There is a haunted house on Ave Street.

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The house used to be quite glamorous.
Although, now, the eerie mansion with no windows and covered in molds was the place to test courage for the local children.

However, until a few weeks ago, a woman suddenly showed up.

“You idiots, get out of here!”

Even in the chilly weather, a shabby woman with sparse hair in a sheer summer dress, holding a broomstick, was chasing away the children.


“It’s a black witch!”


Celine sighed as she looked back at the fleeing children.

Those children will not know that she was actually protecting them from this cursed house.
In fact, her situation does not change whether the children die or not.

But, she couldn’t let an innocent life die…

It was when Celine was about to move her body to a sunny place.


For a moment, her ankles seemed to burn.
Celine let out her scream and looked down hurriedly.

As the viper squirmed, it shoved a fang into her ankle once more.


Celine grabbed her ankle and rolled.
She was in so much pain that she could not think anymore.
Soon, the pain engulfed her whole body, and darkness came only after struggling for several minutes.

No one witnessed her icy body.

It was Celine Hunt’s 84th death.





A man groaned in the dark.

Cold sweat ran down his pale skin profusely.

“Again, that dream…?”

Leonhard Bernoulli, a young northern wolf, got up from his bed and went to the window.

It was a quiet night without a single bird crying, though the pounding heart never calmed down.
Because he knew that even if he fell asleep again, that woman, Celine, would appear again.

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Leonhard shut his eyes.

In his dream just a moment ago, he had a vivid picture of the woman howling while clutching the ankle bitten by a viper.


Pale and tired, and then she stops breathing…


Holding onto the cup that the servant had prepared in advance, Leonhard drank the cool water to cool himself down.

‘…I’m going crazy.’

And, because of that, he hadn’t slept properly for exactly thirty-nine days.

Because every night, in his dreams, a woman named Celine appeared and died horribly.
Even the pain, bitterness, and injustice that the woman suffers from dying can be felt by him.

For the first few days, the woman was simply terrified.
But, as days passed, the spirit of the woman became exhausted, and she even cried out and cursed her own name, ‘Celine.’

Everyone was worried that the successor of the Grand Duke was getting tired day by day.
However, neither the doctor nor the Archmage could come up with a solution.

“I have to find her somehow…”

Already a week or so ago, the Bernoulli family’s intelligence network was given an order to find the woman.
Nonetheless, no matter how detailed the description was, the empire was vast, and Celine was a rather common name.

As a result, Leonhard’s annoyance was at its peak.
The informants brought in the first face of a woman they saw.

Doubts about whether the woman actually existed circulated among members of the Grand Duchy, but Leonhard dismissed it with a single word.

‘I just know.’

His senses were telling him that she was a living person somewhere in this empire.

Leonhard did not lose hope, as his sense of slaughtering countless enemies had never been wrong.

“…Did you not sleep today?”

A calm voice came from behind his back with a feather-light chuckle.

Hearing that, Leonhard slowly turned around.
An informant from the Bernoulli family, who sneaked in unnoticed, fell to his knees.

“I found her.”

Even upon hearing that, he didn’t wiggle an eyebrow.
Rather, it was disappointing how slow it took them.

“Twenty years old.
Her full name is Celine Hunt.
She was the daughter of a fallen noble, and she lives alone on the outskirts of the Capital.
It was said that her family died in an accident a few years ago.”

Listening, Leonhard nodded his head slightly.
The description matched exactly the woman of his dreams.

“Did you bring her? I will check right away.”


The informant frowned.

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“Oddly enough, we couldn’t get her out…”

“What do you mean?”

“No matter how much surveillance, she suddenly disappears…”

A strange conviction seized Leonhard.

Because it’s an unusual nightmare, in a way, it goes without saying that the owner would be also unusual as well.

“I will go see for myself.
Just in time, my father said that he was sending a letter to His Highness Ricardo, so I guess I can deliver it myself.”

“Young Lord!”

The informant raised his head and deterred him.

“As you can see, both the woman and the house she lives in were unusually dreary.
She could be a black witch!”

At his words, Leonhard laughed.

“Isn’t that what people in the world are saying to me?”

“Young Lord…!”

The informant shouted in shock.

“Besides, what about a black witch? It’s my job to cut them down with Rashir.”

Finishing his words, he then glanced at Rashir, the famous sword standing next to the bed, with affectionate eyes.
There was only one person in the Empire who could draw out Rashir, who nullifies all magic with blue flames and inflicts extreme pain on the enemy.

A reluctant word came out of the informant’s mouth.

“…There is no doubting the Young Lord’s abilities.”

At that, the corners of Leonhard’s lips rose slightly.

“If you really think so, then don’t worry.”

The informant quietly bit his mouth.
When Leonhard decided on something, even the Grand Duke and his wife couldn’t change his mind.

The next day.<

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