Chapter 46

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“I do not know.”


Lute Carl was startled by Leonhard’s angry voice and responded hastily.

“Lord, most of the wizards who kill a warlock die or become the same warlock.
All the few exceptions did not escape the rebound.
How can I know?”

“Then, there is no way.”

Celine let out a sigh.

“It is still too early to make a decision.
I will study as hard as I can.
Lute Celine will try, too.”

“It is but…”

Biting her lips, even though she knew it was a problem that could be solved, it was not easy.

‘But in this world, there is no one who has released the rebound…’

Carl spoke quickly.

“First, take a few days off.
It’s great that you’re barely affected by the warlock.”

“Can you tell?”

“If you are, would you be able to stick with the Lord like that now?”

Leonhard’s face hardened.

“You’re joking too much, Lute Carl.”

I didn’t mean to.”

After apologizing immediately, Lute Carl comforted Celine.

“Don’t worry too much.
Lute Celine is the owner of rare qualities, so she will be able to work it out someday.”


As Celine’s steps back to Natasha’s tower after a long time were heavy, Leonhard paused for a moment at the entrance to the tower.

“What’s wrong?”


He gazed into her eyes for a moment.

“If you have something you want to say, say it.
I will listen to anything.”

“It’s okay if you can’t release the rebound.”


“Even if you can’t use magic for the rest of your life… You being my guest and the guest of the North will not change.”


Celine’s voice was wet.

Now, she was still called Lute when she could no longer be called a wizard.
Even though Lute Carl tried to comfort her, what were the chances of getting her magic back? In the first place, Ringzor presence was to protect her body.

“I will do my best to help you lift your curse.
If we lifted it… Without magic, there would be no problem in living.”

Couldn’t find a word to answer him, she just stared at Leonhard.

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…How many times was this?

She couldn’t even tell him how to express this feeling she felt.
There was no tremor in the deep sea-blue eyes that looked up at her.
Eventually, Celine took a deep breath before she could barely begin to speak.

“Leonhard, really… really.”

Leonhard couldn’t breathe and listened to Celine.

“I will not forget.

“I will always be by your side, so even if you try to forget, you won’t be able to forget.”

“Really? I see.”

He could see the subtle tremors of Celine’s lips, but he didn’t know what it meant.



* * *



The next evening.

As she entered the ballroom with Natasha, Celine’s eyes widened and she did not know how to close.
Even the moment she blinked her eyes, it felt like it was a waste.

The ballroom was, in a word, brilliant.

“Isn’t it pretty? You don’t know how much Lute Carl complained.
Still, it’s the first ball in three years, so we have to decorate it beautifully.”

Celine could recognize Lute Carl’s touch in every corner of the ballroom.

‘How hard must it have been to make a prism out of ice and float a rainbow?’

Then, Natasha took her hand and explained her plans one by one.

“…Voila! The new magic created by Lute Carl will be showcased.”


“It’s a secret.”

Celine couldn’t help but think Lute Carl deserved to die.

“You will really like today’s food.
I’ve been preparing for a few days, and I even brought the chefs of the capital.”

“You really paid attention.”

“A ball for the first time in three years, it should be like this.
I haven’t been able to…”

Natasha’s words were somehow mixed with anger.

Before long, the ballroom was filled with lavishly dressed people.
Celine ate the cream puff while listening to the soft melody played by a talented band.


The same taste from her favorite bakery lingered in her mouth.
However, she couldn’t really enjoy the delicious food, beautiful music, and gorgeous sights.
It was because some people kept approaching her.

“Lute Celine, it is an honor to meet you.”

“I heard a lot.
It is a pleasure to meet you here.”

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“I will make it a family honor.”

All were words that praised her.

Celine smiled vaguely.
Most of them must be people who were desperate to take a wizard who was not yet officially a member of the Bernoulli family.
There were even more people who didn’t want to hide that fact.

“Isn’t there already one Lute in the Grand Duchy? Our family can be a family only for Lute.”

….Just like this person.

‘How will these people react if they find out that I can no longer use magic?’

Cutting off the crowd moderately, she then moved to the balcony she had already seen.
She wanted to feel the cold winter wind.

Danny quickly followed her from behind.

“Lute, are you okay?”

“I’m okay.”

Celine smiled slightly.

“I think I’ll be fine if I just get some cold air.”

“Let’s go up to your room.”

“Let’s stay on a minute more.”

Leaving the ballroom so quickly would worry Natasha and Leonhard.

“I wonder what Carl Lute’s magic is.”

“Don’t you know?”

Danny asked, seemingly surprised.
They finally arrived in front of the balcony.

“How does Danny know?”

Celine asked, a little startled after hearing her quick answer.

“That’s it, the last day of the year… the Lord.”

Danny saw Leonhard standing on the balcony and bowed his knees to greet him.

‘Why is Leonhard here…?’

Celine blinked her eyes.

“Are you very tired?”

“A little bit.
If I get some fresh air, I think I’ll be fine.”

He took out a chair on the balcony for her.
Leonhard’s hair fluttered in the winter wind, and his blue eyes shimmered faintly in the darkness.

Suddenly, Celine realized that the ball was already ripening right now.
So, there was no time for Leonhard, the Grand Duke’s heir, to sit idle on the balcony and talk like this.
He was not weak enough to be exhausted like her.

‘…He came here for my sake.’

Celine looked up at him.

“Leonhard will be a good master.”

“A good master?”

He looked a little surprised.

Even so, it was the first time he had ever heard of it.
No one knew that Leonhard Bernoulli had to travel the entire Empire for the rest of his life.

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Moreover, due to the curses of the warlocks, he could not have an heir.
After the death of the current Grand Duke couple, there was also widespread speculation that the real power would pass to his younger siblings.


But, the woman in front of him was full of confidence, in saying that he would become a good master.


“You really don’t know?”

She was heartbroken at his reaction that was completely clueless.

“I have never seen a person like Leonhard before.”

Celine added a word she could never say aloud to him.

‘…Including inside and outside this world.’

Of course, it must also be because Leonhardt has that much ability.

Nonetheless, among those with that kind of ability, how many people wield their power for the sake of others without hesitation?


Leonhard did not open his mouth for a long time.
Though Celine waited patiently for him, and finally, bitter words came out of his mouth.

“…Isn’t that definitely something I should do?”

“Of course not!”

Celine shook her head vigorously.

“How can that be?”

Her throat was choked, and she couldn’t speak anymore while her eyes reddened.
The fact that Leonhard took out his handkerchief in great embarrassment made her cry even more.

“Don’t cry.”

“Because of this, Leonhard makes me cry.”



The two gazed at each other for a long time in silence.
Meanwhile, Celine wet the whole handkerchief, and Leonhard’s hair was all messed up.
Although neither of them had any intention of returning to the ballroom either.


Celine and Leonhard and their heads turned towards the sky at the same time.

She blinked her eyes at the unbelievable sight.

It was because of the beautiful fireworks of red, blue, and orange colors covered the huge night sky.
The colored fireworks were split into small pieces to create a long waterfall or a huge circle that grew bigger and bigger.

It was like…


Celine opened her mouth, stunned.

“What, what is that?”

“You really don’t know?”

This time it was Leonhard’s turn to be surprised.

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“It’s flame.
Made by magic.”


It was then that Celine realized that the lights that covered the sky were far from the sparks she was accustomed to that were made with chemicals.
If it was the flame she knew well, it should disappear in an instant like wet cotton candy.

However, not a single flame burning in the sky disappeared or weakened but shone stronger again.

“Well, it’s not unreasonable that you didn’t know.
Originally, it was just about illuminating the sky or floating a yellow light that mimics the sun.
I’ve never seen anything like this.”


Instead of answering him, she filled her blue-grey eyes full of the colored sparks.


How long was that?

Feeling that her hands were about to freeze, Celine stood up.

“Is it better to go back?”


They trotted out of the balcony, and Leonhardt quickly returned to where he was supposed to be.
The ballroom was still crowded with people.

“Lute, would you like to go up?”


At that, Celine and Danny started walking out of the ballroom at a brisk pace.

‘Have I been out too long?’

Her whole body was shivering and cold.

As soon as Celine arrived in the bedroom, she changed her clothes and lay on the bed, closing her eyes.

“I think I just caught a cold…”

“I’ll talk to Doctor Branche and bring medicine.”

“Thank you, Danny.”

Doctor Branche’s medicine had a bad taste, but it was as effective as it was excellent.
Right now, it was what Celine needed more than anything else.

Celine closed her eyes with a dizzying head.

Soon, sleepiness came upon her and she plunged into endless darkness.


Meanwhile, Danny rushed back to Celine’s bedroom after running to Doctor Branche and taking the cold medicine.
Knocking a few times, she then entered the bedroom.

“Lute, please get up for a second to take your medicine…”

Danny’s words were cut off.

The large window was open, a cold wind blew in the entire room, and only pillows and blankets were rolling on the bed…

But, Celine was nowhere to be seen.


The bottle fell from Danny’s hand.


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