The Prince’s Naughty Wife

Who Are You Calling A Nobody

Noel hurriedly followed his friend who was already stepping into the secret elevator. Even though the club was independent, it was actually connected to the luxury hotel that stood behind it. And considering AJ was the owner of the club and the hotel, of course, he would have access to the secret elevator.

AJ paused for a moment and spoke to his head of security who nodded with a frown. Uh oh! Noel knew something was up when the security guards expression changed gravely. Even though Noel was even more curious now about this, he still had to follow the couple into the elevator.

But as the elevator doors started to close the guard stopped his way. ” Tim! Don block my way! I need to follow them. ”

But Tim shook his head and spoke, ” Mr Noel, sir. We need to call the police. There are drugs in the house. You know the boss likes to run a clean business… ”

Noel frowned. Drugs? Dam* it! This was bad for business! And being AJs lawyer, he knew that if things were handled badly, then he would be AJs dead lawyer next. Feeling a headache coming on, he threw a last glance at the closing elevator doors and ordered Tim, ”Call the police chief and tell him to send his people in plain clothes. Until then, secure the exits. No one is allowed to leave. Let the party inside continue. If anyone wants to leave tell them that there has been a theft and everyone needs to be checked discreetly. And ask the men to check out the identity of the woman AJ just took with him. ”

Tim looked shocked at the last order and questioned Noel with a look, ” The boss said that the girl should not be mentioned to anyone. ”

Noel raised his eyebrows at this but spoke, ”Fine. Don investigate her. Investigate the group she came with. They were sitting at the back and anyone she came in contact with. ”

Noel instinctively knew now why AJ had hurried out of the lounge and club. The woman had been drugged. And if she was discovered in their club then their reputation would take a hit…and so would AJs inheritance. So, the beauty had not stolen beast AJs heart but instead had endangered the beasts territory.

Noel sighed. It was going to be a busy night for him. And not the kind he had imagined. They were still stuck with the same problem and still no solution was in sight. And now an additional problem had been added to it. Rubbing his head, he turned towards the office to handle the matter.

As the elevator doors closed behind the man, Amy could not keep her eyes open anymore. She sighed and closed her eyes, resting her cheek against the mans shoulder. Just a moment. She would close her eyes for a moment only and then ask him to take her to a doctor.

AJ looked down at the girl who was sleeping innocently and his hold on her tightened for a moment. He recognized the girl now! But he could hardly believe his eyes. Amy Brighton! The little girl who had always followed him around! He had last seen her when she was seven and he was seventeen! That was almost eleven years ago! No wonder she looked so familiar and yet he had not been able to place her! She had changed so much. The girl used to dress up like a boy. In fact, many people had been under the assumption that she was a boy!

AJ looked down at the girl who was now sleeping like a baby. Well, she was all woman now that was for sure. Standing in front of his rooms door, he tried to shake her awake. ”Mia. Wake up. ”

The girl rubbed her head against his shoulder and mumbled something he could not decipher but did not wake up. ”Mia Bridgerton. I have to pull out the key card from my pockets. Ill just put you down for a minute. ”

Mia shook her head against him again and the next moment her hand moved down, ”Ill pull it out. ”

Before AJ could move, Mias hand landed against the front of his trousers groping around looking for the key card. Hurriedly, AJ almost threw down the girl. Pushing her against the door, he held her wandering hands with one of his own and pulled out the key card with his other.

Mia leaned closer to him murmuring, ”mmm. You smell so nice. ”

As her lips met his neck, placing a small peck there, AJ knew that soon whatever drug was in her system would kick off.

”Dear God! ” Muttering curses under his breath, AJ placed the key card against the door causing them both to stumble inwards as he picked her up again and banged the door behind him.

Unknown to him, the entire interlude seemed to look as if he was making out with the girl outside of his door and a certain no good paparazzi had captured it on camera, already thinking of the headlines along the lines of the return of the vagabond prince with his mistress.

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