if there was anything troubling them, a lot would probably be reluctant to rely on me, and I’m sure this would’ve taken a lot longer.

“Well then, let’s go through this list one at a time.”

We start heading to where this list says there’s trouble right away, and a few hours later…

“Hey, I hear Chrom can solve anything if you ask.”

“He fixed a jar that’s our family heirloom.”

“He jumped into a fire and rescued a kid.”

“He fixed a roof leak that’s been there for years in an instant…”

“Is there anything he can’t do…?”

“Sorry for calling you a failure all this time, Chrom!”

“Hey, form a line!”

“The end of the line is here~!”

Townspeople line up in front of me.

It’s a small town, so word that I can solve problems quickly spreads.

“““Chrom! Chrom! Chrom!”””

People start chanting.

What a turnabout.
Just a few hours ago they were all treating me like a failure.

“W-wow Chrom! You’re popular!”

“No… This is impossible.”

“Ha, haha… I never expected this either.”

Labrys is staring at me.

“How many kinds of magic can you even use?”

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I’m only using one, time magic, but I don’t really want to reveal its existence.

“I’ve been self-studying a little bit of everything.”

“…You couldn’t use any magic at all until just yesterday.”

“I guess everything’s possible if you put your mind to it.”


It’s not a lie, but it’s not a good excuse either.

Labrys keeps looking at me like she’s looking for an answer.

By the time we finish dealing with the townspeople’s troubles, it’s already evening.

“Sorry for making you two come along.”

“…Geez, it’s because you wanted to solve problems that didn’t even matter too.”

“S-sorry… I just didn’t want to say no.”

El smiles, and Labrys looks exasperated.

“Hum, what?”

“Hehehe… I was just thinking that it’s just like you.”

It’s just Chrom being Chrom I guess.”

“Hum, what do you two mean by that?”

“I-I don’t know.”

Labrys turns away.

El on the other hand, sounds happy.

“You know, even when we were kids, you always wanted to help people in trouble, right? It’s just like you to want to help everyone, right Labrys?”

“…D-don’t ask me.”

Labrys sounds flustered.

“W-well… You’re Chrom, so when you tried to help them… You always just started pathetically panicking.”


Labrys’ words bring back a lot of memories.

She’s right.
I used to try to help people when I saw them in trouble.
I wanted to be like the ones who saved me, Mister Sirius, Miss Reina, and El.

But I didn’t have the power I have now, so a lot of times I ended up not being able to do anything.

“I-I’m kind of getting embarrassed…”

You could call it youthful enthusiasm, but I feel like my dark history is getting dug up.

“…But didn’t you actually manage to help some people too?”



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Labrys turns away.
How many times has she done this just today?

“Yes, it’s nothing to get embarrassed about.
I like watching you help people.”

I get even more embarrassed after El says this, and my face gets increasingly redder.

“B-but today was fun wasn’t it? The three of us being together for the first time in a while?”

El frantically tries to change the subject.

“I hope it’s like this forever.”

“Me too.”


I feel like Labrys nodded just a bit at El’s words, and when I look at her, she turns away.

I get the feeling that her face is turning red, but that could be the sunset.

“Still, I’m sorry for keeping you here so late, Labrys.”

Your house is far away too, so you should probably go back soon.”


We don’t want to keep her here too long, because she came here from the capital.

But for some reason she’s not moving, except for looking up and peeking at me.

“Aren’t you going home?”

“Hum… Before that, there’s something I want to ask you… Chrom.”

Says Labrys, hesitantly.

“Chrom, yesterday…”



Labrys mumbles something.

“…No, forget it.”

She shakes her head like she’s clearing her mind.

“I’m sure it’s all in my head.”



Labrys’ seemingly lonely smile leaves an impression on me.

“…See you tomorrow.”

“Yes, see you tomorrow.”

“Bye Laby!”

Tomorrow… I’m sure the future that’s waiting for us is the same as today.

I wave at Labrys as she leaves with this belief in my heart.


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