Demon Lord.”

“I heard that the Demon Lord was destroyed more than a thousand years ago.
Will it be resurrected? Can they do it?”

That ritual.
Don’t tell me, the people who have the deadly sin king skills, Ursch-kun, Chris-sama, Brian, and me won’t be affected, right? The deadly sin king skill won’t react to that ritual, and each of them won’t become demons, right?

And I’m also worried about the bad king divided into ten pieces nursery rhyme I heard this morning, and there are too many mysteries!! Before listening and investigating, various things happened one after another because there is a lot of meaningful and fragmentary information, so I don’t know anything!

It’s about time to gather all the information that everyone has at the moment and make a rough prediction of the situation where we are standing now.
Can you quickly disclose all the information that everyone has without being stingy?!

I was silent with a straight face so as not to rush Marieta, but it’s rough inside.
It’s pretty rough.

“Let’s see.
There are various theories about the reason why the Demon Lord disappeared, the theory that is was defeated and destroyed by the Holy Knight more than a thousand years ago, the theory that it was sealed forever between dimensions, and it seems that the legend is slightly different depending on the region and race.

And according to the story she continued, it seems that the person who caused this incident was a group that believed in ‘the theory that the Demon Lord was sealed between dimensions’.

But why did they think that if they set fire to the academy, the Demon Lord would be resurrected?

I tilted my head because I don’t know the relationship between the resurrection of the Demon King and the school fire.
Considering that capturing the students is for the sacrifice necessary for the ceremony by the devil worshippers is what everyone thinks, but none of the protected students has been hurt.
What the Dragon Knight candidate found were traces of some kind of ceremony, that is, the traces of the ceremony, so the ceremony itself is already over.
So why did they catch the students?

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There were so many things that didn’t make sense, and when I opened my mouth to listen a little more specifically, one of the faculty staff came to call Marieta.
The protected students have to provide information to the Knights who came at dawn, so it seems that they will be guarded by faculty and security guards and have to stay gathered until then.

I sighed to see off Marieta, who was being taken by the staff with the other students, with Ursch-kun.
In the end, I ended up getting half-hearted information again.

But after tomorrow, I’m going to ask Marieta to tell me the information she knows.
I have to think about the next thing more and more.
For now, let’s think about where to camp with Ursch-kun.

That’s what I though, and when I turned to Ursch-kun, he was thinking about something with a very serious expression.

“What’s wrong? Ursch-kun.
Did you have any concerns?”

That’s what I said, but it didn’t seem to reach Ursch-kun, who was sinking into the sea of thoughts.
Ursch-kun, who was thinking so much that he didn’t respond to my voice, was unusual, so I was a little anxious.

Was there somethin that made him think so much?

I couldn’t stand it and called out to Ursch-kun, who hadn’t responded forever, while pulling his sleeve.

“Ursch-kun, what’s wrong? I also found Marieta, so let’s find a place where we can wait until dawn?”

Then Urscch-kun finally turned his face towards me and opened his mouth.

I have something to tell you.”

I’m prepared for a very important story with a serious expression and way of speaking.

“Do you remember what you said to me in the wagon on our way home when we kidnapped Chris-sama when we were children?”

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“Yes, I remember.
You’re talking about my deadly sin skills.”

“That’s right.
DO you remember when I told you that there was something I couldn’t tell Isabella yet because I wasn’t ready?”

I replied that it’s fine to say it when Ursch-kun wants to say it, didn’t I? Well, if you don’t want to say it yet, you don’t have to force yourself, right?”

I said that, but Ursch-kun shook his head slowly.

I think it’s time for me to say it.
It’s true that I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I think I still have to let Isabella know now.
can you listen to me?”

“If Ursch-kun decided that, I’ll listen to you.
It’s important, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s important.”

Ursch-kun nodded gravely, and then after a beat, he opened his mouth with a strong expression.

“It’s about the man who embedded the ‘Seven Deadly Sin Skill’ in Isabella and tried to create a demon king.”


I agree with Isabella.
There are too many questions and not enough information.
Ursch is finally going to tell Isabella about the other Ursch that wanted to make Isabella the demon king.
I wonder if he has anymore information that we don’t know about yet.
I really hope they are able to get and put together all the clues soon.
I want to have a better understanding before we reach the last chapter that has been updated.

Any suggestions on what I should translate next are welcome.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter and thank you for reading!

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