Chapter 24 – I tried storming the base of the mages

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“Chrom! Did you find Laby!?”

I come home after making it so the mages are unable to fight and handing them over to the vigilance committee, and I’m welcomed by a pale looking El.

Earlier, a messenger from Labrys’ house was here, and told us she didn’t return home.

I went out, saying I was going to look around town for her… And engaged the mages releasing a shady magic energy.

Apparently El didn’t notice the commotion, so that’s good at least.

“I tried looking around, but I don’t think she’s here in town anymore.”

“S-so did she really get dragged into some sort of trouble…”

“No, that Labrys? A little bit of trouble is nothing for her.”

I smile, trying to reassure El.

“And I already know where she is.
Someone who just happened to spot her kindly told me.”


I’m going there now to get her.”

“…It’s not dangerous, is it?”

“It’s all right.
Just stay here and wait.”


El looks up at me with some worry on her face, and follows me until we reach my room.

I go in, and close the door behind me.

“…Well then.”

I let out a big sigh.

I’m finally alone, so… I don’t have to hold back this bloodlust anymore.

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(…That Sorcerer Association really kidnapped Labrys.)

I put on the equipment I prepared to explore the dungeon as my mind races.

According to that self-proclaimed first-class mage, Labrys is still alive.

She was probably taken to their ‘secret base’, and I already know where it is.

The Almana dungeon.

A not very deep underground dungeon here in Almana, and the source of yesterday’s calamity.

The mages took that dungeon and made it their base, and they’ve been using its magic energy to do research on how to bring forth demon kings.

They probably took her alive for the sake of that research.

In other words…

(…To create the second demon king…)

The first time around, Labrys really did become a demon king.

There’s a good chance the Sorcerer Association saw that potential in her.

Originally, they had trouble finding something to become a demon king, and it took a week for the next demon king to appear.

This time, for some reason, the Sorcerer Association found Labrys.

I should’ve paid more attention to the fact that her actions this time are different than the first time.

(…It’s all right.
It hasn’t been that long.)

Labrys has only been missing for three hours, and it should take a few hours for them to take her to their testing site on the last floor.

Not to mention all the preparations necessary to create a demon king.

Also, I’m sure they don’t expect someone to find their base so quickly, so I should be cautious and not rush things.

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(I should still make it in time… No, I’ll make it.)

I’m already prepared to go to the dungeon.

I’ve got a lot of magic stones thanks to all the corpses left by the monster stampede.
They’re a vital source of magic energy for someone like me who uses external magic energy to use magic.

With this many magic stones, I could even fight a demon king.

I’m still not feeling a hundred percent, but I’m sure that won’t be a problem either.

Actually, I’m recovering faster than I expected.

(…I guess that’s youth.)

Well, the fact that I was taking it easy helped a lot too.

I’ve also learned that even in this state, I can easily take on first-class mages of this era, and got to test my anti-mage techniques in the last fight.

I’m ready to crush the Sorcerer Association’s base.

I won’t let Labrys become a demon king this time.

(…I’ll make them regret putting their hands on my childhood friend.)

I’m done putting on my equipment.

I put on a cloak and hide my face, and put my foot on the window frame.

“…Let’s go.”

As the night wind makes my cloak flutter, I throw myself out the window and into the darkness of the night.

The Almana dungeon is to the west of Almana, and is considered to be a low difficulty dungeon.

Adventurers know there aren’t a lot of high quality monster materials in this dungeon, so they don’t really go there.

But still, the Sorcerer Association could have some sort of trick in store to make sure no one gets close to their base.

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Behind a rock not too far away from the dungeon, I sneakily place my hand on the ground.

(‘Time, turn back’.)

I chant quietly, and the time of the ground goes back three hours.

Multiple footprints appear all around.

(Hidden footprints… They’re the same I saw on the road.)

I also investigated the main road, and found hidden traces that a battle took place and footprints.

The time when those footprints were made matches perfectly with when Labrys went missing.
And those footprints lead… To the dungeon’s entrance.

(…So Labrys really is here.)

I’m sure of it.

Now all that’s left is to storm in and destroy that place.

Even putting Labrys aside, I can’t overlook the Sorcerer Association doing unlawful experiments right next to our town.


I quickly make my way to the dungeon.

There’s a big gate here, with magic writing on it.
This ancient ruin is the entrance to the dungeon.

It’s blocked by a heavy stone door, and two guards are standing in front of it.
Two mages.

“You over there, stop.”

A mage is alerted and points his staff at me, but all that comes out of it is light to see me better.

“…Oh, it’s just a kid.”

The mages laugh, letting their guard down.

“Hey hey, kids should be in bed by now.”

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“Are you an adventurer that came here to investigate this dungeon? Too bad kid.”

“We, the Sorcerer Association, will be investigating it now.”

“Oh, and we’ll have to take the monster materials you all got from the monster stampede.
You know, for our investigation.”


I ignore them and keep walking.

By the time they start looking at me with puzzled expressions, it’s too late.

“Ah? I told you to stop…”


The mages stop moving, and I walk by them.

As I leave them behind me, their staves break into pieces.

“…Well then.”

I place my hand on the closed door.

Judging by the fine flow of magic energy, there’s a pretty firm magic lock here.

The mages probably reworked the original door when they decided to make this their base.

It would take at least a few days to break through, but it’s barely a hindrance for me.

(‘Time, turn back’.)

The door’s time rolls back to ‘when it was open’.

The door slowly opens, and I enter the dungeon overtaken by darkness.


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