Chapter 12 – The monster army

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“I will save everything from here.”

The sky is painted crimson like blood, and a stampede of monsters is coming towards my hometown to engulf it.

As we stand here before this apocalyptic sight, I smile at El.

I let go of her hand, and run towards the monsters.

“…! W-wait! Chrom!”

El tries to grab my hand, but…

“《Haste》 Ⅳ (fourth speed).”

I chant, and the world turns to slow motion.

Petals and water drops in the air slowly float, and El’s hand grabs at nothing.

I leave the rest of the world behind as I run through a time of my own.

I can’t hear El anymore…

(…Today was a fun day.)

As I run towards the rampaging monsters, I remember the events of this day.

I succeeded in traveling to the past, and managed to return to my youth.

I met El again, thanked Mister Sirius and Miss Reina, and made up with Labrys just a bit.

…It was a happy day.
An irreplaceable time.

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I want to protect this peaceful time and the people I care about, and I will do anything to accomplish this.


I take out the magic stones in my pocket and throw them in my mouth.

After I chew them, magic energy starts flowing into my body.

This is a way to supplement magic energy externally, but one wrong move could kill me.

“《Haste》 Ⅶ (seventh speed).”

I accelerate even further.

At this point, it’s hard to even see me.

This body isn’t used to magic, and it feels like it’s screaming.

Magic energy sparks from the surface of my body, and I feel so much pain, it’s like the magic circuits in my body are being burnt off.

But still… I can’t stop.

“A-a monster stampede!?”

“Where are adventurers…!?”

“Calm down everyone! Go back to town… U-uwah, a monster!?”

“No, I think it was human…?”

“I-it’s all happening one after the other!”

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I pass by panicked people in the streets, leaving only the light created by the magic energy sparks.

I just keep running through this world that looks completely frozen in time.


I eventually stop.

I stop the speed multiplying technique, compose my breathing, and fix my eyes forward.

Underneath the blood red sky, monsters fill the field of flowers in front of me.

There are hundreds… Maybe thousands.

All I know is that there is a ridiculous number of monsters here.

The atmosphere is shaken by yells and the rumbling in the ground.

The monster army approaches, looking like a writhing black flood.

This is the monster stampede that caused a disaster that went down in history, and only I stand against it.

(Finally… I’m here.)

It took a long time for me to get to this point.

I shed more blood and tears than I can remember, and broke more taboo than I can count.

All that time was spent on one single goal, get stronger.

(And it was all for this moment.)

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This isn’t just a powerless boy anymore.

It’s not the same failure that could do nothing but stand and watch.

This is the strongest time mage, Chrom Chronogate.

All this time, I wished I could rewrite the past…

(And I will do it from here.)

I unsheathe my sword and quietly hold it up.

The monsters aren’t going to stop just because one human appeared in front of them.

They’re faster than I expected.
They’ll make contact in thirty seconds.

But no matter how fast, no matter how quick… They can’t keep up with my time magic.

“《Haste》 Ⅻ (last speed).”

I say, and the world stops.

The monsters coming towards me are all completely immobile.

I used the highest speed multiplier on this body.
No one can keep up with me now, and no one can catch me.

I kick the ground in this accelerated time…

And pass by the monsters.

“Undo acceleration.”

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The monsters start moving again, and…


Glints from a sword run rampant on the battlefield, and a second later, thousands of blood flowers bloom.

Monsters start falling, and then…

The rumbling stops.

It’s quiet.
Like nothing even happened.

The monsters probably didn’t even notice they died.

At this point, something like this isn’t even close to being a threat to me.

“That takes care of the opener.”

My sword reaches its limit, and cracks and breaks.

But I roll back its time to fix it, and hold it up again.

The battle isn’t over.
In fact, the main performance is just starting.

I stand in front of the last monster remaining.

“…It’s been a hundred years… I’ve always wanted to face you.”

What stands before me is a divine looking six winged dragon covered with pure white scale armor.

This is the leader of the army of monsters, and the cause of the calamity.
A demon king.

“Now let’s begin, first demon king Ancestral Dragon Verboros.”

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